De Blasio wants to tax the rich to pay for subway repairs

de blasio

Class warfare: Demorats go-to solution to every problem.

NYC’s subway system is in bad shape. According to the LA Times, delays have doubled over the last five years and accidents are on the rise. The governor authorized a billion dollars for improvements, of which few believe will have any favorable impact on the system. Guess that means they’ll need more taxpayer money, from only the wealthy of course.

From NY Post: Mayor de Blasio wants a tax hike​ on New Yorkers​ to pay for repairs to the city’s subway system, according to a proposal released Sunday.

The tax plan, which would target the ​wealthy ​to raise nearly $800 million annually, would bankroll improvements to the subway signal system, track repairs and reduced fares for poor New Yorkers.

De Blasio press spokesman Eric Phillips released details of the proposal to fund ​the “long-term fix​.​”

​The tax would require approval in Albany, which might be tough to lockdown given Republican control of the state Senate and the ongoing feud between Hizzoner and Gov. Cuomo over how to fund repairs.

​Under the plan, the city’s tax rate on individuals making more than $500,000 a year and married couples earning above $1 million would jump .5 percent from 3.876 percent to 4.41 percent. ​​ More than $500 million of the revenue generated would go to subway and bus system upgrades, while about $250 million would subsidize half-priced MetroCards for about 800,000 living at or below the federal poverty level.

Officials at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which runs the city’s subway and bus systems and is overseen by the state, did not learn about de Blasio’s proposal directly from City Hall, but through the ​New York Times’s website, ​which first published the tax-the-rich plan, ​according to an MTA spokesperson.

MTA Chairman Joe Lhota framed the proposal as a reversal from de Blasio, who has argued the MTA should use money the city has already allocated to ​the agency. “After saying the MTA doesn’t need money, we’re glad the mayor reversed himself,” Lhota said in​​ a statement.

Lhota then highlighted the MTA’s need for “short-term emergency financing” and pressed de Blasio to immediately match the state’s cash outlay for the system.

“The mayor should partner with us and match the state funding now so we can turn the trains around,” he said. “There’s no question we need a long-term funding stream, but emergency train repairs can’t wait on what the state legislature may or may not do next year.”

De Blasio’s proposal, which comes as he’s fighting for re-election, repeatedly emphasizes the added burden it will mean for the city’s highest earners.

The top 1 percent can afford to do a bit more—and should, because a transit system that works makes New York City’s economy strong and benefits us all,” according to a fact sheet Phillips sent.

“Rather than sending the bill to working families and subway and bus riders already feeling the pressure of rising fares and bad service, we are asking the wealthiest in our city to chip in a little extra to help move our transit system into the 21st century,” de Blasio said in a statement to The Times.


20 responses to “De Blasio wants to tax the rich to pay for subway repairs

  1. Tax the rich for subway repairs? Has he gone mad? That Mr. De Blasio should pay the taxes so that way he could say to the rich follow not what I say but what I do, what a good example for New Yorkers, Does he ride the subway, aha, he has a government chauffeur. The rich manage their business from a New Yor tower so they need not ride the subway, they have their limos well equipped for a smooth and pleasant ride. Just like any corrupt,politician he is full of caca!

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  2. New Yorkers elected him; New Yorkers will re-elect him. Let them suffer. Any wealthy person who stays in the City deserves what he gets+

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  3. Like this guy?

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  4. Hadenoughalready

    What happens when the rich leave?

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  5. Every day, Deblasio proves what a STUPID JACKASS he really is. Whenever a politician says “Let’s tax the rich,” what he’s admitting to is that he HAS NOT done his job: The Mayor of a large city, like New York, has to be on top of all the administrative big-ticket items at all times—and the Subway (and busses) has always been a big-ticket item. That’s the way it’s always been—people have to get around.
    But what does Mayor Jackass worry about? Destroying the hansom cab industry. Taxing the rich to get universal free pre-K. Going to Germany to organize violent protests against the G-20 the minute an NYPD Officer is assassinated in her cruiser.

    The problem with the Subways is that many lines remain closed on at least one day of the weekend for either signal or track work. Yes, the City does provide shuttle busses. But the Mayor has to come up with a plan to get the work done quicker. Merely taxing the rich won’t do it: I heard, some years back, that the richest 74,000 or so biggest tax-payers in NYC carry over 60% of the City’s bills! This is not “equity,” or “equitable” or fair: IT’S OUTRIGHT THEFT.
    Corporations are taxed to subsidize the Subway and busses. Tolls at the City’s bridges and tunnels also subsidize the MTA. The regrettable truth is that the City MUST raise the fare: No one is going to like that, but that’s just the way it is.

    I really wish we had Rudy Guiliani back. The man was BORN for the job, and he could take it as well as dish it out. IMPEACH MAYOR JACKASS NOW!!!

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  6. Well,good for HIM-I’m SURE he’ll be first in line to pay his fair share. (sarc)
    BTW-in WHAT world does levying a TAX on ONLY wealthy people get considered “ASKING” them to chip in a “little extra”?

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  7. He can ALSO make ALL his Muslim house guests (He IS providing them comfortable housing,ISN’T HE?) pay a share of the money the State is paying them to ruin NYC.

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  8. I was listening to 880 wcbs out of NYC the other nite and the news report said Bla is trying to force the state to pay for the repair and upkeep. Apparently he feels the state is responsible for his city. Meanwhile as he promotes mass transit for the plebs, he warms the globe in a helicopter or limo as he forces his way through NYC.

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  9. We should impose a bribery tax on all elected officials who have become millionaires after being elected.

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  10. I’ll be he knows the mayor of Seattle. He wants to do the same thing. They just keep electing them. It’s truly a job where being a fool is a requirement.

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  11. Well, that is certainly some discrimination. Does he not realize because of the amount of money the rich make and the amount of taxes they pay in that money, they are already doing more?
    Maybe if he slowed down the millions he gives out with food stamps and social services to those that refuse to work and use their EBT cards for stocking their stores, he might find a few million here and there. I guess he doesn’t realize that is fraud.
    Since day one he has proven himself a buffoon. A really disrespectful buffoon. And if NY elects him again, well, they deserve him.
    I agree with Steve, NY needs Rudy again.

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  12. The repairs will be affected by a goombah company from Joisey who will kickback 30% to the rich who were taxed. They’ll make millions, including “Da Blahs”.


    • Mayor Warren Wilhelm is pandering to the majority of the constituency, but he’s only pandering. It won’t happen. The fares will be raised. But either way, Warren Wilhelm will not contract with a ‘goombah’ company from Jersey. It’ll be a Jewish “Russian” company owned by the rabbis, likely from Franklin Lakes, Passaic, Tea Neck or Fair Lawn, NJ or perhaps upstate NY. It may have an Italian name to throw off suspicion, but I’d bet good money it will be the rabbinical syndicate.
      Any place in the world that has an eruv (plural is eruvim), or jewish enclosure or ghetto, has an orthodox Jew population. That means the syndicate has a presence.


      • Hmmm? Like Guido Shlomo and Sons? They’ll hire Filipinos. Once they get their passports away from them they work cheap.


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