The truth hurts! Al Gore’s sequel to An Inconvenient Truth flounders in 15th place at box office

al gore

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Hahahahahahahaha.

From Daily Mail: Al Gore’s sequel to An Inconvenient Truth is struggling to heat up the box office, clocking in at just 15th place – six spots under where the original was at this point in 2006.

An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, which follows the ex-VP’s continuing attempts to raise awareness of global warming, made $900,000 across 180 screens on the weekend of August 4-6, according to Box Office Mojo.

But the original made $1,356,387 across just 77 screens at the same point in its run in 2006, leaving Paramount’s confidence in the movie’s appeal looking misplaced.

The film, which contrasts Gore’s attempts to promote renewable energy with Donald Trump’s election campaign promises to end the Environmental Protection Agency, was placed directly behind The Big Sick.

That low-budget indie rom-com hauled in $2.2m that weekend, which was its sixth week in cinemas. That means it made a full $1.3m more than Gore’s effort.

The original Inconvenient Truth, however, was in ninth place at the same point in its run, and took $17,600 per screen in that weekend compared to the sequel’s $5,000.

This disappointing show comes even after Gore promoted the film on his Twitter account with the hashtag #BeInconvenient. 

An Inconvenient Sequel is now in its second week in cinemas, having opened on just four screens in New York and LA on the weekend of July 28.

That slow build mimicked the first film’s release, which was also in an initial four theaters on 2006’s Memorial Day weekend, Box Office Mojo reported at the time.

But while the original made $281,330 on four screens, the sequel pulled in less than half that – a mere $124,823.

Paramount is planning to increase the film’s spread to more than 500 cinemas for its third weekend, something that An Inconvenient Truth didn’t reach until its fifth.

But whether the audiences are hungry for more Gore – even in a quiet period that’s seen the top three spots taken by critical flops The Dark Tower and The Emoji Movie, and Dunkirk, a film about Britain in WWII – remains to be seen.

It won’t be helped by a muted critical reception, with review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes giving it an average of 77 per cent compared to the original’s 91 per cent.

That’s enough to get the film a ‘certified fresh’ rating, but is ‘arguably less impactful’, the site’s summary says.

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20 responses to “The truth hurts! Al Gore’s sequel to An Inconvenient Truth flounders in 15th place at box office

  1. Hadenoughalready

    The Roadrunner cartoons were closer to fact than this idiot’s rhetoric.

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  2. HA HA HA HA!

    By the way, Al Gore is almost unrecognizable these days. It can’t just be age — he’s not that old, 69.

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  3. Kevin J Lankford

    Perfect depiction of gore there; full of hot air; appears to be the major contributor to “Global Warming” (i.e. the global warming fraud).

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  4. The only obnoxious hot gasses emissions are coming out of his GOREd a@@. The whale is the world’s laughingstock.

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  5. I am thrilled that his new picture is tanking! You have just made my day!!!! Thank you.

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  6. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    Okay, everybody take your place, silence on the set! “Inconvenient Truth: Life on Earth to End 2016” take two!

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  7. What a loser.

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  8. I didn’t go to his new movie-enjoyed EVERY MINUTE of it……

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  9. The perfect ending would be, he spent his own 300 million making the “movie” and lost every dime.

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  10. An inconvenient turd

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