Hungry in America is a myth

As the days grow shorter and summer begins to wane, soon fall will be upon us.

Thanksgiving is 3 months 2 weeks away — that time of the year when the media begin the drumbeat about hunger in America and our need to “feed the poor” with donations.

If you, like I, are baffled that there are hungry people in America, given the visual evidence all around us that Americans — adults and children — are the most obese people in the world, here’s an informative essay by Austin Ruse, explaining that there no hungry people in America — a fact that is recognized even by the federal government, which is why the government no longer even talks about “hunger”. Instead, the government employs the Orwellian Newspeak of “food insecurity” to browbeat taxpayers into providing the “hungry” “food insecure” with welfare benefits like food stamps.

Austin Ruse is an author (Fake Science: Exposing the Left’s Skewed Statistics, Fuzzy Facts, and Dodgy Data) and the president of the research institute Center for Family & Human Rights. Below is his article, “Hunger is Not What You Think It Is,” in Crisis Magazine, August 4, 2017:

The first and perhaps most interesting thing about hunger in America is that the US government no longer measures it. Many years ago, the feds stopped measuring hunger because experts could not agree on who might qualify and very likely the number who qualified was vanishingly small.

The US Department of Agriculture went to the Committee on National Statistics of the National Academies that concluded hunger “…should refer to a potential consequence of food insecurity that, because of prolonged, involuntary lack of food results in discomfort, illness, weakness, or pain that goes beyond the usual uneasy sensation.”

Because they could not find anyone who might qualify, they stopped measuring it. You would not know this from the advertising of the multi-billion-dollar hunger-industry. A group called “Fleecing America”—I mean “Feeding America”—brings in $2 billion a year convincing the government and the people that millions of kids are going to bed hungry every night.

Instead of measuring hunger, they measure something called “food security.” But even food security is not what the hunger-industry wants us to believe. According to the USDA, low food security means that a “Household reduced the quality, variety, and desirability of their diets, but the quantity of food intake and normal eating patterns were not substantially disrupted” (emphasis mine).

Then there is very low food security: “At times during the year, eating patterns of one or more household members were disrupted and food intake reduced because the household lacked money and other resources for food.” It should be noted that sometimes adults in these households may have skipped a meal. That is a matter we should take seriously, but this is not the same thing as “hunger,” which is a prolonged and involuntary lack of food that can lead to illness or worse. The government survey reports 6.3 million households say they qualify for this category [very low food security].

Heritage Foundation hunger and poverty expert Robert Rector told Congress in 2015, “For Americans to go without food for an entire day represents a social problem, but it is a problem that is limited in scope, and it requires a well-informed policy response.” But then Rector wonders how it is possible for a person not to be able to feed himself, especially for those admittedly limited times when it might be a problem. He said, “In fact, filling a stomach is quite cheap; 1,000 calories of rice, purchased in bulk, costs only 30 cents. In a pinch, an adult can fill his stomach and meet all his daily calorie needs with healthful but inexpensive foods for a dollar a day.”

As I explore in my new book Fake Science: Exposing the Left’s Skewed Statistics, Fuzzy Facts, and Dodgy Data, except in the area of the environment, the left is quite hostile to the notion of changing behavior to alleviate personal and societal concerns. In fact, even very low food security can be alleviated by quite simple changes in behavior.

According to government statistics, very low food secure adults are more likely to smoke than food secure adults. In fact, cigarette smoking is a major cause of low food security. As Rector points out, “45 percent of adults with very low food security smoked cigarettes during the 30 days prior to the survey.” He adds that 62 percent of adults who reported they did not eat for a whole day for lack of money had smoked cigarettes during the month.

I used to smoke. I quit when a pack went to $7 in New York City. If a low food security adult smokes one pack a day, depending on cost, they are spending between $100 and $200 a month, money that will not go into the family food budget. It should be noted that $112 per month equals 63 percent of the cost of food for a single adult under the USDA’s “Thrifty Food Plan.”

Other enemies of the low food secure includes fast food. Low food secure households spend 25 percent of their food budget at fast food restaurants or from vending machines. These are among the most expensive calories you can buy. A Big Mac provides 138 calories per dollar. All-purpose flour provides 4,717, rice provides 3,599, rice and beans provides 2,178. Even peanut butter provides much more, 1,730. Fast food is not the poor man’s friend.

Even vending machine sodas are a huge drain on the low food secure budget. Very low food security adults drink an average of two sodas per day running north of $70 per month.

Try explaining any of this to the left and you will see an almost immediate meltdown, and a hostile one at that. I have been called “filth,” and a “swine” who “hates the poor” or “denies the poor exist.” And this is from social justice warriors, Catholic division.

Almost immediately, the left gives you dozens of reasons why the poor cannot cook, among them that they do not have stoves. They say the poor do not have time to cook, do not know how, and actually deserve the luxury of Big Macs. They also deserve cigarettes because they are poor. It is odd that SJWs otherwise condemn fast food, cigarettes, and even sugary soft drinks. What’s more, they would condemn eating processed foods out of boxes. Twenty-three hours out of every twenty-four, SWJs condemn this kind of behavior but when it comes from a conservative, it becomes a hate crime.

They also blame hunger on “food deserts,” poor neighborhoods where grocery stores do not exist. The poor simply do not have access to fresh food, so they have to rely on McDonald’s. However, take a look at the South Bronx on Google maps, one of the poorest neighborhoods in the country; put in a search for grocery stores. What you will find is seven grocery stores including five on a mile-long stretch of Third Avenue. The Google picture of C-Town on Third Avenue and 145th Street shows chicken thighs or drumsticks at 99 cents a pound, and pork spare ribs at $1.99.

What you find among Social Justice Warriors is an embarrassingly patronizing attitude toward poor people. If conservatives ever said the poor did not have the capacity to cook, they would almost certainly be called racist by the same people who say this about the poor today.

Did you know that after Alabama made the controversial move of implementing work requirements in order for childless, able-bodied adults to receive food stamps, food stamp enrollment dropped by a whopping 85%?

Statewide, 13,663 able-bodied adults without young children to care for enrolled in Alabama’s food stamp program as of January 1, 2017, but that dropped to 7,483 by May 1, 2017. Read more about it here.

Meanwhile, the Left are apoplectic over President Trump’s proposed plan to reduce food stamps spending by $180 million, by capping food stamp benefits based on family size, cutting off extra assistance for those who have more than six people in their families.

UPDATE (August 8):

Four months into his presidency, more than 1.1 million Americans had dropped off the food stamp rolls, according to the latest U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) statistics on food stamp enrollment. Participation in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) dropped from 42,691,363 in January 2017 when Trump took office, to 41,496,255 in May 2017, the most recent data available from the USDA. (Breitbart)


32 responses to “Hungry in America is a myth

  1. Inevitably, whenever I go out to eat I make someone in my party mad! I see a couple of two toners leaving I remark, ‘I hope they left something for the rest of us.’

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  2. Ah, yes: “One in five children suffers from ‘hunger’ in America… ” while two in five are overweight. (It’s not a poverty problem, SJWs… )

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  3. Last year I was called for a NATIONAL HUNGER survey. They asked if I had missed one meal in the last month. I asked if it was considered a missed meal if I did it on purpose.

    I told her I missed ONE MEAL for a breakfast fast because I was having some blood work done.

    She said that qualified as a yes and then she quickly hung up.

    So, I guess I am part of the country which is experiencing hunger.

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    • Congratulations, RLJohnson77! You are one of the 6.3 million households experiencing “very low food security”! /Sarc

      The moral of RLJohnson77’s story is: NEVER EVER participate in a National Hunger survey.

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  4. Has anyone looked at calories of fast foods? It will shock you. Take a look at sodas and pizzas. Let’s not forget coffee designed to load you up on calories. Need I go on?

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  5. Most fast foods are empty calories meaning you body is starving for nourishment.

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  6. There is poverty in America but there is not hunger in America. I know that restaurants, food markets, anywhere food is served, at the end of the day the food is donated to the homeless, food banks, the poor. Anything contrary to that is bunk!

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    • Alma, so true. It’s the same for clothing. Anybody can get attractive clothes for nothing or next to nothing. So poverty in America is not as noticeable as it is elsewhere.

      Homelessness is another issue. I see the same people day after day. We have simply stopped talking about them. It is good that people can eat.

      I was telling my wife the other day that this “austerity” crap started with Poppy Bush. It did. Before that we all talked about optimism an how our children would have it better than us, etc.. Suddenly we were inundated with talk of “make do with what you have. You’ll have to get used to less…..”. It’s been like that since then.

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  7. Oh by the way, I had a double take, at first I could not tell if that was the woman’s front or the backf! Some udders! Hahaha!

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  8. For a moment there I thought I saw that woman’s back forming a 666 pattern. Don’t worry, it’s just a momentary obsession.

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  9. The raging epidemic of diabetes due to obesity is good enough proof that this country does not have a hunger problem.

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  10. I cannot tell you how many times I see people using their EBTs at the convenience store to buy junk food. It’s almost everyday. And then inevitably, some pay cash for their separate purchases of beer or blunts.

    And I never go to Walmart on the first of the month. You see people loading up on brand name items, especially junk food. If I really needed to stretch my taxpayer provided food money, I’d buy Walmart brands (which I typically do).

    Seeing all those people wasting their food money on crap is depressing and they give those who are in real need of assistance a bad name.

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  11. The picture in the article reminded me of this funny story that made the rounds several years back, but is worth another lap just for the laughs.😁. Wal-Mart Butt-lift Gone Wrong

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  12. Our local Trader Joe’s has a collection box for food for the local food pantry. For quite a while, whenever I went shopping there (usually weekly), I would purchase extra items to add to the box. On one trip, once the cashier learned my food was for the donation box, he pulled out a black marker and crossed out all the Trader Joe insignias on the labels (most food at Trader Joe’s is under their private label). When I asked him why he did this, he told me they had a big problem with people getting their food from the food pantry and then returning it for cash, and they were trying to curb the practice. After that, I decided to start donating instead to organizations serving third world countries where hunger is a true problem.

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  13. Every year the have a number of food drives here and I always pack Up bags to leave for the mailman to pick up. Sadly, the food they encourage to be given are all horrible for good health. Vienna sausage, rice, ramen, etc. I refuse to leave any of them. They either convert to sugar or high in salt. They have massive numbers of people with diabetes and kidney problems. I just can’t participate in that. You will have to look long and hard to find anyone that looks like they missed a meal.
    We try to eat fairly healthy, but it does cost, so we do without something else. When we go to the store and see people with cigs, tats and booze and use food stamps then go out and get into their great big ole SUV, I see red.
    I agree with stopping the EBT card abuse, and most of it is abuse.
    We see a majority of the food drive donations going to people from other countries that came here and refuse to try and get a job or do anything to help themselves. But they have all day to take up tables near the water and do nothing.
    We drive an Economy car and rarely get to eat out. I am done trying to give people a hand up that refuse to help themselves. They just want hand outs.

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  14. Captain Obvious

    That photo needs a warning label:”Back Boobs Ahead.”

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  15. As soon as I began hearing commercials on the radio telling us that, in America, ‘children go to bed hungry every night’, I felt like shouting, because I recognized the progressive thieves hands in it all, up to their dishonest elbows! In this country, if children are going to bed hungry, it’s due to THEIR[the nwo progressives] lousy thieving! I also recognized that, many of ‘their’ charities, which all sound wonderful on the surface, and which all tug at the heart strings due to the children in need, and the animals in need, were being used by the nwo people as money-laundering operations. I now fully believe they do more than a bit of skimming ‘off the top’, to give to their own pursuits, taking away money meant to help those children, and homeless animals.

    All the charities seemed to be asking for the exact same amount each month–“just $19 per”–I thought that was odd, and I became suspicious–when they finally began telling us it was “just 63 cents a day”, that’s how I knew I was right about them–63 is 3 ‘6’s’ or 666–that’s how they were alerting their own people as to what they were really up to, but trying to keep all of us in the dark about it. They are nothing more than murdering thieves, and they use children and pets to bilk us out of our money. I love children, and love animals, so I was a prime sucker in their eyes, I’m sure.

    If this country is now teetering on destitution it’s only due to what they’ve done to it, and to us, through their lousy programs that were designed to harm us, and to fail, from the very beginning. So, to have them lament in those commercials that we all need to give more to those ‘in need’–meaning to their black budget projects that they fund through both money laundering via charities, and through skimming off of taxes collected–makes me doubly angry at their lying, thieving ways.

    But, they would never have been able to get themselves into as many positions of power in this world, and in this country, if we’d all stayed more alert, and informed ourselves more via God’s word as to what they were capable of, and how to spot their encroachment into our very lives. Now, we’re in a real pickle, and we truly need the Lord’s help in stopping what’s taking place more and more right out in the open, as they grow bolder.

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  16. Let me tell you about hungry kids at my school (at least or MORE than 75% on “Free breakfast/free lunch according to stats I had to turn into the Feds for a grant over 6 years ago….must be MORE now after Obama years…..): every day after lunch our maybe hundred or more 30-gallon trash cans are FILLED TO THE BRIM with the “free lunch foods” that our “free lunch kids” throw away…most times UNOPENED (this was esp. a prob. during all the Michelle Obama “healthy” and disgustingly unedible lunches….sandwiches made with cellulose—OKA TREE FIBER filler “flour” and such “repasts”)…..but this also includes whole apples by the bushel, unopened packaged sections of pineapple, grapes, cucumbers, carrots…and etc…..BUT—THEN…by the end of the day, my room is STILL FILLED in the trash cans, floors….etc…with junk food “hot cheetos” bags, chip bags of every kind and flavor, soft drink cans (brought from home b/c we don’t sell them on campus), and most of all….the garbage evident after consumption of things purchased routinely and daily from the “Mexican Ice Cream Truck” that plies the neighborhood after school (which also includes stink bombs, firecrackers, and so on…that CONSTANTLY disrupt our classrooms….). The kids suck on “Mexican Candy” all day….condiment packages of “Tajin”…chili corn nuts…gum….Just come to my room at the end of any day while I search and clean “all the usual places” for stuffing the clandestinely-consumed evidence of all this stuff (besides the unashamedly displayed evidence in the trash cans…). So, I’m telling you that a “hungry” kid here in my school will throw away a packaged P&J sandwhich, or a grilled & pre-packaged chicken sandwhich, along with a salad and apple, to suck on Mexican Candy bought from the after-school Mexican Ice Cream Truck…or pre-packaged junk food/soda brought from home, or bought at a convenience store on the walk to school in the morning…..IMO, the majority of “hunger” in my school is “VOLUNTARY” if it is being surveyed as “children skipping a meal b/c they can not buy a meal” on these bogus surveys. Of course they “can’t” buy a meal b/c their parents don’t give them money for it…b/c they are registered for a FREE meal…which they SKIP…..INSTEAD, they buy junk from local convenience stores on the way to school or from the “Mexian Ice Cream Truck Man” after school for a buck, and THAT constitutes “lunch” the next day…..while they TOSS the “free lunch.”

    TIME to find legit “survey” concerns to collect such data….maybe talk to the teachers and admin of these schools where such huge populations receive “free breakfast and free lunch” every day….maybe stand beside the 30-gallon trash cans and ACTUALLY with their own EYEBALLS see what is going on instead of relying upon BOGUS phone surveys, and worse yet….BOGUS online surveys……..

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    • I’ve mentioned before that, for a year, I attended an “inner city” middle school when my parents divorced and they were dividing property. So, I can relate to your tales. I also don’t know if its true any longer (its bee a long time) that there were distinctions between “family” people and “lazy” people?

      While the number of Mexican immigrants is FAR larger than it was in my day, there WERE always Mexicans around. Some were awful, others very nice. I went to school with many, new their families and even dated a few of their daughters.

      It seems to me that the cultures of Mexico are different. Some see ours as something to aspire to, others do not. Especially since Obongo it has become fashionable to denigrate our culture while they steal from it.

      I’ve know many hard-working, honest and decent Mexicans. I’ve also known many who were not. Those in that category have no intention of improving. As I said previously, I can still remember some that were sixteen in the Eighth Grade. When they weren’t tied up with the justice system they were in school, disrupting business and terrifying the teachers.

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    • I’m sorry you witness all this day-in and day-out. Your suggestions however won’t work. What will work is IMMEDIATE cessation of these programs. If you’re children are hungry, YOU figure out how to feed them.
      These “free” programs aren’t free. SOMEONE has to pay for the food and we know it’s the property taxpayers, etc. However, this is a great way for a middle man food company to make a buck without having to work to get clients based upon quality or service. The schools are ready made clients and the product doesn’t have to be all that good.

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    • You are absolutely correct. I have another weird free breakfast sorry. Our next door neighbor was working at the school here. A large number of the children were on the free breakfast plan. The thing is, the kids would go and get their breakfast, sit down, and the parents would sneak in and eat it. Nothing was ever said or done. The parents used their money for drugs and booze. To hell with the kids, they were just the ticket for free everything.
      You want to know who is getting food stamps, look at the junk and quick foods in people’s carts. You can pick them out in a nano.
      They need to revert back to the old way of food stamps, milk,cheese, etc. and no junk foods,or paper products. And they had to actually use a paper stamp. No card that they can use on anything. Some people have used them for hotel rooms, casinos, etc.

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    • Throwing away and wasting food makes me FURIOUS.

      School children who throw their free lunches away should be denied lunches in the future.

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  17. Anyone who needs food badly enough in this country can find it via charities and/or state & federal programs. What IS lacking in this country is good NUTRITION because the working poor cannot afford to buy decent food and usually buy the cheapest shyte available. But even that can be mitigated by buying less, but better food, like fresh fruits, vegetable, healthy grains and less expensive meats. Quality over quantity. We’d see the obesity problem lessen as well.

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    • Absolutely, go to the charities, after all the Catholic and Lutheran charities were being paid billions to resettle the invaders. Maybe they could use the money for citizens.

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  18. I don’t participate in surveys – telephonic or otherwise. In fact, I pick up the phone and say nothing and wait for them to hang up (whether it’s a live person or a machine). I figure this way they’ve wasted the call.
    I don’t give to any charities except my local church because I know exactly where the money is going. If I don’t know you….guess what? You don’t get my money. And I LOVE to tell people why I won’t give to any charity that purports to do medical research. You can imagine, I have a field day.
    I have given nominal amounts to a couple of youtubers and bloggers over the last few years because they’ve either provided me with information or with a service or product.

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  19. I’m hungry for God–does that count?


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