Sheep In Wolves’ Clothing

I know that after I leave, savage sheep will come in among you and will not spare the pack.

My apologies to St. Paul. Here’s the real scripture:

“I know that after I leave, savage wolves will come in among you and will not spare the flock.” – Acts 20:29

Jemma Mackenzie writes:

Here’s “Pet” the orphaned lamb who thinks she’s a dog. “Pet”, from a very young age started following our oldest collie Dice around, believing that Dice was her mum. Pet would follow her everywhere, even sleeping in the same bed together.

I always found it hilarious when Pet would start jumping around with all our collies (Dice, Fly, Jess and Megan) so decided to start filming her one day.

I filmed this at my parents house in Lochbroom, near Ullapool in the Highlands of SCOTLAND.

“Pet” still has the freedom to go out into the hill and join the other sheep for the day but she enjoys nothing more than coming back into the shed every night to sleep in her basket beside Dice.

For more information on the location and the bed and breakfast that my mother runs check out Torran B & B.

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12 responses to “Sheep In Wolves’ Clothing

  1. Sheep In Wolves’ Clothing … Cultural Marxists in your community, your homes, churches, schools, and your governments…

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  2. Well, “Pet” certainly knows how to have fun!!

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  3. I LOVE this clip with “Pet.” I know it always doesn’t turn out so sweet…. but….SOMETIMES, it does, and those are the ones we remember:

    We adopted a discarded “breeding Lab” after she had to have a caesarean to deliver her last litter and was (as we were able to figure by obvious CLUES) subsequently dropped off/abandoned at my school. About 3 months later, we adopted a litter of 3 abandoned kittens whom the feral mother brought to us, one by one.

    Because the Lab was still missing her babies, and because the kittens were missing their mother….they all became a wonderful family. Everyone is older and wiser and all grown up now, but the 3 (now grown) cats and Maggie, the Lab….still all nap together, eat together, groom together, and regularly express affection to each other….

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  4. That sheep got some spunk! I have deer in my area, and it’s always fun to see when the babies finally get the wobble out of their little legs and they prance around a bit, in wonder of what God gave them… Then they just kind of mope around the neighborhood like teenagers as they lose their Bambi spots and age out of their idyllic childhood.

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  5. “Pet” is darling! She even hops around like a dog. Indescribably precious.

    Truly, as St. Bonaventure called them, they are “creatures without sin”.

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  6. You can call me a “sheeple” any day. I like the idea of having “Pet’s” joy, and besides that, I ought to abound in joy just knowing that my shepherd is the Good Shepherd who willingly gave His life for His sheep.

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  7. Sooo nice to watch instead of all the garbage we are subjected 24/7. I love her hops, trying to run like the doggies. The film is uplifting. You can be different, mingle with your kind and then join others different than you, as long as respect is demonstrated, you do your thing, I do mine and we can all travel the same road.

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  8. So adorable! I watched it over on YouTube, and then watched several other animal vids they had, with other sheep trying to keep up with members of their 4 legged family–dogs, of course! Such a treat to see that. In one video they showed a mother lion defend a baby Wilda Beast from another lion who was going to eat it–amazing! Rescues of lions, Zebras, and antelopes, who were beings drowned by alligators[or are they crocodiles there in Africa?!] by Hippos–awesome to watch! So, animals helping animals–such a heart warming thing to see, and so uplifting! Thanks for posting this traildust! 🙂


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