Hollyweird: Actor Robert Pattinson asked to pleasure a dog for new film

robert pattinson

Robert Pattinson: “It was fun…”

A fake dog penis was used as Robert refused to do the scene with the animal. Well, guess THAT makes it A-OK!

Another Hollyweird movie I won’t be seeing.

From Daily Star: Robert Pattinson got the mother of all requests on his latest film. The Twilight star, who used to date Kristen Stewart, told US TV host Jimmy Kimmel that he was asked to “pleasure a dog” for his latest film Good Time.

R-Patz, 31, plays a New York criminal fighting to save his little brother in one night of chaos in the highly-anticipated film.

Rob told Jimmy that his character in the film, Corey, has an affinity with dogs as he thinks he was one in a previous life. He said: “He thinks he has control over animals and stuff.

“There’s this one scene we shot where basically a drug dealer bursts in to the room and I was sleeping with the dog and basically giving the dog a hand job.”

Pattinson said the director told him on set to “just do it for real man, don’t be a p***y.”

However, the star, who is now with singer FKA Twigs, said he refused to perform the sex act in real life. In the end, a fake dog penis was used instead.

However, after all that, the scene was cut from the final edit. Pattinson added: “It was fun… it will be on the DVD extras.”

See his interview on Jimmy Kimmel here.

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23 responses to “Hollyweird: Actor Robert Pattinson asked to pleasure a dog for new film

  1. “It was fun… it will be on the DVD extras.”
    So THAT’S what he does for fun?? Glad I’ll be missing THAT movie. (Apparently they realized giving a dog a hand job wasn’t that necessary to the story line AFTER ALL.)

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  2. For a film to even think of and and the director to suggest this is below sewage. So now we know where their brains are. Talk about perversion at its lowest. I rarely watch movies any more since they promote single parents that do drugs and have abortions, sleep around, and shacking up. Now we have lgbt running this industry. Add to that blood, guts, violence of every sort. I have to much self respect to lower myself to their lifestyles. They have told us what they are in their personal lives. DISGUSTING!!!

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  3. It’s a race to the bottom. My money’s on Dunham.

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  4. Guys and Gals, I am appalled with all that is going on, sometimes I think I’ve been living inside a cocoon, all this madness is beyond comprehension, is it for real????

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    • Alma . . . I’m with you, I am dumbfounded to realize that our society is in an unending race to reach the deepest depths of the filthiest cesspool ever imagined.

      That goofy actor looks like a disheveled patient from a hardcore rehab center. I just don’t understand why anyone would allow themselves to be filmed, or to talk about such base, crude, senseless conduct . . . . and then you have that goofball Kimmel, yucking it up like it was the most unique, hilarious interchange of words ever imaginable. You can tell that this particular actor thinks he is the hottest thing since a melted cheese sandwich. They, and their ilk are disgusting people . . . I never watch shows like this, nor do I pay to view films of this ilk . . . nor do I view these kinds of films when they hit the tv market where viewing is free! These kinds of films are an abomination to our society.

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  5. Crazy Liberals, = proving again & again, and now once again that there is No Bottom to their De-morals..

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  6. I predict that what’s next for Hellywood is actual bestiality.

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  7. Hadenoughalready

    “So as in the days of Noah”. These are disgusting times.
    I used to comment a lot but I’ve come to the conclusion that I cannot stomach this shit anymore. Better to pass by it and delete than let my rage hinder my health.
    I’ll face my adversaries at my front door and tend to them accordingly. As for the online crap, I think I’ve had quite enough, already.
    And since I’m here: what the hell happened to “decorum”?
    I’ve seen some arguments, on here, and they’ve been rather foul. Who is moderating and why not? Seeing the foul-mouthed banter going on is NOT conducive, nor inviting, to enter into any dialogue by any new-comer; let alone a seasoned visitor.
    Let not this site fall into chaos, ok…

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  8. Several Muslim acquaintences have told me that the Day is coming here in America, where decent Americans will beg for the disciplines of Sharia Law to straighten out the deviant Morals degenerated by the Liberal Left.. Warning to the ever deepening degenerate Liberals: The Muslim’s Islamic Sword of Damocles is on its way.

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  9. “And The Oscar for the hottest bestiality in a musical comedy goes to…..”

    Do they hire bum sniffer dogs for these movies?

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  10. What a idiot…

    Update: Robert Pattinson has now provided some clarification on the comments he made about filming his new movie Good Time, stressing that the whole story was meant as a joke. […]


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  11. SICK! 😡

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  12. Boycott!,,,,every movie made by that idiot! Every company that sells it!,,,

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  14. I’m sorry, but this was even distasteful to read about, let alone think it happened. I am no prude, but I couldn’t finish reading.

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  15. Alrighty…

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  16. This is why there are no original ideas coming out of Hollywood. If you cannot find another half baked sequel to churn out just come up with the most bizarre and perverted script and run with it! They are just like the media….THEY DON’T GET IT. We are done. Movies cost too much and our time is too valuable than to spend it watching filth and listening to their lies.

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