ABC “Scandal” star goes off on Trump voters

joshua malina

Joshua Malina: Foul-mouthed self-important actor

Remember, #LoveTrumpsHate!

From Daily Mail: An actor on the show Scandal launched a series of crude tweets aimed at Trump and his supporters, calling them ‘stupid c**ks’ and ‘homophobic’.

Joshua Malina, who plays character Attorney General David Rosen on the hit ABC drama, has been at war with Twitter users who voted for Trump since he made the offensive comments on Tuesday.

Malina declared that those who voted for the president were ‘stupid c**ks’, and added they were also ‘homophobic, anti-Semitic, misogynistic, transphobic, and unfunny’. 

The network and show’s producer Shonda Rhimes have seemingly not disciplined Malina, passing on the opportunity to comment on his crude remarks.

Rhimes gave Katherine Heigl the boot from Grey’s Anatomy for allegedly being difficult to work with and also fired actor Isaiah Washington from the same set for reportedly saying a homophobic slur to his co-star.

Malina has been a long-time critic of Trump and released his thoughts on the billionaire president to his 240,000 Twitter followers.

He wrote on Tuesday: ‘If you’re one of the stupid cks who voted for this stupid ck, do you not feel like a stupid c**k?’

His comment rubbed a lot of social media users the wrong way, many calling for the boycott of Scandal and admonishing Malina for blasting other people’s views.

Malina fired back responses all day to angry Twitter users, prompting him to tweet on Wednesday: ‘Had fun w Trump supporters on Twitter 2day! In addition to stupid, they are homophobic, antisemitic, misogynistic, transphobic, and unfunny.’

Some are actively calling for a boycott of Scandal because of Malina’s tweets. One user wrote: ’65 million people voted for Trump… that’s a lot of people who won’t watch this show anymore.’

User @stults_dave added: ‘I don’t feel stupid. I feel proud I voted for Trump! You Hollywood Communists don’t speak for middle America. Another said: ‘@JoshMalina another Hollywood liberal grasping for more exposure. I’d never heard of you before today and I shall forget you tomorrow.’

@vero00 said: ‘It is disgusting that Joshua Malina has not been reprimanded for his classless comments.’

Dan Gainor, VP of business and culture at the Media Research Center, said to Fox News that Malina’s outburst was the ‘way of things in Hollywood, where millionaires tell the rest of us that we’re idiots and then curse at us.

‘Our response should be simple: Turn off their shows. Let them go get real jobs. 

ABC and Rhimes did not respond to Fox’s request for a comment.

Read the rest of the story here.

Let ABC know what you think of their employee! Go here.


18 responses to “ABC “Scandal” star goes off on Trump voters

  1. Stop watching current TV… It’s just a brain washing machine for the left. But whether you watching or not does not affect them in anyway. It’s advertising and cable subscriptions. So as long as you have cable in your house it does not matter whether you choose to turn it on or not you are still supporting them

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    • Whitney, SO astute that you noted “whether you are watching or not does not affect them in any way. …So, as long as you have cable at your house, it does not matter…….you are still supporting them.” I never thought about it that way but you are PERFECTLY correct. I would just add that, if anyone quits cable or Dish or whatever….you notify the provider about the programs that they are providing that have MADE that decision for you. It won’t do any good to just quit….they have to know WHY…esp if you are sick to death of being battered by liberal programing that pretty much treats you, your country, many government servants as a whole as good as dog poo…..They need to know this.

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  2. Although I do not watch this program . . .I did give ABC a piece of my mind. My first impression at seeing the picture of Mr Malina was that he would typify some dirty old man in a raincoat, just waiting to expose himself. He looks rather creepy. Why is it that so many of those who represent the left have an aura that is dark or creepy?

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    • Auntie! You said it! I thought he was Pee Wee Herman”s brother and (if you know that sad, shocking story), for sure, these looks seem like he could end up pleasuring himself, with raincoat thrown open, down at the local adult movie house! Maybe you were seeing the same “look” that I did in my FIRST glance at this guy!

      AS to why so many of those on the “left” have a dark or creepy aura….many years ago, my observations of my most difficult relatives, co-workers, and students gave me that “aha!” moment when one day I realized that evil thoughts and actions….even just plain old chronic ANGER….makes you an UGLY PERSON…for sure, just to be around…but it ALSO shows on your FACE…starting at a young age even….AND…..this is an “aside,” THIS very realization made me leave the teaching of academics like English and History (tho’ I still teach history one class at a time when needed)….aNd “run away to art” because…..I’d come home from teaching my HS English classes and realize that my FACE HURT from being tense, angry, pro-active, on guard…you name it….ALL DAY LONG. I wasn’t even really ANGRY yet….but I was getting there….and I didn’t want to live that way….so I bailed out to a happier place……

      All those black-masked “Black Lives Matter” agitators, & black-masked far-left protestors/agitators, and so on…..underneath those masks are just as UGLY with hate and malicious thoughts, that they put into action, as those ugly BLACK face masks and black clothing that they try to cover themselves with. Pretty much, why do they bother to cover themselves? Out in their communities…..anyone who takes pause to notice the ugliness of their preoccupations/thoughts will see it on their faces……they will KNOW who these people are……they can’t hide behind a mask.

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  3. Having never watched “Scandal” — and never will — I’d never even heard/seen the name Joshua Malina. Now that I know, I will be sure to boycott ANYTHING he’s in.

    From Wikipedia:

    “Malina was born in New York City. His parents, Fran and Robert Malina, were founding members of Young Israel of Scarsdale in New Rochelle, where he grew up.[1][2] His father was an attorney, investment banker and Broadway producer. The actor has commented that while the name ‘Malina’ does not sound Jewish to most people and often leads them to assume he is Latino (often due to confusion of ‘Malina’ with the Spanish surname Molina), the name is Polish in origin, from the ‘Polish [word] for raspberry.'”

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  4. I watch just the news. I haven’t watched TV for a very long time since the programs are just trashy. I use roku for YouTube for every thing, no dish or cable, no ridiculous bills. I haven’t seen a movie for the same reason. I Never heard of this guy. Typical Hollywood garbage.

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  5. First, he has that look of a self centered homo, spiked hair, can’t You see it? His facial expressions, not smiling but has that sly look typical of a queer can U tell? because he is an unknown, he wants to call attention so that he can be recognized where he goes, and…….. envious and jealous.

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  6. Oh, I forgot, the tilted head, tells it all!

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  7. Gee, I remember when movie stars were handsome and charming. That’s been replaced by foul-mouthed, smirk-faced, egotistical idiots that think they have the right to tell others what to do and say.

    Never heard of him or his rotten show before, of which I am thankful.

    "and added they were also ‘homophobic, anti-Semitic, misogynistic, 

    That tells me all I need to know, brother!

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    • “and added they were also ‘homophobic, anti-Semitic, misogynistic,
      Yep… he’s saying, “You don’t like me! You’re BAD!”
      Trying to flip what was once held as good for now bad, and what was once held for bad as now good. Thus those of us still holding to absolute moral values are now held to be BAD, wrong, detestable, deplorables. We’ll see.

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  8. Another one of those “just starving for attention” characters.

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  9. For those, like this little Jew faggot, nobody needs to watch his show. I highly recommend, however, that those choosing to turn it off let both the network and the sponsors.

    For the others, that we can’t seem to escape, this presents a different problem. I don’t watch TV. My wife does, and its on, so I can’t totally escape it. I’m coming to believe that those theories about hypnotism are right. She can’t seem to shut it off.

    At no time in history have we been more propagandized. It is completely obvious who is behind this and why. Snarky little twits like this pervert need to be jerked up short. How dare he pretend to lecture others on what they “must” believe?

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  10. 1) who would watch this crap show in the first place?
    2) looks like an ass-humper… who cares what he says?
    3) Bet he got beat up a lot in school… for saying such things.

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  11. I used the link and wrote a letter to the network……I hope it helps!

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  12. Well, he is certainly no Cary Grant or Gregory Peck that is for sure. I guess in all his wisdom he does not realize that President Trump supporters are from all walks of life, sexes, and sexual orientation, race and age and religions.
    Obviously he doesn’t realize that three of Trumps early appointees were a black man, and gay man and a woman. That Trump hired a woman to head one on his largest construction projects. And I bet he doesn’t know the reason that Trump bought Mar Lago, he hated the fact it was a closed club.
    He is a nobody and if he keeps this up, he will be even less.
    He is less important than a pimple on a duck’s butt.

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  13. He looks like he is savoring a mouth load of something in that photo.

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