Los Angeles targets contractors who might work on border wall

gil cedillo

Council member Gil Cedillo believes Mexico, not three US states, is California’s “dearest” neighbor

Demorats: All for bullying when it fits their political agenda.

From Fox News: The city of Los Angeles wants to require contractors to reveal whether they have ever been involved with President Trump’s border wall construction.

City lawmakers say residents have a right to know whether companies are working on the controversial agenda.

The city council voted on Tuesday to require companies working with the city to say whether they had worked on building, design, or sold materials for “any proposed border wall between Mexico and the United States of America.”

“We want to know if there are people who do business with the city of Los Angeles … who wish to profit from building a wall that would divide us from our nearest and dearest neighbor Mexico,” said Councilman Gil Cedillo.

Tim Murphy, board president of CALBX, called the move “absurd” and said it sets a dangerous precedent for discrimination against companies.

“They’re moving beyond the political theater and hyperbole that this issue generates,” Murphy told “Fox & Friends.” “They are creating, in fact, a political blacklist, threatening any company that would express an interest, not actually build, but express an interest in working on the border wall.”

State Sen. Ricardo Lara wants to expand the move, preventing all of California from doing business with companies involved in the border wall.

Congressional Democrats, meanwhile, are threatening a government shutdown over border wall funding when the government must negotiate a new federal budget in October.


23 responses to “Los Angeles targets contractors who might work on border wall

  1. Those companies should sue the city for discrimination.

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  2. Commiefornistan welcomes you!

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  3. These same worthless politicians will scream bloody murder when their federal money is cut off for sanctuary cities. It will be fun to watch! 😳

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  4. Thousands more parasitic mothers with their children pour into San Diego county monthly. In retirement my wife and I belong
    to various museums and botanical gardens in the LA/Orange County area. Driving is now increasingly gridlocked and congested even in non-commute hours.

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  5. I for one am certainly not feeling the . . . “that would divide us with our nearest and dearest neighbor, Mexico, sentiment. I say build the wall, keep that certain portion of their citizens who come here to rob, rape, proliferate the drug trade, and enroll in welfare systems that are far beyond anything their own country would offer them.

    All of the politicians who are involved in embracing the allowance of foreign nations to be viewed as equal to US Citizens are traitors, and should be dealt with as such.

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    • I actually think the DOJ should wade in on the idea of blacklisting companies that may have, or do help with building the wall. Although, I should imagine that there are companies outside the state of California that would be more than happy to get the contract, and bring in their workers.

      DCG.. . great article!

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      • Don’t hold your breath Auntie. The DOJ holdovers hate Trump and won’t ‘wade in’ on anything having to do with the wall.

        “State Sen. Ricardo Lara wants to expand the move, preventing all of California from doing business with companies involved in the border wall.”

        Lara is the sodomite senator who sponsored SB1146 in 2016 to force religious schools and colleges who take CA state grants or Title IX money to report on whether they had a ‘moral’ code and conducted their hiring/firing of staff, or acceptance or rejection of students, according to their religious beliefs. This from a pro-LGBTQ site:

        With a very cursory search I found this posted at the website of a California college which states the law was amended, anti-religious provisions were removed, and the bill passed in CA.


  6. Brought to you by the same people who pee in their britches at the mere thought of BDS for Israel. Hypocrites!

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  7. Hadenoughalready

    Private contracts are a private business and NOT public information. This is a clear violation of the contractees Constitutional civil rights.
    Violate that and they’ll wind up in civil court fighting a civil rights violation.
    Enough of this crap! Sue them for treble damages.

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  8. Blacklisting measures against a federal project would face huge constitutional barriers if the laws ever get challenged in court, says Breana Ware, an attorney in construction and government contracts group of Alston & Bird, an international law firm based in Atlanta. Under the Supremacy Clause, Congress can preempt state laws that conflict with federal law or create an obstacle to its objectives, such as building the wall, Another hurdle is the “nondiscrimination rule,” which invalidates regulations that discriminate against the federal government or those it deals with. Also, the Commerce Clause of the Constitution prevents states from inhibiting or discriminating against interstate commerce, she adds. […]

    Source –

    For builders, Trump’s wall beckons but is fraught with political risk


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  10. It boggles my mind how California’s legislators can be so politically DELUSIONAL. Is this a “Group GOD Complex” we’re dealing with?

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    • Their “leaders” know their boss. The others have been convinced to be joiners. Anything they say they “me too” it. Anyone who dissents gets slammed.

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  11. The city’s approach is novel, and it’s informed by the work of the Partnership for Working Families (PWF), a national network of advocacy organizations that develop city-based policy campaigns. In March, PWF sent a letter to major contractors urging them not to bid on the border wall; few companies responded. PWF has also been working with officials in individual cities to figure out how to identify contractors that are planning to bid on the wall and have existing city contracts. In Los Angeles, it’s been working closely with the L.A. Alliance for a New Economy, or LAANE, to get a motion off the ground. […]

    Source –

    Los Angeles May Target Border Wall Profiteering With Contractor Disclosure Requirement


    Related –

    Group Urges Contractors Not to Bid on Border Wall | The Partnership For Working Families


    Note… Open Society Foundations (OSF) are listed a PWF sponsor

    Supporters | The Partnership For Working Families


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    • Yes, this is part of the Elites new push to have states and localities “invalidate” federal law and policies they find problematic. At the recent Bilderberg get-together this is said to have been a major topic.

      They are attempting to run countries by doing end runs around their governments.

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  12. Kevin J Lankford

    Don’t know why they would complain. I doubt there is a construction company that does not employ over 75% illegal aliens.

    I lost my job back in 2007 by pointing that out.

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  13. When you throw Communism into the mix you pretty much have their complete program. It’s their “New Deal”.

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  14. Califailure doesn’t need to secede from the US. they need to be kicked out.

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  15. Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.
    – Ronald Reagan


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  17. Creating blacklists and excluding people based upon politics… it’s okay if a collection of politicized Leftist corporations all work together to do it and not the “government” (until, of course, Democrats get elected), right Democrats?

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