Friday Funnies!

Stress relief!

We need stress relief from all the evil and bad news!

H/t FOTM‘s MomOfIV and maziel.


10 responses to “Friday Funnies!

  1. The last one -yikes!

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  2. Feeling quite Depressed today, – at age 80 – meditating on my own Last Days, when a Friend called.. We talked about the Cool Beauty of these Early Fall days, and of the upcoming whole family picnic & canoe trip down the beautiful Wisconsin River.. The Family picnic & campfires on a mid-river sandbar.. I think I’ll call some of my Old Friends and share them The Good News..

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    • Oh My Eddie….I want you to know that the most influential person in MY LIFE, who made me what I am today, was my maternal Great-Grandmother, who was in her 80’s while I was in the first 8 years of my life. She gave me almost EVERY skill, ability, good judgment, attitude, resiliance, moral fortitude that I carried forth throughout my life even unto today (I am retirement AGE now….and since she was born in 1879….I think her legacy has been forwarded through me…&will continue through my kids….for at least ANOTHER century…on top of the century that it has already spanned…) I still miss her everyday. I dedicated my advanced-degree academic thesis to her… (she was a Quakeress who paid to board her daughters “in town” so they could have an education back in the day when you had to pay for high school…she paid for it with her “egg money”…which is why today, I STILL keep laying hens…..) I thank God for her, and I think you will see many more years of positive contribution to us as a whole, and to your friends, neighbors, community….and, in fact, your last sentence confirmed it….” I think I’ll call some of my Old Friends and share them The Good News…..” Many Blessings to you and yours!!!!! You and what you have to contribute to us and your neighbors/relatives/ community is bottomless and beyond value 🙂 You are a treasure!

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  3. EddieBG, depressed? My mamma told me, “always look behind you and you’ll see someone in worse shape”. Eddie, there are no last days, think of all you’ve seen, all you’ve heard and all you have lived, and there’s much more to talk about after the fam. picnic, lift up that chin, look in the mirror, it’s YOU and GOD.

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  4. Depression has been a positive motivator for me to make changes in my Life.. Knowing the reasons for one’s Depression is important.. Some reasons must be accepted, while some can be acted upon.. I pray that God gives me the Wisdom to know the difference..& the Courage to act when needed..
    Honest, – I am an up-beat, – happpy-go-lucky, type “A” kind’a guy who can easily find the humor in Life..
    BTW = May I try this story: = Mother cautioned me to, “Don’t touch the Stove – it’s Hot,!!” = yet I touched it anyway to painfully verify Her Wise Counsel.. = Lesson learned: “Ignoring Wise Counsel always ends with Actual Experience.. …eddie…

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    • Eddie:

      You’re not depressed. You describe yourself as “upbeat, happy-to-lucky” — and that’s not clinical depression, which expresses itself in PERSISTENT symptoms that include loss of appetite, being unable to get out of bed, and having suicidal thoughts. What you call “depressed” is probably feeling blue and glum about the sorry state of the world — which are temporary feelings, not entirely unjustified. But if the blues render us paralyzed to go about our daily affairs, then it’s time to do something about it.


  5. Yes, “the Blues” = I get daily internet doses of world and local “troubles” for which I can do Nothing about.. Take an upper-college-level “Political Science” class to learn how “The Game” is played to keep the population sufficiently upset & disturbed so as to make the “Dark Govn’t.” & “The Power Brokers” seem very necessary to the naive Masses.. Are We mere “chips” & “pawns” on a world-wide Chess Board played on by the “Financially Elite & Power Brokers..??”


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