Malia Obama, strung out on drugs, taken from music fest in golf cart

Malia, Obama’s elder daughter, 19, had a privileged education in D.C.’s élite Sidwell Friends private school.

In the summer before she graduated from high school, her parents thought it appropriate for Malia to intern on Lena Dunham’s HBO show Girls — the edifying show that depicted naked sex scenes, including a man eating a woman’s anus.

After graduating from high school, Malia is notable for only one thing — making a public spectacle of herself at music fests and clubs, high on booze, marijuana, or some other drug.

A year ago, Malia twerked and exposed her butt at a Lolapalooza music festival.

The latest incident took place in Chicago on Friday night, August 5, 2017, at another Lolapalooza, where she threw herself onto the ground, writhing and banging her head.

TMZ reports that “looking kind of dazed,” Malia “needed a lift at the end of the night — as in a golf cart to take her out of the show.”

By the way, have any of you seen the Obamas as a family since they left the White House?

Obama has been vacationing non stop on billionaires’ yachts, without Mooch; she was sighted coming out of a health club. I haven’t even seen pics of the two together. And what happened to the younger daughter, Sasha, 16?

Malia’s and Sasha’s contract as Barry and Big Mike’s fake daughters must have expired. See:



33 responses to “Malia Obama, strung out on drugs, taken from music fest in golf cart

  1. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Can’t wait for her transexual reveal.

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  2. Hadenoughalready

    Great parents make great kids, right? RIGHT?

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  3. Kevin J Lankford

    Ain’t that how her fraud daddy started out?…..Drugs and perverted sex?

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  4. again..on OUR tax $$$…..secret service security for the rest of her sorry ass life!

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  5. The family was pictured river rafting together in Bali in June. Mooch looked miserable:

    Malia might do better at college instead of enjoying her gap year partying.

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  6. Could FOTM research if Malia spent some time with the FARC guerillas in Colombia? Thank you.

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  7. Captain Obvious

    Mooch is terrified of water, ’cause everyone knows African Rock Fish cannot swim.

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  8. Does anyone remember the feeble excuse Barry used for staying in D.C.? So that Sasha could finish out her schooling….another lie.

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  9. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    For your information.


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  10. For those who miss them, remember, all movies end. This eight-year production took America to new lows. Besides the basic, unbelievable storyline associated with Barry and Michael, we had the manufactured in Hollywood SHES and BMB productions, as well as a plethora of minor hoax productions.

    Now that our beach hustler no longer has to keep to his role, he is working overtime trying to finish his legacy of destroying America. He’s there now, in his rented HQ with Soros, his disciples and David Brock, all working on the New World Odor.

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    • HMMMmmmmm–Ya know,if North Korea WAS gonna launch on the US,I have ONE place in mind that would be an AWESOME target…..(jk)


  11. There isn’t any low you people refuse to stoop to I see. Big mike? You people are disgusting and about the most unpatriotic and unchristian people I’ve ever encountered aside from groups like Westboro.


  12. Malia went from one theater set or acting job to another.
    No biggie. Of course, she will have to try to stay sober long enough to actually show up to work at this ‘internship’ with Weinstein. Then again, I’d think it’s likely to be a p.r. position where she’s paid to do next-to-nothing.

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  13. Maybe he had “a gun in his pocket”.


  14. Pray for Malia; Her very life may be in danger. This does not look good.


  15. I was told when he was a state senator that his “family” was arranged by Reverend Wright and once finished in politics you would never see them together again. I guess my friend was right.

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  16. That man sitting next to Sasha in the boat in Bali looks a lot like her. Parental supervision probably.


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