Maryland mayor launches plan to employ Baltimore “Squeegee Boys”

squeegee boys

Showing up at your windshield soon, the “Squeegee Boys”

If the youths truly had “entrepreneurial spirit” they wouldn’t need a government program to get them moving.

From Baltimore Sun: Mayor Catherine Pugh this week launched a “pop up” car wash program for Baltimore youth.

The mayor announced in June she planned to create a program to employ what she calls the “Squeegee boys” — the Baltimore youths who seeks tips for washing motorists’ windshields on city streets.

Pugh said the boys show an entrepreneurial spirit, and the city could help them open their own car wash.

“The Squeegee Corps is up and running their first pop up car wash right here in front of City Hall!” Pugh wrote on Facebook Thursday.

Alexandra Smith, Pugh’s director of special projects, wrote on social media that residents should expect to see more “pop up” car washes throughout the city. She said one was planned soon for Bush Street near Carroll Park.

Prices for the services range from $5 to $15.

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29 responses to “Maryland mayor launches plan to employ Baltimore “Squeegee Boys”

  1. Please, don’t make me laugh!

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    • weezy, you and I know that a pat on the behind is not needed to get a move on, there’s no entrepreneurial spirit on these kids because all they have seen is government handouts, and no family structure so they are used to NOT USE THEIR BRAIN to get started, they are product of the environment where they have grown. There are good parents or a good mother that sacrifice to push her kid out of that misery and a kid willing to do it.

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  2. Yet another sign that the U.S. has become a Third World country. Squeegee boys & men are commonplace in many poor countries, who swarm around your car at red-light intersections. The only difference is that they, unlike Baltimore’s, are not sponsored by a government program that creates yet another bureaucracy and bureaucrats paid by taxpayers. $5 -$15 for them to clean your windshield is a price that is tantamount to blackmail.

    I predict this stupid Baltimore program will fail, because the “boys” are too lazy to squeegee.

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    • What an incredibly stupid idea. They should send them all to City Hall. For $15.00 they throw in a bag of crack. Maybe they can sell Chiclets like they do in Tijuana. For $5.00 they spit on your windshield. Is this mayor related to Maxine Waters?

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    • “I predict this stupid Baltimore program will fail, because the “boys” are too lazy to squeegee.”
      So the Mayor will just give ’em the money….

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      • They’ll be too busy trying to steal the hooker’s money. Squeegee be too much work. If you get caught in the intersection just throw some dice or a basketball and hit the throttle.

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    • Danielle F. Marin

      Dr. Eowyn, this was the first I’d heard of this ill-conceived ‘program’ & truly hope your last sentence comes to fruition. Considering the base price is $5 which is horrendous, I can’t imagine people will easily hand over $5 for what is likely to be a poorly done job. These are kids who do not know the concept of a hard day’s work, let alone “elbow grease”, so I imagine it will get old quickly for them. In their defense, it isn’t their fault they were born into the circumstances in which they were. God help us all, please.

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  3. I can’t wait to see them sticking a gun in the driver’s face and hijacking their vehicle. Maybe they can set up a program for donkey vaccinations.

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  4. Maybe they should start up a “Squeegee Girls” group to give them a little competition. :0)

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  5. Can’t wait to see how they handle the taxes on this program.

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  6. Atlanta had “Squeegee Boys” at one time. They were intimidating everybody by washing your windshield without your permission and intimidating you to pay for it. Some were even pissing in the spray bottles when they ran out of water. Atlanta finally run them off. They were also a traffic hazard. I also noticed the mayor called them squeegee “BOYS” ! Wonder how long that will hold water???.

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    • What is the mayor saying? They are going to encourage it? Wow! What about the poor people who have to drive through that every day? Are they going to fight for turf with the hookers?

      If I lived there I’d invest in a plow blade and “roo bars”.

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    • Danielle F. Marin

      David, I had not heard that about Atlanta and Squeegee boys. That is very disturbing to hear but not in the least shocking.

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    • Same sorts of things happened in the DC & Baltimore area as much as 30 years ago, David. If you were stopped at a light and, try as you might to NOT make eye contact (which they interpreted as an invitation), they’d run up and spit on your windshield (at the very least) and THEN wash it and expect you to pay them….very menacing and frightening. Out of town tourists especially were intimidated. When we moved West & our Western neighbors came back from touring the nation’s capital and historic areas….this was the FIRST THING they described to us….in a manner that said between the lines “We’ll never go back there again.” Any sort of unsolicited “panhandling” is or becomes menacing when you are accosted with it on a public street, airport, shopping area….etc…..

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  7. The City will STILL be “Totalled”,but at least it’ll have clean cars…


  8. I wonder what would happen if someone told the Squeegee Boys after their service, “Gee, I’m sorry guys, all I have is white people’s money, and I know you wouldn’t want any of that”? 😎

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  9. Is it any wonder I could hardly wait to get out of ‘MerryLand’.
    This ‘Squeegee-Boys’ plan, if it works, will take future money from the street people living in Baltimore. The original squeegee folks.

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  10. We faced that crap when I lived in NE NJ, especially the closer we drove toward “The City”. Left streaks, dirt, fingerprints, and scratches on my baby. That was the first time, never again. They were like locusts. No respect for others’ property. Not trying to provide a service for pay, looking to scam $.
    They also towel-dried your car when you came out of the drive-through car washes, and expected tips then too. I always wondered how many cars they’d dried with the same towel before using it on my car… but I did tip those guys. Like a quarter or two… mostly to get out of the way so I could drive off.

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  11. Squeegee boys = shake-down artists ………Then as they grow older , they become politicians , phony reverends , and community organizers .

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  12. Captain America

    I wish I knew how to “like” some of the great comments on here. What is WordPress?


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