“Hug a terrorist” program aims to stop extremism in Denmark


Who knew all it took was a hug from us infidels?

From Fox News: Police in Denmark have set up a controversial new program to stop the spread of radicalization and terror attacks.

In Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city, authorities are using a method referred to by some as the “hug a terrorist” or “hug a jihadi” model of de-radicalization.

They are trying to change the minds of potential Islamic extremists by supporting them and offering them kindness rather than treating them as outcasts and criminals.

From SBS (Australian public broadcasting network):

“The program has been referred by some in the media as the ‘hug a terrorist’ model of deradicalisation. So far, it’s been remarkably effective.

In this week’s Dateline, reporter Evan Williams meets Jamal*, who several years ago says he was so angry with society he almost became a terrorist.

Jamal’s extremist views started developing after a high school debate on Islam. Jamal vehemently defended his religion against his classmates.  But the teacher interpreted something he said as a threat and the school referred Jamal to the police.

The ordeal resulted in Jamal getting suspended from school, and his home raided by police.  He told Dateline that he was made to feel like a criminal, when he hadn’t broken the law. As a result he surrounded himself with other young Muslims who shared his feelings of isolation. They watched radical sermons online and talked of jihad. Before long, they were planning to leave Denmark for Pakistan.

“In my mind I was like, ‘they treated me as a terrorist. If they want a terrorist, they will get a terrorist’,” he says.

But a phone call from one police officer changed everything for Jamal.

The officer apologised, telling Jamal his case was handled poorly, and asked if he would meet with a Muslim mentor.  At first Jamal was suspicious of the offer, but agreed to meet the mentor.

After several meetings and long conversations about the unique difficulties of being Muslim in Denmark, Jamal began reconsider his views. All it took was someone to reach out and offer empathy and understanding. In Jamal’s case, a punitive, disciplinary response from authorities to suspicions he was becoming radicalised, only further radicalised him. What turned him away from extremism was the offer of an open hand.

Read the rest of this “remarkably effective” program here.


22 responses to ““Hug a terrorist” program aims to stop extremism in Denmark

  1. Islamics are trained by abuse from childhood to be cold hearted with hate. They only know how to hate and nothing else.

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  2. Are Denmark and Sweden currently out of their mind?

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  3. When will the royals and others in both elected and unelected leadership and m media begin to tell the truth? If they are silent, what should we expect from the Imams? By the way, assuming the stories are truthful, did the reformed jihadist go home and tear out or ink out all references to kaffirs in the Qur’an, Hadith, and other scriptures that promote atrocities? Does he speak out against preachers and speakers of such violence?

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  4. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    Don’t tell anybody, but we are living in a world of quickly growing macroaggression.

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  5. I have a hard time imagining that this method will have effective, lasting effects on curbing Muslim aggression towards Westerners . . . not when they are taught something completely different in their religious life.

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  6. Kevin J Lankford

    If one follows the koran, they are a terrorist. Burn all korans.

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  7. “hugs a terrorist” and you’ll both blow up cause he has a bomb attached to his body. The koran is a guide to terrorism and lessons to commit murder.

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  8. HUG a Terrorist??? They’re kidding,right? Tell me they’re not taking this SERIOUSLY!!!

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  10. I think I’ll start an “I’m Stupid for Allah” T-Shirt franchise.

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  11. What was it John Wayne said? ” Life is hard, but it is harder when you are stupid”
    You will not change these people. The inbreeding and handling and mind bending goes back too long.

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  12. stupid-burn-the

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  13. Ex-CIA Interrogator Blasts ‘Hug a Jihadi’ Idea: Imagine Rob O’Neill Armed With Cookies


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