GAG: Vogue promotes a traitor and transgender

bradley manning

Pro-tip for transgender men: hide your manly hands!

We certainly know Vogue’s stance on American traitors. Try not to lose your lunch reading through this absolute baloney about a convicted traitor.

From Yahoo: Chelsea Manning — the transgender Army private imprisoned in 2013 for leaking classified information, whose sentence was commuted by former President Barack Obama — has been making a splash, albeit a gradual one, since her release from a military prison in May. She began posting flirty Instagrams on her first day in the free world and has now made a quick ascent with her public profile, to the pages of Vogue.

“Guess this is what freedom looks like,” Manning wrote in her Thursday Instagram post, which features a photo of herself posing on an empty beach in a red one-piece Norma Kamali swimsuit.

The glamour shot, taken by none other than Annie Leibovitz, is from her profile in the September issue, in which the 29-year-old New York City resident attends a Lambda Literary Awards party, visits the home of legendary drag queen Flawless Sabrina, and talks about her awkward childhood and tense adolescence, as well as being an “adrenaline junkie” and a Marc Jacobs fan, coming to terms with her transgender identity, and surviving prison.

“There are people who have really put their lives on the line for something, and they come out on the other side of it. You can feel that with her,” Laura Poitras, executive producer of a documentary being made about Manning, said of her subject to Vogue. “Now that she’s free, what is she going to do with her freedom?” She added, “When I first met Ed Snowden in Hong Kong, he had the same sort of eerie power.”

Manning said she’s not quite sure how she’ll harness her power yet, and the Vogue story notes she had been interested in running for political office before transitioning. On whether it’s something she’s still thinking about, she noted, “I’m certainly not going to say no, and I’m certainly not going to say yes. My goal is to use these next six months to figure out where I want to go.”

These days, in addition to regularly posting Instagram pics of herself — whether in a power suit, a fuchsia sheath dress, or a swipe of bold purple lipstick — Manning noted she has been playing video games, teaching herself the programming language Rust, working on her memoir, and just starting to think about dating, declaring, “I’m not planning to be single!”

Finally, she said about her aspirations and where she’s at right now, “I have these values that I can connect with: responsibility, compassion. Those are really foundational for me. Do and say and be who you are because, no matter what happens, you are loved unconditionally.” Manning said she wishes she’d learned that lesson earlier: “Unconditional love. It is OK to be who I am.”


39 responses to “GAG: Vogue promotes a traitor and transgender

  1. From the Obama years.

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  2. I think it would serve you to ponder why you write such hateful things about transgender people. Perhaps you’re insecure about your own sexuality? If so, there is help available. You don’t have to live with your bad feelings about yourself alone. Remember, Chelsea Manning’s freedom and happiness don’t detract from your own, they add to it.

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    • What you twist as “hateful” is merely reporting the truth:

      (1) Biologists say there is no such thing as transgenderism, which really is a psychological issue — that of dysmorphism, much like anorexics who perceive themselves as fat when they are thin. See:

      (2) Even if there is such a thing as transgenderism, no amount of “sex-reassignment” surgery can change your gender. That is determined entirely by your DNA, specifically your sex chromosomes. Instead, MtF non-sex-reassignment surgery is a grotesque mutilation of a man’s body. See:
      [video src="" /]

      (3) The rates of suicide and other psychological pathologies, e.g., depression, are no better after non-sex-reassignment surgery because — DUH — the surgery did not “reassign” gender.

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    • I think it would serve you to ponder why Vogue writes such glowing things about a CONVICTED TRAITOR. Perhaps they hate America? If so there is help available in the form of a one-way airline ticket out of this country.

      I think it’s hateful for Vogue to promote a mental illness. Bradley can cut off his penis, create a “vaginal” cavity and insert some fake boobs into his chest. Still doesn’t make him a biological woman. Only makes him feeeeeeeeel like one. Normalizing a mental disorder perhaps makes others feel secure about their own insecurities.

      Remember, liberals love science unless it proves them wrong.

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      • How political correctness has made us go nuts (particularly about the Google Memo lately, but transgenderism– starting at 1:38– gets covered too):

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    • Adele:
      Seek help.

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    • Ohhh, Adele, get a life!

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    • Adele, my dear, you are one of those people that go through life very confused, I feel so much pity for you!

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    • “freedom” and “happiness”?
      what “freedom” and “happiness”? he’s wearing a woman’s one-piece swimsuit, makeup with hair styled as a woman…how is that “freedom” and and “happiness”?
      I wear pants and my hair tucked, it doesn’t make me a man or give me the “freedom” and “happiness” to be a man.
      When I was younger and ignorant, I took birth control pills for a period of time (until I learned about the deadly “side effects”). Taking birth control pills (fake hormones) didn’t make me a woman. I am a woman because biology (God) dictates it to be so. The body is designed to respond in every cell with the understanding that you are male or female. So, no amount of clothing, hair styles, makeup, fake hormones, voice lessons, countless and expensive surgeries (brow shave, tracheal shave, hair implants, jawline reshaping, removal of floating ribs, silicone implanted to give the appearance of “breasts”, mastectomies, eunuch surgery to create a fake “vagina”, fake penis surgery, botox, chin implants for the appearance of a masculine chin, hip injections, butt injections, facial injections, voice box surgery, liposuction, nose job, etc…very profitable industry) will change the molecular structure of God’s will within the human body. “Chelsea” and “Caitlyn”, and all the others, need to realize that unless they turn to the Lord and live life according to His will, there is no “freedom” or “happiness”. They will only be useful pawns in the devil’s circus, nothing more, nothing less.

      I question if “Annie” Leibovitz is a tranny as well….seems to bear the features of big hands, tall (6ft), masculine facial features, hides body with baggy clothes, no pictures of “her” as a youth, etc….
      “her” 1st daughter appeared out of nowhere and later “she” had twins via surrogate announcement….no nuclear family for “her” children.

      Males undergoing tranny surgery have been around for decades in the usa and I wonder if the fake hormones they took are the reason the birth control pill came to be…

      here is a link to a website that discusses sex “reassignment” surgery, but they also show pictures of men from the 1950s who had undergone the castrating surgeries and presented themselves to the world as “females”.
      I do warn, the pictures are VERY graphic…scroll down the page past the “surgeries” to see the pictures of males who decided to be “female” from decades ago:

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    • Um, no, he’s a traitor with a mental problem…

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    • Adele, I think much of the dislike of Bradley Manning, and he is still a Bradley, is the fact he committed crimes, dangerous crimes against this country and should still be in prison serving his time. But instead, he had a twisted President that forgave his crimes over what is right. We have good Soldiers serving long sentences for doing much less, that should be out.
      Our tax dollars should never have been used for a selective surgery when we have vets that are in critical need of care.
      People are upset that transgenders are demanding to join our military for the purpose of getting a free surgery. With the year of pre op, the time for surgery and recovery and the lifetime of follow up surgery, just when exactly are they planning on serving their country? And it should never be at the cost to American tax payers. Much needed equipment should always be a priority.
      If trans want to pay their own way for surgery and later join, a much smaller problem. Why is it that gays and trans want to project to the world what their sexual orientation is? Have they no dignity. Sex should be a private special moment between two people. Don’t ram it down others throats.
      Why should straight soldiers under lots of stress defending this country have to deal with people destroying their bodies using hormones, and it does destroy your body eventually, while they are going through massive fluctuations of emotions?
      This isn’t just about what a trans wants, but the population as a whole has to be considered.

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    • Adele, Adele, Adele……get a grip…..if someone signs a contract with your “company” (the AMERICAN MILITARY—it’s called “ENLISTMENT”) for which YOUR TAX DOLLARS pay his/her salary…..and then that employee violates his terms of employment by selling out the company secrets and ON TOP OF ALL THAT…cost you MILLIONS AND MILLIONS MORE for encarceration and THEN the complicating “condition” of “sex reassignment surgery” while encarcerated…..b/c “health care” while encarcerated is a “given…..” YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO SPEAK YOUR DISAPPOINTMENT with this situation, the way it “went down” and the “value” it gave you/did NOT deliver to you as the employer…. Stop rolling over on everything as a black or white/love or hate/ support or denigrate situation. Most Christians or even just decent human beings would like to “school” you on the concept of “loving the individual”—-but still holding to your religious/social/political tenents when you perceive that you have been duped/used/taken to the cleaners.

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    • For many leftists, Manning offers the irresistible combination — radical criminal acts combined with revolutionary identity. It’s “Radical Chic” all over again, this time through the lens of latest civil-rights fashion, transgender rights. […]

      Transgenderism Doesn’t Excuse Treason

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    • Adele, seek help. There may still be time to escape “The Borg”.

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  3. She He began posting flirty Instagrams on her his first day in the free world and has now made a quick ascent with her his public profile, to the pages of Vogue.”

    There, I fixed it for you, Vogue editor!

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  4. This sorry ass is Mother Nature’s abortion. ITS arms and shoulders are muscular, no waistline, no hips because IT was born a man, a woman’s hips are for bearing children, IT CANNOT bear any. ITS thighs are manly. Yes a complete checkup top to bottom and IT, is is a man. No menstruation, implanted boobs, cut off pipi(???), and with ITS name changed everybody knows, he could pair up with another IT, Caitlin Jenner. And WE paid for all that! BAF!

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  5. I have only paged through the magazine at the doctors office, won’t pay a penny for that fake!

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  6. I have this need to projectile vomit more and more these days.

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  7. I wish I’d have seen this before my last colonoscopy. I could have saved all the trouble of drinking the solution.

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  9. DCG,
    “gag” is correct…this is truly disgusting and enforces a psychological disorder as “normal” when it should be treated with prayer and counseling.

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  10. Question, guys. Would having intimate relations with a trans make a person a homosexual?

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  11. I have never thought of this man as a traitor, but a whistleblower, and whistleblowers require our protection-as far as his transgender I am prone to think this was part of the LGBT programming which I dismiss and reject entirely


  12. I’ve decided to become a clam.


  13. There used to be a time when traitors were executed now they become celebrities. Now that tyrannies are getting some political clout being a tyranny and traitor will get you on the cover of a magazine, transition therapy paid for by gov’t and interview fees…..


  14. “The Vogue magazine cover coupled with the glowing profile frames her as a transgender hero rather than who he really is — an American traitor.

    As an intelligence officer, he abandoned his mission, aided the enemy and disregarded the imminent danger he placed his comrades in when he gave the enemy everything they needed to attack American troops.

    Manning didn’t expose corruption or bring attention to a disregarded issue; he leaked classified information to gain national attention for himself ahead of his announcement that he was a transgender who wanted to be a woman.

    It’s a sad day in America when the left hails a traitor like Chelsea Manning as brave and heroic simply because he’s transgender. Something tells me if Manning wasn’t a “woman,” he would be in jail.”

    Source –

    Chelsea Manning’s New “Fashion” Gig Will Make You Lose Your Lunch

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  15. “Where do we begin?” asked Alice of the Queen. “Why, My Dear, we begin at the beginning.”

    Bradley Manning is as guilty of treason to Our Lord as any of us sinners are. And the Devil really has him good: He got him to betray his own manhood.
    That being said, Manning has committed no treason against America: I believe he aided and abetted no enemy of America in whatever information he leaked to the public.

    This imbroglio we’ve all been engulfed into is bigger than Bradley Manning. Convict Manning—convict Snowden. Convict Snowden—convict any and every leaker. Convict ’til the cows come home, and you convict every alt-right blogger who disagrees with the Sabbatean-Frankist regime.

    We are entitled to DETEST Manning and the mental illness he is under. Remember, we are up against a Foe who is more intelligent and experienced than we are. Detest Manning all you wish: He is a SICK MAN. Yet if we convict Manning for his leaking of information, then, as far as the Devil is concerned, we give the Devil (at least, prima facie) legal rights over us, insofar as he would like to link our patriotism to our very manhood to our very love of country.

    This is not about any fealty to Manning: This is about our own manhood and patriotism, and, Ultimately, love for Christ. Our Lord is commanding us to pray for our enemies—not to “understand” them. Manning is on the gibbet: he is the penultimate fool. To be pitied.

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  17. Vogue has always had trannies on the cover – always. Traitors have always been on magazine covers too. There is nothing new under the sun.


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