Race War: Black assaults on BART; Confederate flag-flying homeowners murdered

Last Saturday, FOTM‘s TrailDust published a post, “Why There Are More Blacks in Prison,” on a gang of black teens viciously attacking white teens at Marina Bay, an upscale waterfront entertainment and residential area in Quincy, Massachusetts.

What happened in Marina Bay is no isolated incident. Here are two other recent cases:

(1) Black man randomly assaulted two on SF Bay Area BART

On August 3, 2017, at 7:31 p.m., a black man attacked a male (race/ethnicity unspecified) who was seated on a BART train at the Bay Fair station in San Leandro. The suspect hit the man in the head with an unknown metal object, then punched and kicked the victim. The suspect then fled the train and ran out of the station. The victim and witnesses told police that the attack was unprovoked.

Court papers identified the metal object as bolt cutters. The victim suffered a laceration to his head and was taken to a hospital with injuries that, though major, were not considered life-threatening.

Two days later, on Saturday at 7:30 p.m., the same suspect was on a San Francisco-bound train approaching the Embarcadero Station. The suspect approached a man (race/ethnicity unspecified) on the train and struck him twice in the face with a closed fist, then fled the scene. The victim, who did not know the suspect, suffered injuries that were not considered life-threatening and received medical treatment at the scene.

On August 7, following the widespread distribution of the suspect’s photos by BART Police, police received a tip from an Oakland fire inspector that he’d seen the suspect in the area of Ninth Street and Broadway in Oakland. The tip led to the arrest of 42-year-old Mario Christopher Washington of Berkeley. Washington has been booked into jail on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and battery. (Source)

(2) Blacks killed white occupants of Alabama home with Confederate flag

On July 23, 2017, at about 4:00 AM, two black males stormed a home flying a Confederate flag near Piedmont, Alabama. The suspects beat and shot to death a grandfather and his grandson, both whites — Travis Frost, 73, and Joshua Moody, 23. (TV24)

Moody’s grandmother hid and eluded the home-invaders. The suspects stole a Nissan Altima, which was later found burned a short distance away.

The day after the murders, Calhoun County Sheriff Matthew Wade said “we don’t think this is just a random act,” but gave no more information.

Police identified three suspects: two black males — Jeffrey Jamall Briskey and Rhimington Otarivs Johnson — and a black female, Sicondria Michala Carter.

On August 3, police captured Briskey and Carter at an Econo Lodge in Petersburg, VA. Suspect Johnson is still at large.

Narrative Collapse points out that:

“Piedmont is 85% white and only 10% black. The suspects are all from Anniston, AL, which is 52% black. The actual location of the home is in the Rabbittown community, which is about 95% white.

No local media outlets have shown pictures of the victims or stated their race. Friends of Frost erected a memorial near his favorite fishing spot. This was also not covered by local media. We believe that if the victims had been black, and the suspects had been white males with a Confederate flag, the same media would treat the double murder much differently.”

Some comments from readers of Narrative Collapse:

Mark: “That would be the former sack of shit President Barack Obama that taught them this.”

Craig Stevens: “Too bad ‘HATE CRIMES’ are only applicable to white people.”

sonny melone: “Anyone who voted for Trump, flies a Confederate Flag, believes in LEGAL immigration, would be wise to keep their heads on a swivel. The Democrats have basically said this kind of behavior is acceptable.”

Bob Forrest: “First, the blame falls on the feet of Obama and the Democrat Party who have restarted these racial tensions between the races by Obama’s Anti-Police speeches that spread to the Confederate Battle Flag and Southern History. The Current Democrat Party not the Democrat Party of your Father or Grandfather have become racist against the White Race. And, this current Democrat Party have done everything to make the White Race a Minority by allowing millions of People of Color into America by opening our Borders along with the import of Muslim Refugees.”

Noneya: “Colin Flaherty on YouTube documents daily atrocities of black violence against White people, the media covers up.”

roger Rebel: “I got my flag at home and on my car. I will defend my rights if it takes shooting anyone who touches my shit, i don’t give a damn if they put me in jail for life.”

This comment from No apologies received the largest number of up-votes (144): “Blacks are nothing more than a plague to this country, and anywhere they are. Stop sending $$ to starving AIDS infested Africans. They will never progress. Fill the jails, spend billions on “programs”. Wake up white people.”

The MSM, of course, are not reporting or publicizing black-on-white violence. Nor would the MSM ever say it, but the Alabama, BART and Marina Bay incidents, together with the above readers’ comments, indicate America is in a race war. The war, thus far, is one-sided — of blacks attacking and killing whites. How much longer whites will tolerate this without picking up arms to defend themselves, is anyone’s guess.

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21 responses to “Race War: Black assaults on BART; Confederate flag-flying homeowners murdered

  1. Never go unarmed.

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  2. The fact that the attackers are unknown to those be attacked makes it troubling to apprehend them. I am wondering whether the DOJ under Trump will wade in on these black on white attacks . . . if they don’t we can expect much more of this kind of behavior.

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  3. The ridiculous MSM hiding the facts behind things like this, to me shows their complete bias in favor of coddling black Americans, due to lusting after their votes–they hide it all for POLITICAL reasons, and it’s shameful to the max. Isn’t there something known as “the sin of omission”? If so, they are tremendously guilty of it. I just wish we had more ways to broadcast the truth out to people, by going over the heads of the MSM frauds, so people aren’t deliberately kept in the dark by the democrat ‘progressive’ members of the corrupt media, who only care about being in power–through POLITICS–shameful, shameful, shameful!!! And, the MSM frauds lie when they claim they hide certain facts like the race of the attackers, to keep whites from flaring up and attacking them back–what a crock of baloney that is!

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  4. I think Obama re-started the “Race War” with intention of invoking Martial Law when the riots became widespread,but he didn’t get the results he wanted. The Whites weren’t enraged enough to go violent yet,and remained relatively calm. Of course we know that with Martial Law,he could have the UN come in and disarm America,employ our Military against its own Citizens and begin rationing ALL commodities,officially making the US another 3rd world Country for the UN to rule.
    This is just MY opinion;you probably see it differently .

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    • Yes, I think that’s precisely the point. He (they) don’t care about blacks either. The whole thing is ridiculous. They are using them as pawns to achieve their objectives.

      As a silly observation, it isn’t wise for 13% of the population to take on 87%, especially when you have a history of being unmotivated and lazy. The “best” outcome is that you get your ass handed to you.

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    • Amen, truckjunkie!


  5. Captain Obvious

    Its not the confederate flag, it’s in actuality the battle flag of northern Virginia. There were multiple confederate flags in use at the time.
    I don’t go kill people when I see a gay pride flag flying or BLM. I just move on and forget about it. Apparently these “people” were not as rational as whites. Wait, did I say that out loud?

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  6. This is why Al Sharpton was Obama’s point man, going to cities all over the country to whip up hatred for whites. Anyone want to suggest the endgame? I have a couple of possibilities in mind. Inner city violence provides an opportunity for martial law. Factional violence breaks down a nation, making it more vulnerable for invasion.

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  7. Through the years we’ve shrugged our shoulders folded our arms and remained silent, afraid of the repercussion while Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton injected the venom against the police and whites as a whole. Violence is inherent and blame the whites for their misfortunes. They get educated and become wealthy, they marry whites but I feel somehow they have not learnt to shake off what they have inherited from generations ago.

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  8. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    For your information.


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  9. There will never be enough appeasement that America could ever offer to Black’s; including any amount of reparations per person, where they would be satisfied with, and live in harmony with themselves or any other race of people living in the United States! Or maybe anywhere in the world?

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  10. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    If there is to be division, let it be Americans against UnAmericans, the NWO/UN/Globalist betrayors of this great country. Setting race against race, pro-Constitutional faith against pro-Constitutional faith, South, North, East, and West, and many other minor differences we have plays into the plans of our common enemy. That enemy is using Islam/Sharia, Marxism, and other forces to bring about a unity they can use for Mastering the Human Domain.

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  11. At the beginning, the NAACP was formed by, funded by, and run by Jews.
    From Wiki:
    “The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is a civil rights organization in the United States, formed in 1909 as a bi-racial organization to advance justice for African Americans by W. E. B. Du Bois, Mary White Ovington and Moorfield Storey.
    [photo of the NAACP’founders’]

    “At its founding, the NAACP had one African American on its executive board, Du Bois. It did not elect a black president until 1975, but the executive directors, who were the chief operating officers, were primarily African Americans since the early 20th century. The Jewish community contributed greatly to the NAACP’s founding and continued financing.”

    “Jewish historian Howard Sachar writes in his book A History of Jews in America that “In 1914, Professor Emeritus Joel Spingarn of Columbia University became chairman of the NAACP and recruited for its board such Jewish leaders as Jacob Schiff, Jacob Billikopf, and Rabbi Stephen Wise.”

    [the following was for purposes of desegregation – which some blacks now seemingly wish to reimpose.]
    “The board of directors of the NAACP created the Legal Defense Fund in 1939 specifically for tax purposes. It functioned as the NAACP legal department. Intimidated by the Department of the Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service, the Legal and Educational Defense Fund, Inc., became a separate legal entity in 1957,”

    “With the rise of private corporate litigators such as the NAACP to bear the expense, civil suits became the pattern in modern civil rights litigation.”

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    • very long history of being useful idiots…the south has been demonized the same way that Christianity/traditional values is being demonized by people with the same mindset and goals….did you know when lincoln (lover of big banks and big govt) “freed the slaves”, he only freed the slaves in the south to fight against the confederacy….slavery up north was still legal. lincoln has been touted as a hero, when in reality…he was a tyrant.
      yet, blacks decry the south, and glorify the north….useful idiots.




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