Washington State Supreme Court upholds Seattle’s gun tax


The tax will stay. And so will the shootings because we know a tax has nothing to do with folks picking up a gun and shooting someone, whether during a criminal act or especially in self defense.

From MyNorthwest.com: The Washington State Supreme Court has upheld Seattle’s tax on gun and ammunition sales. The 8-1 decision came in a decision issued Thursday morning.

The tax had been challenged by the NRA, local gun rights groups, some gun owners and gun stores in the city who say the tax is illegal because cities aren’t allowed to regulate firearms under state law.

But the city says a tax is different from a regulation. The Supreme Court agreed.

Seattle passed its gun tax in August 2015. It was aimed at funding gun-violence prevention, research and other programs to mitigate the public costs of gun-related crimes. The effort was spearheaded by Councilmember Tim Burgess. It places a $25 tax on guns sold in Seattle, as well as up to a 5-cent fee on each round.

However, the city hasn’t taken in nearly as much revenue from the tax as originally predicted (as I reported in March). Supporters on the council expected as much as $500,000 in revenue; in May, the city had collected less than $200,000.

Meanwhile, shootings continue, though some would argue a recent crackdown has reduced some of the gun violence. There were 36 shootings and four fatalities in the first five months of 2017. Reports of shots fired rose to 155 by May 15 – 11 more than the same time in 2015, and 23 more than this time last year.

As of July 31, the number of reported shots fired this year was 237.


16 responses to “Washington State Supreme Court upholds Seattle’s gun tax

  1. Kevin J Lankford

    All purchases are already subject to disproportionate sales tax. To single out items specifically for unreasonable excessive taxation is a clear blatant attempt to hinder its unquestionably legal possession.

    We can probably expect the same throughout the rest of the nation, if the true U.S. citizens do not commit to a real show of resistance.

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  2. Making weapons illegal only increases crime. Criminals assume most people are easy takes because the thug has the “power”. The same for over taxation.

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  3. Isn’t there something called ObamaSScare that says if someone does not buy health insurance they have to pay a penalty in the form of a tax? The Nazi elite that passed that will pass any other taxes that are not regulations but regulate nonetheless anything and everything they decide. “Shall not be infringed” – does it ring a bell? Taxes infringe on the rights of the people, rights to property, life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, security, privacy, and most everything else. Time for 1776 all over again!

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    • I believe you are right, it’s going to take another American Revolution to take back our country. Even with President Trump in office, the sold-out criminals in Congress aren’t going to willingly let go of their meal tickets, also known as the American taxpayers. In fact, they appear to have doubled down since the election, expecting more money and power from the citizens, while Congress does exactly nothing. I think people are more angry now than when Obumbler was in office. Conservatives knew he was our enemy, but are now discovering that the do-nothing Republicans are also. People will only be pushed so far.

      We have also discovered that all of the alphabet agencies are working against us. Even the DOJ is corrupt to the core, committing crimes and covering for the others who are committing crimes.

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      • Maryaha . . . Excellent reply. I certainly concur with your words . . . “I think people are more angry now than when Obumbler was in office.” How could we not be A-N-G-R-Y? We see the Obumbler cabal working in the backgrounds to sabotage our POTUS . . . then we have all these meatheads among the Republicans who will do anything to subvert the plans our President is trying to bring about. I must admit after seeing all the garbage that the DOJ has pulled, they certainly are “corrupt to the core.” There needs to be “Pink Slips” issued aplenty to get rid of these corrupt government workers. How can a civil society see all this garbage and not feel both angry, and he height of despair over what they see.

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  4. Has Washington’s Supreme (?) Court NOT read the US Constitution? If they REALLY want to achieve their apparent goals,they should just CONFISCATE all the guns and ammunition from all the lawful gun owners,and give a generous serving of each to every criminal in Prison,then release ’em. (sarc)

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  5. ….because……people who have a cache of guns—which they use to kill other human beings always PAY THEIR GUN TAX…..like good little citizens…. DAH! THE INSANE ARE IN CHARGE OF THE ASYLUM!!!!!

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  6. It’s far past time to put the Democrats on the INSIDE of the asylum,NEVERMORE to occupy Political Office!!!

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    • For eight years we endured artificial ammunition shortages. The ammo was “Obongoed”. They couldn’t legally disarm us so they did everything they could to subversively accomplish the same thing. They’re proud of it.

      The left is always screaming democracy if it works to its advantage. Not so much if it doesn’t.

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  7. So-Where’s all that ammo NOW? Shouldn’t it be returned to the marketplace? That would temporarily bring ammo prices down,long enough for some of us to re-stock before it goes ridiculous expensive again. There should ALSO be some arrests and prosecutions for those who enacted this blatant “end run” on the Constitution..

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    • I think the government bought it, and destroyed it.

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      • I think it’s still in storage somewhere. Destroying it would make SENSE-they’d NEVER let THAT happen.

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        • You’re probably right, but they SAID they were destroying it. Remember when they spent BILLIONS on ammunition of all caliber’s for different departments and agencies with no explanation? Later, it was reported that they were destroying BILLIONS of dollars worth of Ammo. I assume that’s the stuff.

          Where I live you had to stand in line to get .22 ammo. Everything but “weird” calibers was non-existent. Obongo’s the reason.

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          • Remember when they SAID they destroyed all your personal info as soon as your Background Check was approved to buy a gun? Why don’t I trust anything “they say”?

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            • Well, I did say that they SAID that’s what they did. Their point was to keep it away from us eaters, and they did. I don’t trust ANYTHING they do or say.

              This will continue until they are chased through the streets.

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