Lena Dunham takes it upon herself to report two flight attendants for “transphobic talk”

lena dunham

I wouldn’t bet $100 that her story is true. You know her track record for telling the truth.

Update: According to Breitbart, there’s already some holes in her story as the airline cannot verify her claim. Shocker, not.

From Daily Mail: Lena Dunham took matters into her own hands when she heard two flight attendants engaging in ‘transphotic talk’.  The 31-year-old actress was very active on social media Wednesday night as she reported the employees to American Airlines on Twitter. She even direct messaged the major airline and shared screenshots of the private conversation on her Instagram.

At first, the Girls star was complaining about a plane delay and being ‘admonished’ over having a wrinkled boarding pass until she heard the unsavory chatter. Lena wrote: ‘Not gonna call out the airline who delayed cuz shit happens BUT I did just overhear 2 @AmericanAir attendants having a transphobic talk.’

She then went on to tell the over 90-year-old airline how employees should be trained in this day and age.

The comedienne wrote:  ‘At this moment in history we should be teaching our employees about love and inclusivity @AmericanAir. That was worst part of this night.’

She then went on to share screenshots of the private messages she sent the airline including: ‘I think it reflects badly on uninformed employees of your company to have that kind of dialogue going on.’

Lena also wrote them: ‘Awareness starts at home but jobs can set standards of practice.’

The customer service representative took information from the star and said they would pass it along for further review.

The next day, Lena reflected on the entire happening and even shared her societal views as she wrote: ‘For those who followed my airport saga yesterday, here’s my takeaway: these days it’s the little things. A smile. Offering a seat. Respect.’

We can’t afford to treat each other like cattle when we have a government that does. Being trapped at the airport filled me with love!’

Despite the incident in the air, things are going swimmingly for Dunham as she will appear on the new season of FX’s American Horror Story. Creator Ryan Murphy tweeted the news which was also confirmed by her reps to the Hollywood Reporter, adding that the Girls star will appear in just one episode of AHS season seven.


28 responses to “Lena Dunham takes it upon herself to report two flight attendants for “transphobic talk”

  1. Free speech applies to everyone. If you don’t like what they had to say too darn bad. Most of us don’t like what you say either but it is your right to say what you want. I am sure if they were saying things you agreed with you would have no problem with their conversation. For all your BS you are nothing but a bigot looking for attention. If you think your government is so bad why not move to another country. Another country wouldn’t give you the time of day.

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  2. So she is telling the world that two attendants busy dealing with customers and a late flight had time to lollygag around and talk trans? Why was she doing listening in on a private conversation that may or may not have taken place? Was she bucking for an upgrade? Was she po’d no one recognized her, so she thought she would make it so they did?
    With that hair cut, no wonder. She has some serious mental problems and it has nothing to do with two attendants, more like her sexual choice, that she hasn’t come to terms.

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  3. Kevin J Lankford

    No doubt, she would not like hearing my opinion of those kind perverts either. I’m sure I don’t care bout her opinion on any thing.

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  4. Hair cut looks to be a dudes. Maybe IT has a huge guilt complex, or a attention seeker. The conversation more than likely didn’t happen. Freedom of speech, remember? The photo doesn’t even come close to real! Suck it up dude and try acting like s dude you pretend to be. Your just disgusting,

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  6. What will her new part in American Horror Story be, Norman Bates?

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  7. She is one of the worst examples of an attention whore I can think of. She was born in the wrong era. She should have worked for the Stasi.

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  8. Lena Dunham needs to just shut up and go away . . . .heavy on the “go away.” She is a blight on society.

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  9. Lena, I am saying this in a GOOD way, loving and kind. Shut up and sit down. Or take an Air Emirates flight to Saudi Arabia, find the busiest intersection in either Ryadh or Mecca, and shout out your opinions in your favorite stage apparel.

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  10. Lena WHO???? Who gives a rtas ass about whet she thinks or says anyway!

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  11. I am not going to look around before I open my mouth, and I am going to say what I want in a conversation with someone that shares my opinion, if we are interrupted by someone who feels is improper, I will turn around and say: “it’s none of your business, what are You going to do about it?” then, as things develop I will handle it my way. I am not a violent person but I don’t allow ANYONE to infringe my space. BTW the pic is so horrible I’m afraid Barney (woof,woof) will hide under the bed.

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  12. If you’re a show-business multimillionaire, what do you do for fun? In the case of feminist TV performer Lena Dunham, you try to ruin the lives of people who have to actually work for a living […]

    Snitch Culture: @LenaDunham Auditions for PC Thought Police Commissar


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  13. that sack of crap lie but inconvenience others when the authorities have the obligation to determine if her allegations have merit…..she should be arrested

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  14. Isn’t she the one that did some propaganda ads for Obozo back in 2012? I didn’t notice her being such a tub back then, she has really porked up since.


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