Where were you when black racists & antifa terrorists assault whites & conservatives?

Last weekend, a planned “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, to protest the removal of Confederate monuments from public spaces, descended into violence when white nationalists clashed with counter-protesters, forcing the city to declare a state of emergency.

A white man named James Alex Fields Jr., who has schizophrenia and is on anti-psychotic medication, rammed his car into a group of counter-demonstrators, killing a liberal, Heather Heyer, and injuring others. Fields is in police custody and has been charged with second-degree murder.

Politicians from across the political spectrum have expressed outrage, condemning the “white supremacist” rally, and criticized President Trump for his initial response to the violence which did not label the incident as an act of terrorism, nor explicitly denounced the “white supremacists”.

This morning, speaking from the White House, President Trump condemned the Charlottesville violence, saying:

“Racism is evil. And those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the [Ku Klux Klan], neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans.”

That wasn’t good enough for former VPOS Joe Biden (D). Biden took issue with President Trump saying there was a “display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides.” Biden tweeted:

“There is only one side.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont), who had run as a Democrat in the presidential primaries last year, tweeted:

“The white nationalist demonstration in #Charlottesville is a reprehensible display of racism and hatred that has no place in our society.”

Sen. Chuck Shumer (D-NY) tweeted:

“March & rally in Charlottesville against everything the flag stands for. President Trump must condemn in strongest terms immediately.”

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) tweeted:

“The views fueling the spectacle in Charlottesville are repugnant. Let it only serve to unite Americans against this kind of vile bigotry.”

In a statement, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said “neo-Nazis” and white supremacist groups “are, by definition, opposed to American patriotism and the ideals that define us as a people and make our nation special.”

In a Facebook post, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) wrote:

“The Nazis, the KKK, and white supremacists are repulsive and evil, and all of us have a moral obligation to speak out against the lies, bigotry, anti-Semitism, and hatred that they propagate. Having watched the horrifying video of the car deliberately crashing into a crowd of protesters, I urge the Department of Justice to immediately investigate and prosecute this grotesque act of domestic terrorism.”

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida) tweeted:

“Very important for the nation to hear @potus describe events in #Charlottesville for what they are, a terror attack by #whitesupremacists.”

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC), the lone black Republican in the Senate, called the attack “domestic terror” and urged that it be “condemned” because “Otherwise hate is simply emboldened.”

Ronna McDaniel, the GOP chairwoman, tweeted:

“The hate & bigotry on display in is dangerous & cowardly.”

Source for the above quotes: ABC News

To all the outraged politicians:

Where was your outrage when a black killed four whites in a racist shooting spree in California last April?

Where was your outrage when a black woman attacked a man with hammer, screaming “I’m sick of fancy white people”?

Where was your outrage when black University of West Georgia students advocated white genocide at a Harvard debate?

Where was your outrage when a black mob in Chicago attacked a woman and her children in their car for being white?

Where was your outrage when 50 Baltimore black teens beat a 61-year-old white man almost to death?

Where was your outrage when armed Black Panthers called for the murder of cops?

Where was your outrage when Louis Farrakhan threatened a race war as black teens killed a white man with hammers?

Where was your outrage when a white Marine veteran required brain surgery from being assaulted by 20 blacks?

Where was your outrage when a mob of black teens assaulted a white disabled Army vet?

Where was your outrage when black teens beat to death an 88-year-old white  WWII vet?

Where was your outrage when a white Marine was beaten and stabbed by 15-20 blacks angry about the Zimmerman verdict?

Where was your outrage when a black woman killed a 12-year-old white by with a blow torch?

Where was your outrage when the Left’s antifa assaulted peaceful pro-Trump supporters before and after the presidential inauguration last January?

Where was your outrage when an anti-Trump mob knocked a Trump supporter unconscious at Portland Airport last January?

Where was your outrage when antifa and ethics college instructor Eric Clanton assaulted at least seven pro-Trump patriots on the head with a bike lock on April 15, 2017, in Civic Center Park, Berkeley, California?

Where was your outrage when Obama’s attorney general Loretta Lynch and Senate Democrats called for subverting President Trump with marches, blood, and death?

Where was your outrage when celebrities and other Democrats, in words or pics, called for killing President Trump?:

Where is your outrage when an anti-Trump militia published a manual on executions, kidnapping, sabotage, and terrorism?

Where is your outrage when a socialist “Fight Flub” at a taxpayer-funded Florida university trains students to beat up Trump supporters?

For more on the Charlottesville rally, see:


78 responses to “Where were you when black racists & antifa terrorists assault whites & conservatives?

  1. who benefits from all of this fomented racial hatred in this country?….
    I have never seen so much racism in all my years as I have since obummer became fake potus.
    I think this was another false flag….

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    • The beneficiary is Soros.

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    • Yes, this was a false flag planned by the deep state. We know there are different types of false flags. This was not organized by the deep state but when they learned of the intent of Kessler and his “Unite The Right” group to get permits to hold a rally, they went into action. Mind you, I don’t support some of what Kessler and his group stands for. The Charlottesville police said they would protect his group, but in reality, the police were told to stand down when violence broke out. There is video evidence Antifa and BLM protesters started the fight. They were throwing water balloons filled with urine and feces, throwing bottles and tear gas canisters. The “Unite The Right” group is not without fault, but they did not start the fight. The police had areas cordoned off and it forced “The Unite The Right” to have to walk through the middle of the Antifa and BLM protesters……..and the fight began. The police had been given the order to “stand down” and video documentation proves this. The plan was to make the whole situation look like the “Unite The Right” protesters were the fight initiators and completely at fault. Unfortunately, the mentally ill driver who killed one individual and injured several others gave the deep state even more than what they planned for. InfoWars sent reporters who documented everything proving the bias the MSM is reporting. They talked with someone on the left who admitted being a paid agitator. They recognized people from the left they’ve previously seen at other rallies, demonstrations and President Trump’s inauguration. They have video documentation showing some of the police laughing at them when they were tear gassed by the leftists. They even have video showing reporters who represent the left being attacked by the left because they “looked” like the right.
      Watch the InfoWars videos from Charlottesville to see what really happened.

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    • MomOfIV . . . . . I believe that this is correct. I am just wondering. . . “when will it stop?”

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    • Who benefits? The Western elite. The wealthy people who meet each year at Bilderberg and who think that everyone else is just a bunch of “useless eaters” trespassing on their planet. The same members of the privileged class whose ancestors fought long and hard to keep America from being independent of the crown–even to the point of attempting to “finish” the American revolution to their benefit by means of the U.S. Civil war… Seriously. It’s not widely known but at the end of the U.S. Civil War, President Lincoln had sent message to the Russian Tsar Alexander II asking for the Russians to give aid to the Union (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLB1umCHaqw). At the time, some of the armies of Europe–the British, the French (and I believe even the Spanish) had amassed at the Canadian and Mexican borders in preparation to intervene in the American conflict at just the right moment… on the side of the Confederacy. That plan of the European elite never played out. Why? Because the Tsar of Russia made good on his promise. One Russian naval fleet landed at San Francisco and the other arrived in New York. And, the Tsar had sent word in advance of his two fleets threatening the Europeans that if they dared to intervene in the American conflict on the side of the Confederacy, that the Russians would engage on the side of the Union army. The rest is history except for one tiny detail: The later purchase of Alaska from the Russians has forever been referred to as “Seward’s Folly” (after Lincoln’s Secretary of State) as history would have us all believe that the U.S. had greatly over-paid for the Alaskan territory. What history failed to tell us in school however, was that this was the only means allowed by Congress at the time for the U.S. to re-pay its war debt to the Russians who, in our very darkest of hours, proved that they, and they alone had been our one true ally. Funny how history seems to be repeating itself. Unfortunately, this time around I don’t think the Russians will be able to help us if a civil war ensues.

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    • obama wasn’t a fake president. that’s as dumb as saying trump is a fake president. they were both legally elected presidents. this article points out some good things about no one seeming to care when black racists kill whites, but i had to point out that…obama was, in fact, president. even if you didn’t/don’t like him.


      • Yes, agree with you, President Trump and former President Mustafa Obama were elected to the office. We, the people, elected President Trump while Mustafa Obama “was put in there” by the NEW WORLD ORDER.

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      • scott ziff
        hmmm…there are questions all around him about his citizenship, birth certificate, father, mother, marriage, children, sexuality, education, ties with soros, intellect, even the 2nd term election was covered with suspicion as he was doing terribly in the polls and then with great serendipity (weather modification) of an october surprise, superstorm sandy hits the east coast and along with a groveling governor christie, made obama look like a hero for signing off on emergency funds for new jersey, new york, rhode island…and what a shocker…he was re-elected, all of the false flags, fraud, the list goes on….there is so much evil trailing this male.
        aside from bill clinton, I cannot fathom another “potus” who has such a history of lies and deception trailing him, but people were too enamored with him to care about looking into all of the issues surrounding him.
        he was elected because he’s black and appeared “presidential” through training and for no other reasons. If he was not born in the usa (and I do believe he was not), then he should have never been “potus” in the first place, hence, fake “potus”….believe what you want, I will not change my stance.

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  3. Because the narrative is more important than human life.

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  4. John McCain taking about American patriotism? He has a lot of nerve, A PATRIOT HE’S NEVER BEEN! What a s.o.b.! Chuck Shummer, he doesn’t give a dam about the flag of the country, e hg at a bastard!

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  5. Patrick Cornell

    Neo Conservative and Progressive Globalist flunkies whose bread is buttered by the international banking cartel are full blown traitors!

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  6. The flag or the country, what a bastard!

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  7. Excellent post! What a bunch of hypocrites! Did I miss the baseball practice shooting mentioned? Also, last week a leftist shot and killed his next door neighbor who was a GOP committeeman.

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  8. Uh-Why are we NOT supposed to hate Blacks? Sorry-I’m just not seeing the message here….(sarc)


  9. Well said! We have been sitting here watching FOX and wondering the same thing. Also, the Confederacy and it’s symbols are a huge part of this country’s history. Why are city governments bowing to “black racist groups” demands to remove them?

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    • to be fair, the confederacy were traitors to the union. i don’t think the statues are a problem at all, but i also don’t think removing statues of traitors is a bad thing.


      • But statues of commies is just fine. See Lenin statue in Fremont area of Seattle.

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      • Out of magnanimity and for the sake of unity after the Civil War we accepted Southerners as Americans again (and probably never considered them not in the first place)… and, now after 152 years, you want to do different? Sure, sedition is sedition, but all that got settled a while back already.

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      • In what way were Southerners “traitors to the union”? The “union” existed because various states “voluntarily” chose to unite. Hard as it may be in this day and age to believe, for most of our existence “state’s rights” ruled the day.

        When one component of “the union” decided to lord it over another, they failed to reach an accord and one group left. That was unacceptable to “the union”. “The union” forgot why and for what it was constituted for.

        The Civil War was a long time coming. It is interesting and well worth the effort to study it and to try to understand it. “Slavery” was not the central issue.

        Then, just as today, nefarious actions have consequences. Southerners have nothing to apologize for, neither then or now.


    • Because the “Progressive New Class” wants to ERASE OUR HISTORY so that they can say the new Socialist United States emerged from the classes fighting and winning the streets with one ideal of everybody being equal.

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  10. Just wondering… Why are democrats demanding the removal of statues dedicated to democrats, erected and paid for by democrats?

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  11. All the lying, do-nothing politicians, who favor doing away with confederate statuary, need to be voted out of office. This is part of our history and heritage, and we must not allow history to be rewritten. The Unite the Right event was in response to the continuous suggestion to “kill whitey” and our duly elected President.

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  12. Excellent! Posted it on fb and twitter.

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  13. Caroline Rausch

    What is the url needed to write a comment???


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  15. Nazis, the KKK, White supremacists, The BLM, Black Panthers, and those like them ALL SHOULD BE DECLARED TERRORIST GROUPS!

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    • They should all be declared as having been the brainchild of those in power or at the very least as having been infiltrated by the alphabet soup agencies on behalf of those in power. After all, how better to know what your opposition is doing than to be running the opposition? (I think it was Lenin who famously stated same.)
      Remember, we are the most studied species on the planet. We are the only ones who can cause trouble for those in power. They know how we tick. They give us Team A, Team B and if necessary, Team C. We choose the “side” that is given to us.


  16. Very well said. This is another “color revolution” being fomented by Soros/ Rothschild and the usual suspects. The looney left are just idiot tools. The care as much about the dindu’s as they do about Christ. Filthy ignorant cattle.

    Here’s an example of that sort of mental exercise.

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  17. NOTE: I am NOT advocating for racist (nor any other) violence, but we have the right as citizens to peacefully protest when our rights and freedoms are being denied and stolen by those who don’t even pretend to be part of the same society… demanding THEY are now in charge, not God… The left CAN’T pretend they are innocent and the right is the only side perpetrating violence. To do so is patently ludicrous and spitefully untruthful. And then they slam Trump for not naming those on the right, but including the left generally. What a joke, and the MSM just licks it up.

    Why is the left so belligerent about NOT placing part of the blame on their own ilk for the fighting in Charlottesville? Had they not shown up to fight the “white supremacists”, there would have been only a peaceful protest.

    Did anyone else see the way the violent tribers attacked the car that plowed into them? Before determining whether the driver had a medical emergency or whatever, they swarmed the car with weapons and immediately smashed the car windows. MANY of them attacked en masse. And MSM blamed the KY kid for putting it in reverse and trying to drive the hell back away?

    The NORMAL reaction to such a car wreck would be to check and see if the driver were OK, tend to the injured, and perhaps run away so as to minimize damage & injury. THAT did not happen. They attacked, plain & simple. They were looking for a fight, found it, and fought back. Not saying the kid was right, but the way they reacted showed they weren’t innocent. Who knows if he even intended to plow into them? That car has a LOT of power. What if he suddenly came upon a crowd illegally blocking the street, and he quickly tried hitting the breaks, exactly what you do to engage ABS, but instead hit the accelerator? This happens, people. Just saying.

    A similar argument could be made for the gang fights (which is what it was; NOBODY could honestly call this “terrorism”, as no un-armed, “innocent” civilians were attacked; they had come looking to fight, got it, and fought; at least not in the videos I saw on the MSM!) It wasn’t one-sided “terrorism”. Saying so is a false way to attack your enemy and immediately prejudice the public against them. Like calling them Nazis, or Klansmen. Sound familiar? Again, not saying those elements weren’t there, but the left and MSM were painting ALL involved on the right with an overly-large brush in the worst way.

    Of the four Sunday morning news shows, ONLY Face the Nation showed the entire Trump remark conference, which was a hell of a lot more sympathetic and complete than the press is making it out to be. Even Chris Wallace on Fox made it sound like trump was pro-KKK/Nazi. OMG. Such pressure from the MSM and powers in charge.

    Joy-Ann Reid on Meat the Press had the gall to claim that sculptures such as the Robt. E. Lee statue in Charlottesville (and the reason for the protests) were put up in the 1960’s as a direct affront to blacks and the Civil Rights Movement. WHAT? Nobody questioned her, no eyebrows raised. So I googled/Wiki’d it. UNTRUE. Lee’s statue went up in the 1920’s. So I checked other such monuments across the nation. NONE went up in the 60’s, as claimed by J-A Reid. A few DID go up in the ’90s and 2000’s, but no the ’60s. She likely read such crap online and decided it was fact without bothering to check, because it agreed with her own biased ideologies. At least the lone conservative on panel brought up the fact that the leftist protesters were NOT guiltless, hence Trump’s statement about “on all sides” needing to chill. But nobody mentioned the threats and violence in Berkeley etc. earlier this year.

    The “news” got Merck’s black CEO to quit Trump’s Council of Manufacturers. Ridiculous. Maybe Merck should let him go and look for another scientist, rather than an attorney (like Frazier), to lead them back to greatness. IIRC, Frazier got his spot by getting Merck’s legal liability settlement on Vioxx from the expected $43Billion down to $4Billion… “Looking out for patient health”.

    But you know what? Trump went above and beyond today, SPECIFICALLY naming the scoundrels the left demanded he take a stand against, even if they weren’t being supported by Trump, conservatives, etc. Recall how long it took Obama to NAME the Islamist terrorists trying to kill others… DEFINITIVE terrorists? That’s right, he BARELY did so after YEARS of absolute denial.

    And now I see the genii on the left are posting video and photos of those on the right participating in brawls with their friends on the left, asking others to ID them, then demanding schools, employers, etc. dismiss, fire, and otherwise deny them their rights. What utter horseshit. I’m glad folks like 4chan have been doing the same to them for a while now.

    This is getting PATHETIC. Civil war is coming, people. Get ready.

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    • Follow-up: Just watched recording of “Matter of Fact” from Sunday; Soledad showed a stat on Confederate Symbols in the US and when they were built. It shows a good number — equal to about the number built between the two World Wars — were built in the 1960’s, especially around the time the Civil Rights Act was passed. Guess who published the data? The Southern Poverty Law Center. Wonder why their “facts” are so different from those on Wikipedia? Wiki’s not known for being even moderate… they’re left-biased.


  18. This is so frustrating- not everyone with right wing or conservative beliefs is automatically a neo-nazi. I imagine for the most part this is a group of (normal) right wing people protesting the removal of a statue depicting true history- you can’t rewrite history to fit your own politically correct views. I’m Canadian and I’m offended and saddened at the prospect of removing Robert E. Lee’s statue.

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    • “I imagine for the most part this is a group of (normal) right wing people protesting the removal of a statue depicting true history..” Nothing normal or right wing about it.

      Us true cons tend to ignore those who protest against us. We hold our peace rallies and leave them alone as antagonists trash and burn stuff.


  19. Excellent points and the FOTM gang is on it.
    What I want to know if it is illegal to incite, why isn’t Soros in prison? These rioters are from out of town and bussed in.
    Where was their concern when blacks were intimidating voters with batons?
    Where were they when the country sat there and heard Eric Holder tell us, we don’t prosecute our people. Furthering the divide and increasing this behavior.,
    Why aren’t they more concerned with what is happening in Chicago?
    I think over the last eight years, we have all read stories about the hate blacks have for whites. And we aren’t suppose to react to those that want retribution or constant support or even death?

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  20. Civil war is being instigated by those at the top on both sides–those on the ‘left’ are lying their tails off about those on the ‘right’, with the assistance of the “Pravda peddlers” [liars]posing as journalists, who are helping them–and, those on the ‘right’ not making it clear enough that the lies will not stand, and making sure the TRUTH gets out to the entire world–then, acting to penalize those on the ‘left’ for the lies and distortions that they trade in.

    Without those actions being taken by those on the ‘right’, it clearly shows that the ‘right’ is not doing enough of what it should to stop what’s coming, by stopping the lies and distortions being put forth by the leftists–and, the reason has to be, in my opinion, the top people on both sides are complicit with the ‘new world odor’ people who actually are ‘the deep state’ perps who want us to go to war with each other–nothing would make them happier than to see us all killing one another for no good reason whatsoever.

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  21. Here we go again:


    The more I read on this the more obvious it becomes that it was a totally orchestrated hoax. I don’t care whether anybody died, its still a hoax. I rather think that they didn’t, however.

    They are doing it in Seattle too. The Soros-funded “Antifa(ggot) are getting $25.00/hr to run around in their combat snowflake outfits and destroy things. You should know by now that, if they weren’t all in on it together, they’d have little George Soros hanged by now.

    No, they are “sealing the deal” on our future as cattle for the New World Odor.

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  22. I find it odd that so many of the latest alleged attacks involve cars and trucks. Several months ago, I listened to some of Ole Dammegard’s interviews with Sean at SGT Report, where they were talking about false flag and fake attacks. He said the current trend to look for is cars and trucks, and there have been numerous examples since he stated this. I would like to hear his take on this one. I just don’t believe the one on Saturday was real; there were too many things that look exactly like so many fakes from the past.


    • There are several (if not all) worldwide that are HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS. The basic idea is to push a meme. Currently they are saying that “radical Islam” pushes the vehicle attack. Today they are claiming that, so-called “White Supremacists” have adopted this.

      Their intentions have actually gotten easier to decipher. Their “news” networks pump out a steady, hypnotic message to go with these operations. There is only one cure for them, turn them off. Ignore them.


    • Excellent job on the list of evil deeds by the OTHER SIDE that the MSM never mentions!

      Re: “I find it odd that so many of the latest alleged attacks involve cars and trucks.”

      Me, too. For awhile it was buildings, so I guess they need “objects” for everyone to focus on.

      Also the tag numbers in this latest Charlottesville “false flag” seemed to tell a story in themselves:

      1_The “car attack” Dodge Charger/Challenger (?) > either name is appropriate for what the driver/car did > had a tag # of GVF-1111 (GVF: Govt. Verified Fake?). And we know the #11 is a biggie with the NWO (9/11; 11/11 WW2 ended, etc.). So his tag had two 11’s for emphasis. Biblically, #11 is the number of Antichrist (the “11th horn” in Daniel).

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      • 2_I would have stopped there but THEN the AP showed up at car-attacker’s mother’s house (Samantha Bloom) & just so happened to interview her IN HER GARAGE, instead of in the house or yard, where HER CAR tag was right there “in your face” > GVF-1122. So now we have the biggie Masonic number of 33 (11+22=33). Also, JFK murdered on 11/22, etc. Biblically, 33 is the age of Christ’s death, & the devil loves to copycat God & so do his puppet/occultists/Masons, etc.

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        • 3_THEN came a video clip re the Charlottesville march/riot where, near the end of it, they zoomed in on the tag of the smashed-up white Toyota with the black top. That Virginia tag read: “GODKPME” a/k/a “GOD KEEP ME.” The message? God “Keeping” You = “You may end up all smashed+crashed if we [bad guys, antifa, commies, deep state, NWO, etc.] have anything to do with it”:

          Then again, it could all be “coincidence.” 😉

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        • Ok that’s weird. An interview in the garage? And the license plate, too. Fishy.


          • Glad you got the “fishy” vibes as well. 🙂 I wouldn’t have wasted any time commenting anywhere on just the kid’s car with the #1111 (even though I thought that was suspicious as well. But one lone “coincidence” isn’t enough to make a “case out of it”). It was when I saw the AP video with the Mom that my radar spiked!

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      • PS: Re: CAR TAGS & NUMBERS:

        I had posted those same thoughts elsewhere the other day & one person replied that the mother & son probably went & got their car tags together so the numbers are sequential.

        But just now i’m thinking: The numbers are 11 numbers apart > 1122 – 1111 = 11. So did mother & son stand in the DMV line with 11 other people in between them getting their tags as well?

        Wouldn’t the tag numbers go like so:

        Son’s Tag – 1111
        Next – 1112
        Next – 1113
        Next – 1114
        Next – 1115
        Next – 1116
        Next – 1117
        Next – 1118
        Next – 1119
        Next – 1120
        Next – 1121
        Mom’s Tag – 1122

        What are the chances their two car tags would be exactly 11 numbers apart? The fact that their two tags ARE 11 numbers apart is in itself another #11 “sign/signal.”

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        • If you buy a car, isn’t that (tags) done by the dealership or by mail? Been 16 years since I bought a car so can’t recall.

          There are a lot of coincidences here…


          • Well, not that I’d ever pay extra for something”special”, but where I live there are now NUMEROUS types of plates (vanity plates) that can be bought with designated numbers/letters (provided they aren’t used by someone else), I think.

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            • That’s a thought re “Vanity Plates.” Maybe Mom &/or son &/or their whole family has a fetish for the #11 (which could also be suspect, lol). Maybe a birthday, marriage date, or whatever.

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          • Haha, the last time I bought a (used) car was 1992! but I think, at least in FLA, the dealer puts a “temporary tag” made of paper or cardboard in the rear window, & I think those temp tags were good for a max of 30 days.

            I don’t think the temp tag number ends up being the same number when you finally get to the DMV to get a permanent metal tag. I’m pretty sure the DMV gives you a brand new number.

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            • Wow, you got me beat on the (old) car purchase 😊

              I was thinking though when you buy a car and get a temp tag that the DMV would mail you one after the purchase, after they receive the dealership paperwork. I’m sure each state is different.

              Whatever the case, there are a lot of coincidences here for sure.


              • Haha re old cars, funny. Two (of six) cars I had I kept each for 12 years. So that covered 24 years of my driving life, lol. That 1992 used car was a Toyota that was already almost a dozen years old when I bought it, & it “lived” another dozen with me as owner until its electrical system finally died. Its V8 engine still purred like a kitten, though, & it still looked great (interior) though there was rust under the windshield grills.

                After that I “inherited” an also-older-used American-made car from my father, but its electrical system died three years later. I quit driving after that … sick to death of car hassles. 🙂

                True that different states must be different because I don’t recall receiving the FIRST tag for each car in the mail, but had to go to the DMV office in person.

                Eventually FLA did allow annual tag RENEWALS to be done via mail & they would mail you back a little sticker to put in the corner of the tag that showed it was renewed, but you kept the same metal tag forever.

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        • Another opinion, fwiw, re Car Tag Numbers:

          Over at Saboteur blog, PJ/owner, had this to say:

          Where I get my tags [Texas], the Mexican clerks are slow. The son bought the car in 2010. It was out of state, from Michigan. There’s a lot of paperwork to fill out. What they do here is sit you in an area to fill out the paperwork so that other customers can be served. So, mom got hers. Then sonny had to spend a half hour going through rigamarole before he got his. Meanwhile the other customers in line got the intervening numbers.

          That’s my explanation. There could be some conspiracy going on, but I doubt it.

          PJ is not yet aware too much of the “esoteric” aspect of NWO shenanigans. But he could be right.

          I don’t recall having to do anything at the county DMV but show proof of insurance/card & driver’s license. But things have no doubt become more complicated since then, with Govt. wanting more & more info, so maybe it takes longer these days.

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  23. They are getting caught left and right but don’t care. They do this with each of them. We are now immune to their lies.


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  24. I am sick and tired of the anti white racism that I have seen and all the black and communist violence. What happened in Virginia has all the indications of being a false flag operation. No southerner flies a nazi flag. Only Leftist leemings believe that southerners approve of nazis. The Bund was born and bred in Yankeeland.

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  25. If any “confederate symbols” should be removed, it should be the statue of albert pike, and other freemasonic statuary/symbols, however I doubt anyone will hear a peep about trying to remove anything pike or freemasonic-related, too much of a hero to the gnostic/occult cult thereof, and the klan (yes, the klan is also gnostic, in at least some part of it’s doctrine stemming from brittish israelism, and doctrines acquired by brittish israelism from gnostic cults like the manichaens; IE “serpent seed”, “nephilim” false doctrines etc.).

    Ever notice it is only “racism” when the certain people do it, but not when others do? On this note, racism itself is something that stems from the occult, and gnosticism, as well… lest we forget the theosophical society was using the swastika, and the hexagram/”magen david”/”seal of solomon”, long before the nazis/zionists ever adopted either symbol. It should also be noted how occultist helena petrovna blavatsky (likely plagiarized from other authors, mainly occult/esoteric types, but I don’t know an exact list thereof) wrote of races, and aryanism, etc. then of course the gnostic doctrine of “evolution” was utilized as a support for the concept of racial superiority, much like it is now.

    Getting to the brass tacks of the matter, this race-war garbage is based solely out of gnosticism/the occult, and thereby on ignorance. The more insidious bit of this however, is that both sides in the whole charlotesville psy-op are working for the same boss, but neither sides of pawns seem to be aware of that, I would suspect that very few, if any, of the “confederate” fans understand the gnostic/occultic element in their whole ideology, nor do I suspect the “antifa”/neo-racist cultists etc. do either by and large… and on top of that the ideologies supported by the “confederate” fans are smeared and demonized by association, given they are probably more “conservative” by and large, this then gives the “antifa” or whatever else you want to call them, (they’re racists and fascists as much as they claim the “confederate” fans are) an excuse, and a pretext, for their inhuman actions, and also furthers the overall goals of their puppeteers, and worse yet, its a catch-22 system, whichever side you “support” will advance the same agenda, and defame you by association in the eyes of others who fall for this filthy trick, and when then align themselves on the opposite “side”. This combined with the popularizing media coverage and commentary on the event, makes for a ripple effect through society that advances the evil goals well beyond Charlottesville.

    This whole Charlottesville incident is more “progressive” agitative propaganda, used to divide & conquer… both “sides” work for the same boss, and that boss is using them to further wage war on all that is good, and they haven’t a clue how they’re being used… almost a textbook hegelian dialectic, no? Maybe the best way to counter this is to inform people participating in both “sides” of how they’re being exploited for vile ends?

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  26. State rights were supposed to trump the federal government. The South had every right to secede from the union. The war was one of economics, as most are. Slavery was a part of the economic landscape.

    Interestingly, according to Professor Tony Martin, the Jews were heavily involved in the Atlantic slave trade and were among the largest slave holders in the South.

    Curiously, Lincoln was called “father Abraham” by the Jews, according to author Naphtali J. Rubinger in his book, “Abraham Lincoln and the Jews” (Jonathan David Publishers, 1962). The fact that the Jews themselves have divulged a fair amount of information since Lincoln’s assassination is curious enough to require some investigation. The links below are from 2 Jewish publications and include some of the info in the Rubinger book.

    Indeed, there is much in our history that seems shrouded by the fog of war and the mists of time. And it’s striking when some fear that a few statutes might make people think thoughts of which the powerful don’t approve.

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    • stlonginus,
      exactly, states’ rights should trump federal rights. the civil war was proof of the erosion of states’ rights. lincoln and the north did not want to lose control over the southern ports nor did they want to lose all the money the south paid in tariffs (which kept the south was so poor). the civil war was not about slavery, it was about money. lincoln used slavery to his benefit. he had southern slaves fight in the south while the north kept their slaves. the emancipation proclamation only freed the slaves in the south to fight in war and blacks are still used as pawns to this day. over 700,00 Americans (including slaves) died in lincolns war. he was a lawyer and used his knowledge of the law against the southern states that wanted secession and he waged war against the south. he was a tyrant, a racist, murderer, a lover of big govt and banks…he created the first federal income tax, he initiated martial law and suspended writ of habeas corpus for some states, he had people who disagreed with him thrown in prison, his soldiers burned homes, businesses, raped women, destroyed crops which starved Americans to death, he was the only president who did not belong to a church, etc….he was evil.
      as executive powers and govt increased, states’ rights decreased…the south was/is demonized as their history was not only rewritten, but destroyed.
      lincoln is glorified by our society and govt, when in reality, he should be vilified.

      “History is written by the winners.”
      ― George Orwell


  27. I am so angry with our news media and our elected politicians all acting like the white people were the only ones doing all of the hating and causing all of the violence. They all keep throwing that “white supremacists” word out there to appease the left wing radicals but by doing that they are putting us God fearing/constitution loving white Americans in a very dangerous place as per usual. They are throwing us under the bus! Why aren’t they including “ANTIFA” and “BLM” when mentioning the hate groups that caused all of this chaos? I seen video footage of “Black Lives Matter” members following the peaceful white protesters while carrying sticks and throwing things at them as well as lighting hairspray bottles on fire and spraying them at the white protesters. Of course ANTIFA was there also fully armed and violently attacking the white protesters as per usual and still not one major news network or elected politician even mentioned these hate groups. They played it safe and blamed it all on the bad right wing white people again. UNBELIEVABLE!

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