What numbers do you see here?

2 Logos Featuring 666

This number will show up once in any list with at least 666 entries. I don’t put much weight on it, except for a watchful eye, knowing the “mark of the beast” will contain this number in some way. But there are reasons to wonder about these 2 logos. There is a non-numerical choice here in both cases, so the triple 6 is there by choice, not by accident. Adding to the concern is the fact that they represent very powerful entities. Chrome is developed by Google, and CERN is a highly suspicious scientific endeavor.

In my first year out of college I worked at one of the largest public high schools in America. It had its own internal phone system. It surprised me to see that the number for the head office was “666.” We have now seen clearly how harmful the public school system in America has become, and that it is more a system of indoctrination than of education.

Advice: Turn to God with all your heart, soul and strength. Repent (meaning turn around from your current direction and go another way) of your sins, ask for forgiveness, and ask Jesus to enter your life and become your Lord. Under His protection you will be safe.

“Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.” – Matthew 10:28



19 responses to “What numbers do you see here?

  1. Good grief!
    Cern’s 666 is particularly disconcerting given the power it may unleash.

    Also, add Disney to the list:


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    • Thank you, Dr. Eowyn. I almost put this Disney logo in, but decided to limit it to 2 for simplicity. But this is very troubling considering Disney’s power of persuasion, and the number of Disney girls who have become Madonna disciples.

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      • TDF, I think you are on to something here with Disney. What a sneaky way to draw Mickey. Your connections are spot on, since they really make no other sense.

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      • For those of us who grew up in the 50’s and 60’s with Disney movies and the Mickey Mouse Club, that logo only looks like 666 to me. It looks so unlike Mickey Mouse it proves they are trying too hard to push the satanic agenda.

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  2. The globalists are big on symbology. It’s everywhere. Do you notice all the “owls” now featured in current TV advertising? They worship the owl, as has been observed at Bohemian Grove.

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    • You are right, there does seem to be a lot of owls in commercials. Are they perhaps trying to tells just how smart they are and how dumb we are?
      Everybody loves owls and no one would think anything devious was meant.

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  3. The ARE “big on symbology”. I have theories on this, but it still strikes me as strange. I think its a way of bragging.

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  4. Dr. Makow has written on this, also. ALSO: If you take the signature of Pope Paul VI and turn it upside down, you will also see 3 “6’s.”
    “666” is NOT the number of the Devil. It is the number of man. One thing’s for sure: The Mark of the Beast is coming.

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  5. I saw 9’s except for the bottom right after the equals mark =666,
    All the others I saw 9’s.
    They could be both except for the last 3


  6. A crucifix or the typical depiction of St. Michael the Archangel crushing Lucifer is the only thing I wish to see and to contemplate at this point.


  7. Stephen T. McCarthy

    Ahh, very interesting — all three of them. The one for Cern seems quite blatant, as what else could that bizarre design be representing?

    It could be theoretically argued that the one for Google is really the lens of a camera with the Google colors, and not really intended to slyly include 666. (But knowing what I do about Google, I have no trouble believing it could have been deliberately designed to cloak the mark of the beast.)

    And the Disney one — well, nice try, Disney. But we know who you work for.

    These dark symbols are all around us now. Like how the symbol for Arco looks like an aerial view of a pyramid with the capstone missing. What else could that symbol be meant to represent? It sure isn’t the letter “A” in any way.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    (link:] Stephen T. McCarthy Reviews…

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  8. It doesn’t surprise me about Google. Something very profound happened to me back in May of this year. I then came to the conclusion that Google is run by Satan.

    War in the Heavenlies

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    • Hi Tim. Cool story about May 17th. I couldn’t speak to the subject of Google being run by Satan, but I won’t dispute it either. Here’s one factor that makes me suspicious. Google offers an astounding amount of benefits for no charge. Think of what you and I can learn from a simple search on Youtube (Google owned). I’m repairing my home right now with tutorials I see on youtube. But if all this is free, then what is Google’s product? Some have said that what Google is selling is information about you and me.

      On the other hand, I have some HTML challenges to solve right now, and I am glad that Google produces such great search results that I can answer my HTML questions quickly.

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      • There are search engines other than Google. I use Duck Go Go, which does not record and save my searches.

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      • Maybe for me to say that Google is run by Satan might be a bit extreme, but Scripture is clear that Satan is the god of this world and greatly influences the children of disobedience. If an individual or a corporation is conformed to the world, they are pretty much run by the devil whether they know it or not.

        Going back to my experience on the 17th of May. Before that happened, you could type “Tim Shey” on Google and immediately “Tim Shey hitchhiker” would come up. After the 17th of May, that doesn’t happen anymore.

        Google is an excellent search engine. I still use Google.


      • Google is part of the Deep State. See excerpt (“Google is not what it seems”) from Julian Assange’s book, When Google Met Wikileaks:


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