Alt-Right: a new American political movement

The 2016 presidential election was unusual not just because Donald Trump is an unusual candidate who managed to win by seemingly breaking all the rules, the election also saw the rise of a new political movement – the Alt-Right.

Dissatisfaction with Traditional Right

The term “Alt-Right” is an abbreviation of “Alternative Right” – an expression allegedly coined in 2008 by Paul Gottfried, a Jewish emeritus professor of humanities at Elizabethtown College, Pennsylvania, to refer to “conservatives who saw themselves as too extreme for the mainstream movement . . . whose adherents include a range of racists, from white separatists to neo-Nazis.”

The very word “alternative” implies that the Alt-Right is an alternative to the traditional Right (conservatives) — Americans who believe in a constrained or limited government, the importance of law and order, and time-tested traditions embodied in the institutions of family, church, school, government, the Constitution, and the free market. Those institutions instill discipline and motivation, as well as correct and constrain the individual’s vices.

The Alt-Right, however, see traditional Conservatives as being too passive, spineless, yielding and ineffective against the Left’s successful assault on American culture and institutions, and on Western civilization itself. Thus, the Alt-Right’s contemptuous label for traditional Conservatives as “Cuckservatives” – cuckolded, emasculated and impotent conservatives.

In contrast, the Alt-Right is assertive, even combative, if circumstances require it. That masculine assertiveness is best typified by an Alt-Rightist nicknamed “Based Stickman” – Kyle Chapman, 41, a self-identified patriot and “protector of freedom” who first appeared at a pro-Trump rally on March 4, 2017 at the Civic Center Park in Berkeley, CA, dressed in a homemade combat outfit comprised of helmet, gas mask, a wooden shield with an American flag sticker, and carrying a big stick (thus, “stick man”).

In the park, Chapman defended himself and other pro-Trumpers from physical attacks by radical Leftists who call themselves Antifa (anti-fascists).

Chapman is representative of a New or Alternative Right who will no longer be passive because they believe this may be America’s last opportunity to reverse the tide of the Left’s Cultural Marxism that has taken over education (from kindergarten through college), entertainment and pop culture, the media, and seemingly every social, economic, and political institution.

Another example of the New Right’s assertiveness took place on June 16, 2017, when Alt-Right activists disrupted the performance of a New York Public Theater’s “re-imagining” of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar play, in which a Donald Trump-lookalike Caesar was stabbed to death by conspirators.


Speaking of Based Stickman, you may wonder what “based” means.

“Based” is one of the words coined by Alt-Rightists on Internet chat boards, such as the /pol/ (politically incorrect) sections of 4chan and 8chan. In other words, the Alt-Right have developed their own vocabulary, the meanings of which can’t be found in dictionaries, but can be surmised by how the words are used in context. Some examples:

  • based: a term of approval or praise, which means courageous or ballsy — the opposite of “cuck”.
  • cuck: a favorite term of insult, which means being cuckolded, neutered or emasculated.
  • cuckservative: a term of insult and abuse for spineless traditional conservatives.
  • muh: being underwhelmed; indifferent; the verbal equivalent of a shrug.


Political ideology is comprised of attitudes, values, and beliefs. In the case of the Alt-Right, their attitude is one of combative assertiveness; their values are rooted in the Western civilization, which includes Christianity; and their beliefs are that America’s decline is due to the hollowing-out of the manufacturing economy by outsourcing, an open door to immigration (illegal and legal) and refugees, and the Left’s takeover and corruption of culture.

To reverse that decline, the Alt-Right champions American nationalism (against the forces of globalism) and populism (the forgotten middle class), which explains why the Alt-Right resonate to and find appealing Donald Trump’s call to an “America First” domestic and foreign policy.

Two strains of American nationalism have emerged among the Alt-Right: civic nationalism vs. racial nationalism:

  • Racial nationalists believe that America was founded by and is rooted in the “white” (non-Jewish) race, and that dilution of “white” America by immigration, race-mixing, and government policies like Affirmative Action and multiculturalism have led to national decline and the increasing vilification and marginalization of “white” people, especially of “white” men. The Alt-Right white nationalists want white segregation — a return to an America of the “white” race via the repatriation of all immigrants who had come to the U.S. since the 1960s when an open-door immigration policy began. It is not clear what the white nationalists propose to do with blacks, native Americans, and Jews, not to mention the many “white” Americans on the Left. The identification of race-mixing as one of America’s banes accounts for a strain of chauvinism in racial Alt-Rightists, who propose a return to men as heads of household, and (white) women as docile wives, mothers and homemakers. An example of an Alt-Right racial nationalist is a writer-blogger-video game designer named Vox Day (real name Theodore Beale), 48, who claims to have a genius-level IQ. Many of the regular commenters on Day’s blog, Vox Populi, are similarly inclined. Some are almost slavish, calling Day their “Dark Lord”. Oddly for an American nationalist, Vox Day lives with his wife and children in northern Italy.

  • Civic nationalists are those who believe that the American nation is not defined by race, but by important shared political values embodied in the U.S. Constitution. Some examples of Alt-Right civic nationalists are “Based Stickman” Kyle Chapman and Mike Cernovich, a writer and self-promoting media “personality”. Not coincidentally, both Chapman and Cernovich are married to non-whites. That earned Chapman a derisive and dismissive comment from a racial Alt-Right nationalist named Eli Mosley: “There is no hope for this man or his rice-children.” Mosley’s comment received 50 up-votes on a Disqus chat-forum trashing Based Stickman.

While there really is a War on White Men, espousing a white racial American nationalism (as some Alt-Rightists do) neither makes sense nor is practical:

  • It’s nonsensical because many on the Left are non-Jewish whites, e.g., Bill Clinton, while there are patriotic non-whites among the Right, such as this Vietnamese immigrant who loves America. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. put it best: What matters is the content of one’s character, beliefs and behaviors — which are matters of our choice and volition — instead of the color of one’s skin, which we are born with and about which we can do nothing.
  • That’s also why a white racial American nationalism is impractical, because you alienate and marginalize Americans who can be your supporters and allies in common cause.
  • Another impracticability is how the word “white” is defined, and how “whiteness” is determined. How much “whiteness” makes one a “white”? Ironically, Vox Day, the champion of white nationalism, is of English, Irish, Mexican and Native American descent. Is Vox Day “white” enough?

Already amorphous and unorganized, with neither formal membership nor a common leader, the division among the Alt-Right between racial and civic nationalists throws the future of this new political movement into question. Where the Alt-Right goes, beyond the 2016 election that elevated their candidate Donald Trump to the White House, remains to be seen. Should Trump succeed in revitalizing the U.S. economy, the Alt-Right will probably subside and fade. But if President Trump were removed, by impeachment or assassination, then the anger that gave rise to the Alt-Right will likely burst into open violence.


18 responses to “Alt-Right: a new American political movement

  1. “The Alt-Right, however, see traditional Conservatives as being too passive, spineless, yielding and ineffective against the Left’s successful assault on American culture and institutions, and on Western civilization itself.”
    I guess that takes most of US towards being “Alt-Rightists” then….

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  2. — truckjunkie — agreed.

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  3. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    An accurate and agreed upon definition of terms is a necessity for any productive discussion of differences. Enemies of our country, Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and spiritual foundation write and rewrite their own dictionary whenever it suits them. They cloud perceptions in order for you to accept the reality they want you to accept.

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    • You practically took the words right out of my mouth. There is a general sense for right and wrong and some commonly held beliefs. Someone “co-opts” those and begins assigning labels and challenging people on their orthodoxy.

      This is what happens with any group that represents a potential for effectiveness. This is how we get these various Marxists running around chanting the same nonsense, lest they be ostracized by their ilk.

      Ultimately, what this attempts is a situation where individuals cannot express themselves or communicate intelligently. This is how they avoid creativity. I think its safe to say that “we” are not the ones who decided that we needed to utterly reinvent our culture. “We” are not the ones who are trying to invent genders that don’t exist.

      This is just an adjustment to a very old strategy to herd everyone into warring camps, control the narrative and maintain control.

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  4. Well, if Paul Gottfried doesn’t like it, then count me in! Why are they always against free speech?
    Is he kin to Gilbert Gottfried?

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  5. Those of us who truly love America have been categorized by many names and movements, which may be true, but what brings us all together, as Americans, is when American values are trumpeted, ‘Constitutional Law’ is going to be the Law Of The Land, controlled immigration will be enforced at every point of entry, law and order will be enforced throughout the land, guaranteed personal rights are protected over any political correctness group or movement, less government and reduced taxes and a strong military, just to name a few, results in the greatest victories in presidential elections when they become the message!
    Reagan won 2 landside elections when these were his message and now Trump has won in states that have been liberally-locked for decades.
    We Americans carry mostly conservative values in our homes and hearts, all we need is a cause and a message great enough to bring us all together.

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  6. I am in total agreement with all that has been stated here, however, when I read the word “alternative” it casts a dark shadow and I can’t help but feel concerned, I don’t like the extremes, only when it comes to freedom, defend the Constitution, Obey the Law of the Land and defend my country to the last drop of blood. For that I am Extremely American.

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    • Do you see the methodology here? They attach a hoped for emotional label to something, then they assign negatives with a broad brush. Most people, not wanting to be associated with the label, go pick something else that they are “allowed” by the controllers.

      After all, who are they to determine what is “normal or ordinary”. What they’re saying is “those alternative people’s beliefs are unacceptable”. “All alternative thinkers are white, bigoted nationalists”. Then they fire up ignorant little “Scooter and Meygen” to go scream at people on the streets.

      No one doubts that they’ve done their homework on behavior modification. Everyone else needs to do theirs as well. Manipulation only works if you allow it. It’s like rape. It isn’t rape if you consent.


  7. Paul Gottfried should be ostracized for being a Jew supremacist troll dedicated to emasculating pro-white gentile websites such as and

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  8. I wonder what rules the writer below believes Trump broke.

    Was Trump a different type of candidate? Yes. Did he break any rules? Not that I know of.

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    • Trump “breaking all the rules” is meant as a compliment. All it means is that he was not a conventional candidate, and managed to win against all odds. Hillary had the MSM, Hellywood, Wall St., and polls behind her. Trump was opposed even by the GOP.

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  9. Now that the demographic change America has been going through has reached a critical mass, the political landscape is finding the anarchy of choice and allegiance to be changing, offering people more niche choices.
    And not a moment too soon.

    I lean to the right. My political ideology is largely a blend of Goldwater, Reagan and Alex Jones. I read Lew Rockwell, and the conservative-libertarian philosophy has solid philosophical roots in Henry Hazlitt, von Mises, Friedman, Bastiat and others. With the exception of Reagan, we conservatives have been assigned the scapegoat role, the role of the “cuck,” and I, for one, am absolutely sick of it: The liberals snatched every little victory possible out of our hands. (And they have been absolute snarky bastards about it, too!)

    So let’s not worry about a few “white nationalist” nutballs ruining the show: They will find their niche, and they will be edged to the sidelines. The political realignment is happening now, and will continue to happen: This readjustment is likely to continue for another generation.
    And if (God Forbid) President Trump dies in his sleep tomorrow, he has provided a singular and rock-solid service, one that CANNOT be reversed: He has drawn aside the curtain and showed the Fake Stream Media just how fake it is! He has humiliated them in front of the world! This represents a qualitative change on the graph and will insure that the realignment will continue.
    So I’m all in favor of the Alt-Right: It looks like the STRANGLEHOLD that has hypnotized America from FDR to now has FINALLY. BEEN. BROKEN!

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  10. And, of course, there’s Pepe…

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  11. Just ask Hillary:

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