Australian café charges a “man tax”

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It’s not mandatory. You could just ask if a man wanted to donate to the charity cause yet guess that wouldn’t make much of a feminist statement.

From Fox News: A vegan cafe in Brunswick, Australia, charges its male customers an 18 percent surcharge to represent the gender pay gap, Broadsheet reports.

The campaign at Handsome Her — which has been accused of being “sexist” by some in its reviews on Google — reportedly occurs one week each month. 

“There’s been nothing but positivity from everyone, males and females,” the cafe’s owner, Alex O’Brien, told Broadsheet.

Handsome Her describes itself on Facebook as being focused “on female empowerment, social responsibility and environmental justice.”

Its “House Rules” say the surcharge “is donated to a women’s service” and that women also get priority seating at the business.

“We are not imposing the surcharge, it’s voluntary,” O’Brien said. “Men are asked if they want to pay the charge before being charged.”

“If someone doesn’t want to pay the tax, we will just wipe it,” she said.


23 responses to “Australian café charges a “man tax”

  1. Making the man surcharge optional doesn’t make it less discriminatory. The surcharge violates Australia’s Sex Discrimination Act of 1984, which states:

    “Discrimination on the basis of sex, marital or relationship status, pregnancy or potential pregnancy, breastfeeding, family responsibilities, sexual orientation, gender identity, and intersex status.”

    Granted, the Act’s impetus is to protect females. But “discrimination on the basis of sex” includes men. Someone should sue Handsome Her vegan cafe, the name of which suggests the owners are either lesbians or “transgenders”.

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    • I used to wonder why they taught “Logic” in school. Then it dawned on me. Now “Hypocrisy” could be a whole new discipline. This is obviously missing from both the owner and those who think this is a good idea.

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  2. Hadenoughalready

    Sounds like this business won’t be IN business much longer. It’s quite apparent that these morons can’t see past their own noses and fail to grasp the potential repercussions of a “financially suicidal” business endeavor.
    But, no worries. They’ll blame someone else and probably file bankruptcy or sue someone for their failures.

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  3. The next thing you know it will be mandatory for the men to wear those horrible pink hats. Only a matter of time.
    Positive from the men, yeah, I bet. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to pay an additional 18%?

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    • Yes, you can wear your “pussy hat” and walk two paces behind “the Alpha Female”. You may speak if allowed. She will, of course, have absolutely no respect for you. How could she after you allowed this?

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  4. I think this is rather unbelievable. I personally would not patronize this particular business . . . we have more than enough conflicts in our society. This is just rather dopey. If men wanted to “donate” to a cause . . . let them select the cause and the amount they wish to donate. I think this is just another put down of “men.” No doubt the owner thinks he is rather cleaver in coming up with this little bit of “social justice,” but I just would not even bother dropping by. Why would a man pay 18 percent more to be seated in non-preferential seating? What does this teach young men and women? Let’s work at getting women’s wages to reflect equity, if there can be true equity in the particular job at hand. Men and women are not always equal; case in point, when we look at fire fighters . . . many women wanted access to those jobs. However, when it comes to being able to carry someone from a burning building, the vast majority of women are just not large enough to be able to efficiently do that portion of the job. Yes, the women want the larger wages, but they are not able to meet all the requirements of the job. I had the occasion to call the police . . . . it so happened that the officers who responded consisted of a man and a very petite woman. Interestingly enough, the man who was much larger, took the task of interviewing the male who had caused the problem, whereas the female was left interviewing me. So here we see that the male was left with the possibly more difficult task. I would have liked to know if the “division of work” between these two officers was always allotted in the same manner. To get back to this restaurant, I would not patronize this business . . . I view this as the same garbage as these large corporations who “wade in” on social problems, somehow feeling that it is their calling to solve societies problems . . . . whereas all I want from ANY BUSINESS is that they provide whatever product or service they are in business to sell to the public. I do not want more nor less than that!

    DCG . . . great article!

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  5. Kevin J Lankford

    Sure, priority seating for women is only good manners/etiquette, but this donation to “a woman’s service” thing sound a little deceptive to me.

    I would suspect their business already suffers being it is ‘vegan’, any how.

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  6. I don’t belong to a feminist group, and I AM A WOMAN IN CHARGE. I always wear a bra. Saved my money so I could retire and not depend on the government handouts, pay all my bills before due date, carry on a decent life, help those in need, VOTE IN EVERY ELECTION, I make my voice heard without imposition. I am responsible for my actions and when wrong I admit it. I am proud for raising a good family. I don’t have hairs on my chest but I am courageous and above all said I AM A GOD FEARING LADY.

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  7. This is how foolish minds think.

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  8. Doesn’t rule three completely contradict rule one?

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  9. My mom was a strong woman, as was hers. They both worked in a place that nailed pallets and crates for the produce industry, by hand. My grandmother for 30 years, my mother for 20 years. My mother worked in several other jobs until her and my dad bought a restaurant, and the owned it for over 30 years. So my mother worked her entire life.

    I worked in a steel foundry for 35 years. We were hiring at one time, and the place opened it up for women, trying to be ” diverse.” They had a couple of women that were hired, and one started on one shift, with another was due to start the next shift. The first woman made it 3 hours into her shift before breaking her leg. The didn’t allow the other woman to even start her shift, but told her to not show up.

    The so called gender pay gap is more a fact of there are simply some jobs that are too dangerous for women to do, or too dirty or undesirable. I had to do some very nasty jobs in my 35 years in the foundry, that most, if not all, women would simply not be willing or able to do. In fact, many men would not be suited for them. Nothing against them, just a plain fact.

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  10. I love to read all about Moms, you love your mom and you are a good person, you love your country, your siblings, your spouse, appreciate life, we love God, what a nice feeling.

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  11. When Women were brought into the Military’s “battlefield realm”,there were some who were SURE they could do what was needed-including the 70# pack,and SOME succeeded,did all that was required to be a full-on soldier,admirably. That was-what,ten years ago? Well NOW,I’m reading that those Women who proved the doubters wrong are suffering disabling back trouble,bad knees and hips,neck troubles,and arthritis in their arms,from the work-out they got proving their ability to tow the line. Granted,many Men ALSO suffer those injuries,from the same activities.
    What I’m getting at here is that I’ve always believed a person should,whenever possible,go with their natural strengths primarily,and work secondarily to improve on their weaknesses. There are LOADS of work a Woman or a smaller Man could do well,some even BETTER than larger Men and Women-why is this concept not considered?
    BTW-I have a friend who became a Cop (Sheriff’s Officer) around 10 years ago. (She has such a strong sense for Right and Wrong we all used to tease her,saying “You should be a Cop-you’d be their new standard for Honesty and Integrity.”) She’s about 5 foot 10,probably weighs around 160 or so,and her fellow officers have a LOT of respect for her. When tasks of “muscle” arise,she can hold her own,but doesn’t hesitate to ask for a hand if needed,but she really shines when dealing with freaked out people,such as following an accident or a violent conflict;she inspires people to calm down. Contrary to most LEO’s,she’s a WAAAYYY better shot than I am or most other Cops she works with. She told me at coffee a few days ago that she and her “people” have unofficially adopted the “Lead with your strengths”,concept,so it’s common for one Cop to hand certain jobs off to another Cop they know is better at it. I’d like to claim that,but they’ve done it that way for longer than I can remember.
    Okay-The soap box is yours. Thanks!

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