Unemployed New Yorkers are giving up on finding jobs


Heck of a job governor…

Cuomo must be so proud.

From NY Post: It’s quitting time for the unemployed. More than four in 10 out-of-work adults in the Empire State have given up looking for a job, a survey out Wednesday reveals.

While the national average is 33 percent, a full 41 percent of unemployed New York residents have “completely given up on looking for a job,” a survey from Express Employment Professionals, a multinational employment agency, has found.

Only two states — Illinois, at 44 percent, and Michigan, at 42 percent — have a less optimistic bunch of unemployed adults.

And the idled New York workers are more glum than last year, EEP reports. In 2016, only 34 percent of New York state’s unemployed had stopped looking for work, according to the survey, which retained Harris Poll to canvass 1,500 jobless Americans.

“The unemployed in New York are expressing more frustration with finding work, compared to last year and compared to the national average,” said EEP chief executive Bob Funk.

The study did not address why unemployed Empire State workers were less optimistic than most Americans. However, the rise in the percent of workers giving up on looking for a job does reflect, in part, the duration of unemployment, the survey found. In the state, the average amount of time between jobs is 29.1 months compared with 23.5 months nationwide.

Adults in only two of the EEP-analyzed states — Florida, where the average successful search requires 33.1 months, and Oregon, where it takes an average 30.2 months to get off the unemployed rolls — have a tougher time landing a new job.

In addition:

  • A growing number of out-of-work New York residents said they lost their jobs because they were laid off, the survey found.
  • Of the respondents in the state, 27 percent this year said they were laid off; last year, 16 percent attributed their job losses to layoffs. Nationally, 22 percent of idled workers said they were laid off.
  • Seventeen percent this year said they quit their jobs — while a year ago, that number sat at 22 percent.
  •   Out-of-work people looking for a job spent an average 10 hours a week on the hunt. That compares with 13.3 hours nationally.

Unemployed state residents looking for a job were more optimistic than the national average, the survey found. Ninety-two percent said they agreed with the statement: “I’m hopeful that I will find a job I really want in the next six months.”

That was bettered only by the 95 percent positive response by unemployed adults living in Oklahoma.


10 responses to “Unemployed New Yorkers are giving up on finding jobs

  1. Why isn’t this a priority for NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo?
    Instead, he’s too busy requiring insurance companies to cover contraception, and working with the Democrat-majority state legislature to make New York a “sanctuary” state for illegals.


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  2. Democrats…

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  3. Cuomo, Trudeau, Bush, Clinton. These are the best and the brightest?
    These stats are fakenews anyway. creative writing.

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  4. Liberal Democrats have less than half the Brain needed for self-sufficiency, Self-reliance, Self-Determination, Self-Dependancy, Self-Responsibility, & Self-Control.. They are the Vast Majority of the Infantile Dependancy Class.. They’ve been suckling on Mother’s Milk far too long , – and have never learned to fend for themselves.. Like Barn Cows, they must be fed, they must be medicated, they must be housed in comfort, and they must be confined to well defined fence-lines.. = Their “milk” = (if you can get any) is bitter to the taste.. = speaking in Parables..

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  5. William Brandon Shanley

    DCG, this is one situation in which I must wholeheartedly disagree, based both on Dept of Labor Statistics and my own personal experiences searching for work over many years in USA despite, as Dr. Eowyn can attest, is a good resume. Here are the data:


    Total number of jobs open in US at end of June: 6.2 million

    Total number of “unemployed” at end on July: 7 million

    Total number not counted because they had not looked for work in last 4 weeks: 1.6 million

    Total number of discouraged workers in July not counted as unemployed because they believe there is no work for them: 536,000


    Total number “not in labor force” in July: 94,657,000

    No one I know has ever chosen to not work and live in abject poverty. Nor have I. However, after spending many days filling out job applications for every sort of employer from Stop & Shop, to Best Buy to Home Depot on the minimum wage end of the pay scale, to jobs my background in media and publishing suits me for, such as VP Public Info, PR, Communications in the $150,000 range in the NY-CT-NJ tri-state area, and everything in between, PLUS using every job board from Monster to Indeed to Robert Half to State of CT, you name it (databases are linked these days), I have since May only received one appointment for an interview, at Home Depot, and no call back for a second interview, despite my experience with tools, building products, HVAC, electrical systems, etc. I have applied for a number of retail jobs opening I found on the street, but have never received a call at all. In these situations, when people see my resume, or a radically simplified and dumbed down work history, they look at me like I’m crazy, can’t be serious applying for such a meager job at such low pay and won’t stay. The long-Depression era-reminiscent lines of white collar jobless applying for minimum wage warehouse jobs at Amazon attest to the fact the USA has not recovered from the 2008 Depression, or the 2001 Depression, either–even though they are not called Depressions, they are, because the money flowed from the poor and middle class to the top 1/10,000th of 1% as shown here:

    Wealth Inequality in US (2012): https://youtu.be/QPKKQnijnsM

    Moreover, the stark gaps between jobs that your own data reveal circa 2 years, are indicative of the bleak picture for workers in America. That’s two years without income. This is one of the reasons the homeless population in LA is up 22% this year. People cannot bridge the gap.

    In the USA, the work ethic is so powerful, that you literally do not have a sense of being without a job. Once your information is in these job board systems, it remains, so you’re actually left without new actions to take to seek work unless you see an opening walking down the street, hear about a job opening from a friend, or find something on Craigslist, or in the local newspaper.

    And the future is not bright. Elon Musk estimates that circa 40% of US jobs will disappear in the next dozen years to robots: 3.5 million truck drivers, 3 million store clerks, PLUS taxi, Uber, Lyft drivers PLUS factory jobs, etc., etc., etc. This portends an economic catastrophe of unimaginable scale and dimensions. Already, because most new jobs are low pay, some of the richest states like CT and NJ, are bankrupt, because tax revenues cannot support state budgets. This will mean a cut in essential services like education, police, fire, water treatment… a dissolution of civilization. This is why I have been working on developing a universal income and reinvention of money backed by the priceless value of the common ground we inherited from God. See thegodtrust.net. This is the infinite wealth that is being kept from us in the current scarcity, debt-based obsolete paradigm of scientific materialism.

    The Dept of Labor data I have provided, reflects my own experience. Despite having sent out thousands of resumes over the years for full time work, I have not recieved a job offer since the late 1970’s. I have supported myself through short term assignments and projects all this time, with long, arduous, bleak periods of poverty in between projects. Luckily, I have not had a wife or children to support.

    As such, based on data and my own personal experience, with all due respect, I am compelled to reject your assessment.



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  6. A person needs a job that pays a living wage. We used to have tons of manufacturing jobs that did just that. They may not have been glamorous, but they paid the bills.

    All of that has been farmed out to foreign countries. We are now a “service economy”. We sell cheeseburgers to each other.

    The only growth industries are medical and prisons. It is not an economy to be proud of.

    I get tire of hearing the trite old statements about self-sufficiency. That isn’t the problem, as Will so correctly points out. There simply are not enough jobs for all who want to work. The economy is skewed to overly reward a small section at the expense of everyone else.

    In tribes, there is a natural limit to how large they can become and still be manageable. This is one reason their “human into cattle” ideas of the NWO are flawed. They want control, they don’t want to provide. Indeed, they want total dependence.

    A society/culture must have a degree of pride in itself. It is much better if that pride is deserved. We are rapidly turning into a global jungle of destitute people. I have no doubt that that is precisely the Controller’s intent.

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  7. Democratic leadership and their poor planning and misplaced priorities have destroyed so much of this country.
    Now they are promoting no future jobs except for using robotics, which is a massive job killer. This is something that needs some serious rethinking.
    We barely have enough to take care of citizens without being forced to take in millions that want us to support them. They are not coming here for jobs, but hand outs. Many are not from war torn areas.
    We now have a chance to stop sending jobs to other countries and bring back our industries we lost.
    The only way to accomplish job building is to keep dems out of office.
    No wonder they are all for abortions and thinning the masses. They can not promise any future.

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