Newsweek is delusional: “Obama is returning to politics, and Trump isn’t going to like it”


Demorats lost over 1,000 seats during Obama’s presidency and the DNC was left in disarray. The grand total loss: 1,042 state and federal Democratic posts, including congressional and state legislative seats, governorships and the presidency.

But you keep telling yourself that Obama’s return to politics is going to scare Trump, Newsweek. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

From Newsweek (via Yahoo): The time has finally come: Barack Obama is about to publicly get back into politics.

The former president may have spent the beginning of this year on vacation, but he and his aides are planning his return to the Democratic Party this fallThe Hill reported Friday. And even though many of his efforts will center on fundraising and campaigning for people like Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam, experts say Obama needs to be careful with Donald Trump.

“He would be the target against which Trump would direct his fury,” Southern Methodist University political science professor Cal Jillson told The Hill. “From Trump’s perspective, nothing better could happen.”

Indeed, Trump is not likely to welcome Obama’s comeback. The current commander in chief can’t stop talking about his predecessor. Earlier this week, after a Washington Post report indicated North Korea was expanding its nuclear capabilities, Trump retweeted a message from former U.S. ambassador John Bolton saying that “our country & civilians are vulnerable today because @BarackObama did not believe in national missile defense. Let’s never forget that.” He also retweeted an unofficial poll asking who was a better president.

“This president has a very unusual obsession with his predecessor and constantly comparing himself to President Obama,” Obama-era Assistant Defense Secretary Derek Chollet told CNN. “This is not a president who seems to be singularly focused on what is a genuinely a global security threat in North Korea.”

Part of this may have to do with Trump’s poll numbers. His approval ratings have been slipping for months, recently hitting 37 percent. Obama left office at 59 percent, according to Gallup. (According to Rasmussen: The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows that 45% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance.)

Since he moved out of the White House, Obama has spoken out a couple of times against Trump and his policies. In January, for example, a spokesman for the ex-president issued a statement opposing Trump’s travel ban. In June, Obama denounced Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement.

Nobody quite knows what Obama will do going forward to help the Democratic Party, which suffered from division during the primaries before losing the general election last year. The former president has reportedly been taking meetings with lawmakers in the House and Senate, as well as Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez, but he’s previously said he wants to help develop “a whole new generation of talent” that could revitalize the group.

“There are such incredible young people who not only worked on my campaign but I’ve seen in advocacy groups,” Obama told NPR in December. “I’ve seen [them be] passionate about issues like climate change, or conservation, criminal justice reform. You know, campaigns to—for a livable wage, or health insurance. And making sure that whatever resources, credibility, spotlight that I can bring to help them rise up. That’s something that I think I can do well, I think Michelle [Obama] can do well.


17 responses to “Newsweek is delusional: “Obama is returning to politics, and Trump isn’t going to like it”

  1. NEWSWREAK. Who reads that rag?

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  2. Kevin J Lankford

    Only a fool would fall for those ridiculous poll numbers. If they were legitimate, no way in this world Trump could have come out on top of hillary. Only through an unimaginable turnout for Trump could the democratic election monopoly by voter fraud have been over come.

    My only hope would be that if obama is still ignorant enough to show his face to challenge Trump’s legitimate presidency, or usurp another office for which he does not merit, (which he merits none) that Trump will confront obama’s true standing as a fraud, bastard born, foreign infiltrator, who can not be a natural born citizen of any where.

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  3. That boy doesn’t give it up, does he? What the hell does he want to do now? Get with it Mustafa, the “PARTY IS DEAD, GONE, SILCH, OVERRRRR! Man, grow some grey matter cause you are outa sight outa mind!

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  4. Break out the flyswatters for the swarm shall surely follow…just as they are following Hillary rotten Clinton.

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  5. Obama’s current “headquarters” , two miles from the White House, needs to be razed, and he and his team of malcontents need to be arrested on charges of sedition. All of them. Obama also needs to have every possible charge brought against him for his false birth certificate, which enabled him to steal the office of President for eight very long years. Nancy Pelosi, along with every other traitor involved in the scam they perpetrated upon American citizens, also need to be charged for their crimes. President Trump knows that Obama was and is a fraud. Who is better qualified to take on these shysters than our President? If that jug-eared psychopath thinks he can come back into the spotlight and have President Trump take a backseat to him, he’s greatly mistaken. The lunatic left are a much smaller number than we are lead to believe. The polls are always skewed in their favor to make people believe they are more powerful than they are. They just have very loud, annoying, whiny voices that won’t shut up. People are fed up and they aren’t going to take much more.

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  6. This is sedition, pure and simple. The lies have reached staggering proportions. This is clearly another Soros/Rothschild “color revolution”. And we have the “man of color” to usher it in:

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  8. Well, this should be interesting. He should be under investigation for the spying and other crimes he committed. It isn’t over yet. Is he going to campaign on his weekend furloughs. And I hope he comes with an explanation of where all the missing money went. Half of the stimulus, the six billion Clinton lost, the 535B he gave to Solyndra, then after he knew they were failing he gave them another 35M. What for, kick backs? Not to mention the almost 20 other failed green energy companies that all went belly up.
    Then we have the massive slush fund he hid under the DOJ. And did Iran really get all that money or is it sitting in another off shore account somewhere? And please have him explain how Kamala Harris laundered 300 million into the country with her brother in law for Obama’s first campaign. Oh, this should be fun, there is so much to work with here.

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    • That’s the one thing I really don’t get – why are none of these investigated? What would it take? Who can follow the money (and eventually find it) and make Mr. O and Mrs. H and whoever else accountable? Because if this cannot be done, then the US of A is pretty much f*cked up and we the people truly are nothing else but slaves, pawns in the blue and red checkered board that every few years seems to change this or that. Is it all just pane et circenses? Time for 1776 revival, time to lock and load.

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  9. Old Democrats never die….and they never fade away, either. 😦 DARN!

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  10. I love all these replies, esp. by “Maryaha”, 3rd one down from top, so if I may request form her, and I’ll put her comment in quotes, if I may copy and paste her comment I I can post it on Faceook’s main reader page? Thanks to all who contribute to this needed website and that you who defend Trump like this wil be blessed every day in your continued support of a great man who still defies all the odds and keeps plugging forward. He’s a man of conscience and will remain so. I believe in that. If these dems have a better choice than BHO, I would advise them to choose the better choice than BHO. We’re getting too alert to let that mistake happen again, and those who mentioned the crimes O had done while in his term are on the right track with learning about all of that. He is trying to keep everything “within” as the usual – remember is 32 “Czars”? And about 2/3’d of his cabinet ws made up of those 32 “Czars”. We’ve come so far to learn all we could now, we can’t afford to lose all of that knowledge. We’ll get through all of this and prevent another O-Term that we didn’t want in the dirst oalack]
    C. C.

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