Baltimore’s “Don’t kill anybody” weekend: 3 shot, 2 fatally

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh

Yeah, no one predicted it would stop shootings.

From MyFoxBaltimore: Three people have been shot, two killed in separate shootings in Baltimore City on day 2 of the city’s ceasefire.

Since Friday organizers in Baltimore have been campaigning for 72 hours of non-violence, hoping to come together to stop the violence.

Saturday evening police responded to a shooting near the 1300 block of Sargeant Street after patrolling officers heard gunfire. After canvassing the area, officers located a crime scene at the intersection of South Carey and Sargeant Streets.

The victim, a 24-year-old male was rushed to an area hospital by friends according to a release.  He was pronounced dead by University of Maryland Shock Trauma officials shortly after arriving.

Just before 10 p.m. Saturday officers were called to the 1600 block of Gertrude Court for a reported shooting.

On scene police located a 37-year-old male suffering from gunshot wounds, he was transported to University of Maryland Shock Trauma. Shortly after arriving, he was pronounced dead by medical officials.

Homicides detectives are investigating both shootings. Anyone with information is urged to contact the Baltimore Police Department’s Homicide Section at 410-396-2100.

Police are also investigating a non-fatal shooting that occurred just after 3 p.m. Saturday. The victim walked into Sinai Hospital with a gunshot wound to his arm. According to police, the victim told nurses he was shot along Park Heights Ave near Woodland Ave.

Anyone with information regarding any of the above shootings is urged to call police.


21 responses to “Baltimore’s “Don’t kill anybody” weekend: 3 shot, 2 fatally

  1. Let’s face it: Baltimore is just as crooked as Chicago or Detroit. Pugh is an absolute idiot, on a par with New York’s Kaiser Wilhelm, Bill “The Blahs”-io, and should stay home and out of the public eye. Pugh, you’re auditioning for Mount Rushmore, but the roles have been taken!

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    • Steven . . . I thought Ms Pugh was auditioning to be a “Maxine Waters” wannabe. Perhaps it’s the Western European hair that is the give away. I can understand that young black people don’t give much credence to politicians like her, since she doesn’t even want to portray herself as a “natural descendant of Africa.” Why should they put too much faith in her? I wouldn’t if I were them.

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  2. Thanks for the update, DCG. Sadly, we could have written this headline in advance.

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    • TD . . . You are right on the money! This is indeed a sad commentary on the state of our society.

      I happened to be walking into a store this morning while a young black man was walking out the same door . . . call me crazy, but I felt that the look he gave me was one of pure, unadulterated, hatred!

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      • It probably was. Now, think of all the muslims we’ll soon be entertaining as well. They truly hate us.

        I don’t really even like to discuss this. I don’t say what I do about it because it makes me happy. This problem has been studied. I’m not talking about “stupid studies” either. What makes them do, or not do what they do is mysterious.

        Some animals in nature just do whatever’s easy and sleep the rest of the time. I do believe that many efforts have been made to fix this and none of them have worked or will work. We need to develop strategies for our protection.


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  4. Baltimore:

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    • Anonymous . . . that picture is so creepy. It reminds me definitely of something you would see in a third world country. I suspect that this is just the beginning of scenarios such as this!

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  5. But…but…that’s not what Diane Feinstein said would happen!

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  6. Just for comparison, in the ’80’s Baltimore and D.C. were in competition for most murders. The average was 365/year. Now look at it. They call that a success.

    I’m not really kidding when I say the “solution” is to wall them in. Just don’t let them out for any reason. Calling them animals is an insult to animals.

    We can’t afford nor should we pay the price for this barbarity. Everything else has been tried. They won’t stay in school, they won’t work, they steal and kill.

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    • There is no formula nor solution to end violence and drugs, they go hand in hand, just like bacteria cannot be eradicated, eventually comes back stronger than before. We have seen crime and violence increase and each time is worse than before. I don’t think we can escape street violence today, we just have to be conscious that is just around the corner.

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    • lophatt . . . the comment which you entered above is so intensely true, that it really hurts! As you have said, “They won’t stay in school, they won’t work, they steal and kill.” {and I would add . . . procreate, adding to the tribe} Building a wall to keep them in, seems like the only sane solution to this problem . . . just throw some food and clothing over the wall from time to time. Twenty, thirty years ago . . . who would ever have thought that things would have devolved into such a “naked jungle” as this?

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  8. WELL!! THAT was just FABULOUS!

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    • Yes indeed, I agree with both of You.

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      • Alma . . . Sadly, I really do not see anything in the future that would make me even think that things might begin to get better.

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        • Auntie Lulu the future, do you foresee any future?


          • Alma . . . Really, “No!” Not a future that is anything to shout about! The only thing that I can say for sure, is that The Lord expects us to ride it out to the very end, no matter what that end may be! What I can say is that I am so very glad that i am nearly 71 years old and so the time I have left is limited . . . thankfully! I shudder to think what those who are just coming into this world will face!


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