Anthony Weiner has no friends — but not for the reason you think

Anthony Weiner — the former Congressman (D-NY); husband (still) of Hillary Clinton’s close aide Huma Abedin; and irrepressible exhibitionist who sex-texts and sent pics of his penis to females, including an underage teen — has no friends.

Anthony Weiner takes lewd pic of himself in the Congressional gym

Richard Johnson reports for the New York Post, Aug. 6, 2017:

“Anthony Weiner might have more friends in prison than he does now in the Union Square building where he’s been living with his son, Jordan, 5.

The former congressman goes to the apartment tower’s gym most days wearing ear buds.

Nobody speaks to him. He is truly ostracized,’ one source told me. ‘People won’t even get on the elevator with him.'”

But the wiener is ostracized not for the reason you think. His neighbors won’t speak to him because:

Most of Weiner’s neighbors were Hillary Clinton supporters, and blame him for her loss because former FBI Director James Comey reopened the investigation into her e-mails after the feds seized Weiner’s computer.”

In other words, Democrats care neither about morality nor the law. For them it’s all about political power.

And that’s another reason why I call them Demonrats.

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27 responses to “Anthony Weiner has no friends — but not for the reason you think

  1. Ohhhhhh my,!!! No friends? Well since he published his famous Weiner’s pic I have no doubts the “residents” at the slammer lIne up for a midnight extravaganza! Guarantee you have lotsa friends now way to go, Weiiiiiiner!!!

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  2. Texting dingdong pics to underage girls is cool, but not that he got caught and ruined Hillary’s chances– Democrats…

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    • Anonymous I don’t agree with you, sorry, Killary Rotten Clinton lost because of all her GARBAGE and her baggage.

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      • Alma . . . I wholeheartedly agree with you, Killary lost because We The People, were sick and tired of the “pay to play” aspect of The Clinton Foundation, all of the suspicious deaths, and apparent suicides that surround her and Slick Willey’s notorious cabal. We were sick and tired of the idea that “unnamed Royalty” in this country has been allowed to call all of the shots, and they have never been brought to justice. There are and have been deaths which took place even after this rotten piece of flesh (Killary) started running for office. We are tired and grossly appauled by the fact that she had no respect for the laws of this land, look at her email server, the fact that she choose to disregard adherence to the security protocols which were in place that mandated how information that contained national security information were to be handled, look at the fact that she was instrumental in selling off a portion of the Uranium mines located here in the USA, to the country of Russia. The fact that Weiner shared a laptop with his wife that not only contained his pornography, but had national top secret information on it also–this is direct contradiction of national security protocols. The fact that pictures came out of her which showed her being drug to a waiting car after having collapsed . . . yet she maintained to the American people that she was in robust health. Pictures appearing of what were supposed to be “her,” yet the woman was much lighter, did not carry as much weight in her hips and thighs . . . giving rise to the theory that she was “using a body double.” Need I go on! There are so many shameful things about Killary. For many of us, the fact that she would “look into the camera” and tell us, the American people, that all was well with her–when that was obviously not so. I don’t know about other people, but dog gone it, DON’T LIE TO MY FACE!!!! I just won’t stand for it. Weiner having having the audacity to send picture of his weewee far and wide were but a minor blip on the radar. . . . the American people just do not like Killary, nor do we trust her! That is why she lost the election. There was also in the mix that the entrenched Republican’s did not want the Average Joe to actually pick their own candidate for President; they wanted some old archaic system where they would tell us (We the People) who it was that we could have as Our President. Many of these Old Guard Republican’s have fought tooth and nail against Trump and his agenda (and they still do,) which for some of us, gave rise within us of a fury that had they known better they would not have awakened this beast in our breasts! Many of us are willing to now fight them tooth and nail to reclaim our heritage as “Proud Americans.”

        Case in point on this last item, there is a retired lawyer in Pennsylvania (I believe) that has taken to suing the GOP for fraud and racketeering. His contention is that for years, the GOP took campaign donations, but failed to deliver on any of the campaign promises they made (they did not get rid of Obamacare, they did not defund Obamacare, although they had the votes to do so, they have not passed legislation to reform taxes, they have done nothing about immigration, etc.) This lawyer is contending that all monies that were donated to the GOP should be refunded to the donors because although they had the votes to do so, they have not delivered on
        A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G that they promised contingent to having them being elected to office from the various states. I am extremely happy about this law suit . . . I want those turkey’s quaking in their boots. I want them to feel the fury of the American Republican voter’s who they have lied to!!!

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  3. There once was a pervert named Weiner
    Who had a grotesque demeanor
    He supported Hillary
    And seemed just so sillery
    He texted his meat
    And lost his seat
    And his former wife went off to meet Her!

    Weiner and power-mad Dems: Perfect together. In Hell.

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  4. Hahahahahahahaha. Another person for Killary to blame her loss on in her NEXT book.

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  6. Democrats: the Party of the swinging scrotum! Let’s give Weiner a medal for bringing down Brunhilda just by exhibiting his shortcomings!

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  7. President Trump needs to look into that laptop.

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  8. She’ll never stop. They’ll have to bury her face down to keep her from clawing her way to the surface:

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  9. She looks evil! And the eyes of a deviate, no kidding!

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    • I think that’s a photoshop job. The youtuber “Barry Soetoro Esq” used to do some hilarious photoshopping and narration on his channel, but you tube has shut him down. This one looks familiar so I think he may have used this photo.


  10. You have to wonder about people that actually wanted that monster as the President of this country considering the fact she is a crook, a murderer, and just a plain nasty person. Maybe it is the neighbors that Weiner doesn’t want to talk to. Either way, people who rather have power than a thriving country have to be questioned about their sanity.

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    • Here’s one now!

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      • Lo—let’s not forget Donna Brazille and Loretta Lynch…..among others!

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        • Oh I don’t, but Debbie’s such an easy target.

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          • Well…yes…LO… NOW w/her recently somehow “favored” Pakistani “tech” bros who compromised (while earning a “fortune” for it) yet ANOTHER set of Dem emails (add to the Hillary debacle) that probably involves national security…..WAY past the time when she should have FIRED THEM…..

            And yet….the progressive Hillary/Bernie/Maxine Waters/”Pocohantas”/
            Schumer/OBAMA LEFTESTS keep crying “WOLF!”(Russia, Russia, Russia!!!!), while, ALL THE TIME…the actual freakin’ WOLF is already IN THE HEN HOUSE…THE WOLF IS the Dems, the veritable JACKASSES totally immersed in corruption, Russian collusion, influence peddling, the selling of Amerika to the highest contributor while in office…the unlimited TERMS in which to serve in order to accrue power, wealth, special interest…..special exemption (AKA….being EXEMPT from OBAMACARE, once they ALONE “passed it” …remember?)…

            FURTHERMORE—I’m with you—we MUST keep pounding away at HISTORY….that the Democrats were the historic supporters of slavery, of Jim Crow….of anti-integration, of anti- “racial intermingling” of anti-integration of schools, hotels, restaurants….ad nauseum…IN FACT, they were the KKK of politics until very RECENTLY….way up into the 1960
            ‘s and 1970’s….UNTIL they discovered the “POWER” of pandering to the “minority populations” of this country….to get their votes…but to HISTORICALLY deliver NIL to them after being elected…time after time after time. MY STATS are the 40 to 50 year “reigns” of the Dems in major “minority” cities in this country. Please consider : The REPUBLICAN party was “invented” by Abaraham Lincoln, the FIRST political Republican…and historically supported by one of the first significant governors of his time, Andrew Curtin of Pennsylvania. They were the FIRST of politicians to convert the(then) “state’s rights” concerns into the Federal issue of “fighting against the institution of slavery” as a way to save UNION. In effect, they were not just the first to advocate aboliton at the politiical level, but the FIRST to advocate equality in our UNION. They were the first Republicans…and it took the Democrats another CENTURY-PLUS to come to this conclusion…and ONLY THEN, when they found that they could garner “minority” votes with empty (and as yet, unfulfilled) campaign promises……

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            • For what its worth, to me, both “parties” are total B.S.. These are constructs designed to control the eaters. They provide the illusion of “choice” while ensuring that the Controllers never lose control.

              These are not “organic”, naturally-occurring groups. They simply do as they’re told. Granted, there are some within them who war with each other. Most, however, are simply there to steal whatever isn’t nailed down.

              If you want to find a psychopath, this is the most fertile hunting ground.


            • Debbie Wasserperson Schitz wasn’t about to fire the Awan brothers since she works for the “deep state”, aka Israel, and they worked for her. She couldn’t cut them loose until HQ in Tel Aviv gave her the go ahead. Now it’s a wait and see as to whether or not the Awans get liquidated.

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  11. Patrick Cornell

    Anthony Weiner possibly a FTM transgender? Look at the slopping shoulders and above the naval waistline….could the infamous Weiner have been created by a surgeon?


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