TDS: Americans root for Kim Jong-un

rosie odonnell apologizes to kim jong un

Traitor Rosie O’Donnell in her apology to dictator Kim Jong-un

When President Trump was elected, I predicted that the TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) would be a thousand times worse than Bush Derangement Syndrome. And my prediction has come true.

Amidst Fat Boy puffing to nuke the US, liberals have shown their allegiance – to a brutal killer and dictator who threatens the United States.

Here are a few examples:

Rep. Keith Ellison: “Kim Jong-un is acting more responsible than Donald Trump.”

Former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein said this on MSNBC: “North Korea has been demonized by US, forced to attain Nukes. Russian interference based on circumstantial evidence.”

Fat womyn and angry libtard Rosie O’Donnell promised to leave the US if Trump was elected. Just like a bunch of other celebrities who promised to do the same, she is still living in the good ‘ol USA. She also promoted a “Trump-killing” game.

Rosie has now offered an apology to Kim Jong-un for Donald Trump. See her apology here.

I suggest all of the libtards who are siding with North Korea take a little visit over there to offer your sympathies in person. I DARE YOU.

Liberalism is truly a mental disorder.

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22 responses to “TDS: Americans root for Kim Jong-un

  1. All North Korea Kim Jong-un commie lovers should ask their sweet brother Kim for political asylum, and move there for good! Just visiting will not be enough! Hopefully they will do it and will not return to the USA they so hate.

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    • You’ve seen how hard it’s been getting our people back from NK-chances are if they go to visit,they won’t be ABLE to come back. (We could cancel their passports while they’re there,for sedition…)

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  2. Rosie O’Donnell, Keith Ellison and Jill Stein have shown their true colors. That they side with a psychopath who starves his people and murders his family members (brother and uncle) show that not only are O’Donnell, et al., mentally ill, they are the Devil’s spawn.

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  3. How low the left has fallen that they are willing to let this country be destroyed, all because they lost a fixed election and are unable to continue with their socialist agenda.
    They really need to rethink this through. Are they really willing to let their children live in that kind of world?
    They have a duly elected man that most likely also won the popular vote, that has given up his empire to work for free to save the country he loves. They indeed have a contagious disease that they are willing to lie about a man and sabatouge and critique everything he does. Those in DC have lost all moral fiber and feel that power and money is more important than doing the job they were all elected to do.
    None of it makes any common sense.
    May they all rot.

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  4. Do these IDIOTS approve of Kim Jong-un starving his own people? Do they approve of him killing people that are of a different political mind set? Do the approve of him living high of the hog while many of his SUBJECTS have NO food? These people are delusional. Kim would kill them rather than put up with their demonstrations against his politics. He is not their president, he is their god and they are forced to believe and accept that fact. Stupid people run their mouths about thing they know nothing about! READ and study your world history!

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  5. IT O’Looney (Rosie O’Donnell) herself is another ranking psycho, she’s a low life just like derrange Denis Rodman, those two freaks ought to get together and entertain Piggy Kimmy with some of their sick and perverted ideas. What a threesome!

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  6. I’m all for it. Let’s charter a bunch of planes to take these idiots to NK, where they belong. They’ll all do well there where everyone is expected to surrender all thought to their superiors. While we’re at it, let’s unplug these so-called “news” outfits and send them along to cover the action, permanently.

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    • Ughhhhhh all that lard!

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    • ok, lo, I’m in. I’ll spring for Rosie’s ticket. Surely we can come up with enough people to pledge the same and we can pack a plane full of more of her ilk, the completely disconnected and worthless of Hollyweird. But, before they take off, I want them ALL to read, along with the standard safety lecture/brochure, a specially-printed outline of the life of Otto Warmbier during his stay in North Korea, and the condition in which he was sent home to his parents in Ohio. Then I’d bolt the door shut and hurdle down the run- way.

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  7. They should realize that they wouldn’t be able to speak against or have rallies against a leader like Kim. Yet here they’re fully able to express their feeling against Trump, even in violent ways. The irony of it and contradiction is amazing.

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  8. Left/libtards losin’ it…

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  9. Is it just me, or is there a striking familial resemblance there between Rotund Rosie and the “leader” of N Korea? Separated at birth?

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  10. Rosie’s true form has been revealed! It had to happen sooner or later. On Ellison, we should expect nothing but jihad from him and his brothers.

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