Vote for Trump as better President than Obama

Scott Dworkin calls himself a leader of the “Resistance” and is the co-founder of Democratic Coalition Against Trump.

DworkinT has a poll on his Twitter account, on whether Trump or Obama is the better President.

The current vote count:

54% Barack vs. 46% Trump.

Go vote for Trump!

And invite your friends and families to vote. Spread this far and wide via email and social media.


Less than an hour after I published this post, Dworkin took down the poll from his Twitter, which you can verify for yourself by clicking here.

That means you can no longer vote. But it also means that votes for President Trump outnumbered those for Obama, which prompted Dworkin to delete the poll.

Dworkin is a POS just like Obama.

Update (Aug. 11):

Another poll has Trump way ahead:


38 responses to “Vote for Trump as better President than Obama

  1. Sorry! I don’t have a twitter account. But if I did I would vote for President Trump!

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  2. Nobody has been, is, or could be worse than Obama. Not in current history. Not possible in light of what he thought, stood for, did, and didn’t do… Trump has the one thing on his side missing from Obama: God. And nothing else matters. End of argument. I’m not a huge Trump fan, but it’s no contest here.

    I have an account, but have never visited… will try now. Kinda the same way I feel about Facebutt & the rest of the “social media” sites online. Who cares?

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  3. I’m not into Twitter either,but Trump vs Obama-TRUMP-No comparison is possible. It’s like, “Would you prefer a good night’s restful sleep every night for eight years,or eight years marching back and forth across the US barefoot,day and night”?

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  4. Screw Twitter
    My vote is for President Trump

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  5. Trump was surpassing Obama so the page was taken down.

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  6. Tried clicking the link (DworkinT has a poll on his Twitter account) –
    “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!”

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  7. Got an error message when I clicked on the link (poll) above, but here’s a similar one: in which Trump leads 60-40, likely why the asshat’s site (DworkinT) took his poll down… I’d bet Trump was leading by a large margin.

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  8. So it turns out DJT has both a personal twitter account and a new one as PotUS. I’m guessing the older one (35.5M followers) is the one the MSM blasts so often, and not the official PotUS account (just 20M followers so far).

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  9. So people are supposed to decide “better” between someone who’s been in office less than a year and another that had 8 years?

    Stupid poll. Only time will tell. (FTR, I loathe Obama.)

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    • What’ll it be, Screwtape or Wormwood?

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      • Account No longer exists, COWARD, afraid the truth is evident Donald Trump is the winner,

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      • lophatt:

        I understand your cynicism, but I submit it’s misplaced in this case if you care about the lives of very small humans.

        To use your metaphors, neither Screwtape nor Wormwood would end taxpayer funding of international abortion agencies, incl. Planned Parenthood abroad, which Pres. Trump ended with an executive order on his first official day as POTUS. For that I will be eternally grateful.

        As for PPs in the U.S., that’s beyond Trump’s jurisdiction. But Republicans in Congress, esp. the House, have made moves to end taxpayer funding — with Pres. Trump’s support and approval.

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        • Doctor, when (and IF) they deliver, I’ll lavish praise upon him and them. I would love nothing more than to join the jubilee. To be honest, I’m afraid I don’t anticipate having to do that.

          Being “better than Obongo” is easy. Jock itch is better than Obongo. I never went to pep rallies and I don’t trust government. I don’t believe that things are anywhere near as advertised.

          It’s fine to call me cynical. I’m a realist. That’s not a position I “want” its a position I can’t escape.

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          • “when (and IF) they deliver, I’ll lavish praise upon him and them.”

            It’s a reality:

            (1) In January, 2017, by signing the executive order restoring the Mexico City Policy, U.S. no longer funds international Planned Parenthood, saving taxpayers an estimated $235 million.
            (2) In April, Trump signed a bill that allows states to withhold federal money from organizations that provide abortions.

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            • Well, good on him (them?). Now, lets see if we can keep from starting WWIII and whether he’ll wake up and fire about half his staff. It’s nice he did something. One or two down, a LONG way to go.

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    • Kevin J Lankford

      Pretty easy call. Eight years of a fraud, foreign bastard born infiltrator, muslim faggot infesting our white house rates obama as the worst ever.

      Only the ignorant, traitorous liars, or cowards,…..referred to obama as president.

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  10. I was just about to go over there and vote, but I see from your comment, Dr. E., that Dwork-monster has already taken it down. Figures! Coward can dish it out, but he can’t take it!
    Even if we leave politics out of the equation, Donald Trump, warts and all, is head and shoulder above Obama due to his CHARACTER. Trump is an Alpha Male on steroids! Obama is a Delta Male—as are the Bushes.

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  11. NO need to ask, My PRESIDENTE is DONALD J. TRUMP. too bad the history books will have Mustafa Obama as the do nothing White House occupant for eight years.

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  12. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    No, I won’t vote because why should I put that idiot Obama on the same level as our President. I did not vote for the idiot. Obama is not good enough to shine the presidents shoe’s. He wasn’t our leader in America. He was the Imam for the muslims he dragged into this country. He didn’t use the Constitution – he used the Sharia law. So there is no comparison to make.

    Obama abused our country and our people for eight years. The end result is that he is a muslim through and through and he sure isn’t an American – he hates the country and the people.

    Bring me a comparison who is an American.


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  13. Trump!

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  14. Obama is sunk on his seat just like he almost sunk our country, he looks soooo meek. President Trump and his staff are all at the same level, nobody towering above him, all Making America Great Again.

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  15. Liberals are still so transparent, they are bullies until things turn, then they crawl back into their holes when the tides turn.

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  16. I don’t do “social media”. I figure they know enough about me already. It’s bad enough I’m using “my personal” computer.

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  17. Dworkin—–must descend from a ” Dwork.”

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  18. I don’t have Twitter and not sure I ever would… Seems a little confusing to use. I have a Facebook profile, even though a lot about Fb isn’t good (such as their politics and some of site itself).

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  19. Even an imbecile who lived in a cave in Nepal wouldn’t have a tough time with this poll. Obamas only accomplishment was proving even an inept, incompetent, arrogant, know nothing can be elected president.

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