Pets comforting their humans

Philosophers say empathy, the ability to put ourselves in another’s “shoes” and feel the other’s pain or distress, is the foundation of human morality.

In fact, the Golden Rule — “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you” — is cross-cultural.

Psychologically and spiritually disordered humans lack empathy:

  • The lack of empathy is a definitive attribute of the Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
  • Both narcissism and a lack of empathy characterize psychopaths, including serial killers.

For a long, long time, we humans have congratulated ourselves for having attributes that we say non-human creatures lack. But technology — specifically, the ubiquity of cameras and camera-enabled cell phones — increasingly shows that animals also have some of the attributes that humans believe are uniquely ours.

Empathy, is one of those traits.

Here are 11 pet animals who display empathy for their humans:

(1) Zeus, the service dog, who brings little gifts, like a potato, to comfort his mistress, Drovie:

(2) Cat comforts woman after a break-up:

(3) Dog offers his paw to his sick mistress:

(4) Cats and a dog comfort a woman after double knee surgery:

(5) Dog comforts a human who “was feeling depressed and couldn’t bring myself to smile”:

(6) Dogs sleeping with woman sick in bed:

(7) Simba the cat has not left the side of sick boy:

(8) Dog trying to make his human feel better:

(9) Rabbit and kitten comfort woman recovering from surgery:

(10) Dog consoling his human:

(11) Woman writes, “My fiancé broke up with me a week before our wedding, leaving me pretty depressed. But after 14 years he’s never left my side. He’s my best friend”:

Source of pics 2-11: Paw My Gosh

See these other examples of animal empathy and kindness::


11 responses to “Pets comforting their humans

  1. My beagle saved my life. I got her as a puppy when I was at the bottom with PTSD. Although I had family, it was my puppy I lived for.

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  2. Yep, animals sometimes are better company than some humans…

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    • Pat Riot . . .I certainly do agree with that! The longer I live, the more I marvel at the attributes that these sinless little souls display. Of all the gifts Our Creator gave us, our animals that play the role of beloved pets, are truly the most exquisite of creations . . . our lives would be so much the poorer if we did not have them in it. It is a great comfort to me to think that I will yet again in Eternity see my little dear ones, who I have loved to much.

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  3. Animals are very sensitive to our temperament and they know when we’re happy or sad. I’ve had my little miniature Schnauzers look at me like they so want to help. They’ll curl up in my lap and let me cry. Sweetest things on earth…God blessed us with the 4 leggeds we love so much.

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  4. Kitties…

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  6. I must add the more I know people the better I love my Barney, my seven year old Maltese, by the way, he is bilingual, understands English and Spanish.

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    • Hadenoughalready

      If I’ve said this once, I’ve said it a thousand times: the more I know people, the more I revere nature.
      When I’m down with my gout, my dog, “Fluffy”, as I call him, will lick my sore feet or hands and snuggle closer than usual. It’s adorable!
      And when he’s not feeling well, I do the same for him (sans the licking part – fur balls).
      While critters cannot “speak”, a good, long stare into their eyes says volumes.

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  7. During my Sister’s last few days,she was literally packed into her bed by all eight of her Cats-they cuddled up to her wherever there was room to get to her. When she needed to get up,they’d stay on her bed,keeping it warm for her until she came back,then they’d resume their vigil,trying to WILL her to get better.

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  8. Wonderful post & wonderful contributions. Truck, esp. tender story, thank you for sharing.

    I’ve had wonderful dogs & cats over the years, but once I was a very sick girl & I had a sweet, smart, loving, HUGE calico cat who laid across my feet in my bed for days/nights until I had to be hospitalized….I thought I was going to die…but somehow, that cat made me feel connected to Earth, to not “let go” & let me know /feel that everything was going to be “OK,” & after a lot of “doctoring” & a long time, it was. That wonderful cat, taken in as a stray kitten, lived to raise our boys (once she woke us up in the middle of the night while running a scorpion out of our youngest child’s bedroom), …she literally ran our household,bossing us, the other cats, & dogs around & “setting our schedules” for the day….keeping us all “in line.” She passed away peacefully at age 18 nearly 20 years ago, & we miss her still.

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