Why There Are More Blacks In Prison

BREITBART – Watch: Group of Teens Brutally Attacks Another Group at a Massachusetts Dock

by BREITBART TV – 4 Aug 2017

Police in Massachusetts seek help for more information after video surfaced of a group of teenagers approaching another group and proceeding to viciously attack them — seemingly for no reason… Read More

It’s racism alright

Blacks fueled by race hatred attacking people of other races 

This happened at Marina Bay in Quincy, Massachusetts, an upscale waterfront entertainment and residential area that is a mostly “white” neighborhood.

Hey black people, if you want to know why non-blacks don’t trust you, the answer is easy. It’s because you allow assholes like these to act as your ambassadors.


23 responses to “Why There Are More Blacks In Prison

  1. It doesn’t help that demorats/Hollyweird/BLM/gubermint educajion/others push the perpetual victimhood/race war agenda.

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  2. I don’t know what its going to take for people to get pissed off enough to do something about this crap. If I were a casual observer I’d say the lefties already won. We’ve got Trump in office but this stuff goes on day after day.

    My response is “who cares what they think?”. Maybe its time a few of these overpaid who whorespondents got chased down the street.

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  3. There’s a website called Hoodclips.com, to which people can upload their videos. Go on the website and you’ll see video after video of blacks fighting. Here’s one as an example:

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  4. Los Angles DA Asked to Fine City Employees Due to Racism


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  5. Youtube Channel Juan Valldez. “Standing in the Apt House Door Part I of II “ https://youtu.be/cf6fMLA2vB0


  6. I wish I didn’t have to say this,but I believe the reasons there are more Blacks in Prison than others are quite evident.
    1-They commit more serious crimes per any given number you choose to use.
    2-They don’t inherently possess the ability of thinking beyond the moment at hand,thus never consider the future effects of their actions
    3-They don’t do well at “analytical thinking”,i.e. figuring out why things happen the way they do,and how to change that pattern for better results. (Both necessary to obtain a good outcome.)
    4-They can’t grasp the concept that there are other ways to attain goals than through killing people (and going to Prison)
    5-They’re RAISED in a “Victim-hood” environment,consistently taught to believe that no matter what they do wrong,it isn’t THEIR fault-it’s WHITEY’S fault. It appears that even Blacks who DO live good lives and attain success and respect are looked on as “sell-outs” to their Black-ness,and accused of “cozyin’ up to the enemy” to get that cush-existance.
    They “don’t get no respect”,because they’ve intentionally “dumbed-down” their speech patterns to where I believe even the slaves of the past were more readily understood and communicated with. I’m sorry-I know a lot of Blacks who are NOTHING like this,they’re just really good people,some I’d gladly trust with my life,but these ones who are so aligned with the Prison mindset,they fail,because they INTEND to fail.
    Ever watch all the “Judge” programs? Notice the 3/4 of the people who appear on ’em are Blacks? Why do you suppose that is?
    This is just MY take in this. YOUR experience maybe different.

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    • It’s an obvious problem. It’s a problem that has no chance of getting better because people are afraid to discuss it. I have theories about it. It would be hard to use this medium to discuss them. People would misunderstand.

      Without assigning a reason, it is obvious that they are disproportionally involved in more crime and bad behavior. Again, I believe there are reasons for this, but just acknowledging the obvious seems hard for some.

      This didn’t come from any American experience of slavery or prejudice. It happens everywhere pretty much equally. In fact, those in Africa don’t have better luck with it than we do.

      I actually think that the most harmonious relationship achieved was in the South. They understand them and they know how to make that work. It isn’t ideal, but it works.

      I could easily do a month on this one. It is both horrible and fascinating. I will say that, categorically, I don’t blame myself for this and you shouldn’t either.

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    • I understand why you feel that way ib your points above but I’m convinced it’s not that blacks or any other skin color have an inherent lack of understanding, rational or critical thinking, just that they have been taught – by media, government education, and culture – that they don’t have these abilities, as well as those ideas (from the basics of reading, writing, etc to advanced math and science) being non black, ie white. Instead of viewing things as they are, they’ve been taught to view everything as black and white and to denigrate anything deemed “white”. Similar to the way some in the bacl community will tell you Jesus is the white mans god. Even though messiah likely had brown skin, brown eyes, and black hair. (That being said, I’ve heard that everyone will view messiah as they perceive him to be) They’ve been taught that an education, as well as working to get what you want in a legitimate occupation, is “white” and thus to be denigrated, and that they are owed what they want, if not by whites, then by anyone who has what they want at the time. Also, the ones who make most of the trouble in the hood are repeat offenders that progress to more and more uninhibited criminality, the thug culture applauds and rewards each step deeper into sin.

      However, there are those who refuse the thug culture and programming. I’ve a friend who is a investment banker and he lives in the hood where he grew up, he’s also black. He makes enough money to live wherever he wants but he chooses to stay even though he’s reviled as a uncle tom and a cracker or blonkey (a black honkey). He can’t leave his property outside because he’s being watched by some in his neighborhood and his property is stolen unless locked away, for example, he was mowing his lawn with a push mower and went inside to get something to drink, he came right back out and the mower was gone, this is like two minutes from mowing the lawn and getting the drink to coming back to a missing mower. This is their revenge upon him for not conforming to thug culture. He stays to set an example, and is willing to put up with the risks. I suspect he has more and more neighbors who support him than don’t.


  7. I had an experience just yesterday at the Lloyd Center Shopping Mall, here in Portland, Oregon, which I very infrequently visit. I was speaking to the sales clerk regarding an item . . . when all of a sudden . . . . . out of no where, a black woman jumped into the discussion. Her remarks were calculated to make me look stupid. I was rather dumbfounded that some one who had nothing to do with the verbal discussion going on between myself and the store clerk would interject themselves into the conversation! For some reason, since the Obummer years, African American people have become emboldened to the point that they feel the need to jump in on a conversation that was none of their business, and where someone with their lack of knowledge regarding this particular matter, judging from the comment which they made. I would not necessarily take it upon myself to wade into a conversation where the only thing we had in common was that the salesperson that had waited on them, was now waiting on me . . . . . please! Let’s just go back to folks minding their own business! If her comment had not been aimed at belittling me, I would not have minded the intrusion. The more I look around, the more I see that this kind of stuff, is a deliberate “get whitey technique!” just the same as the blacks in this group deliberately starting a “beat down on those white kids.”

    However, just so that I don’t seem like a racist old rag . . . I had such a sweet interchange at Walgreens when I picked up my prescriptions, and was waited on by a lovely, pleasant black saleswoman. She went out of her way to see to it that I got an additional $1.00 off on each of the bottles of Aleve I was buying. Why is it that blacks cannot see that the one person really does not portray African American’s in a favorable light . . . while the other woman was such an “Ambassador of Good Will.” I was happy at just recounting the interchange in my mind, and I thought what a lovely person!

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    • I completely understand. No one should be exempt from the rules of etiquette. We are all obliged to treat one another with respect. Those who refuse to do that reap what they deserve.

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    • My goodness, you are lucky you escaped alive with how the attitudes have changed. The last eight years of being told “we don’t prosecute our people” has indeed emboldened them. Embolden without education is not good.

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  8. I am hard-pressed to think of another ethnic group that has endured more oppression, since Oliver Cromwell, than the Irish. In a 50-year period beginning with Cromwell’s reign, some two thirds of Ireland’s population was either systematically starved to death or sold into slavery in parts of the Carribean. (And it is true that many Dominicans and others have some Irish blood in them). And the British repeated their experiment in starvation (which seems to be a favorite British method of genocide) with the Great Potato Famine.
    I think you know whose side I’m on here.
    And I am willing to hear about the oppression of blacks in America: Yes, slavery existed, but IT’S OVER. It’s been over for over 100 years now. So let us focus on the oppression at hand:
    First, President Johnson delivered a “Great Society” platform that has ABSOLUTELY DECIMATED the black family—and the black economy. Pastor James David Manning has correctly noted the toll Civil Rights has exerted upon the black community: A community that once had its own businesses and hospitals was economically co-opted by illegitimacy, inflation and taxation! The black community has never recovered from this, nor will it, as entertainment and “entitlement” (read: welfare) keep them on the economic plantation they’ve been stuck on.
    Second, the blacks who are alive should Thank God they have been born: Thanks to abortion, a large percentage of black people do not make it to birth.
    Third, and this is important, we have to point the finger of blame at President Clinton, who implemented minimum-sentencing rules and guidelines. Thanks to this stupid (and likely unconstitutional) action, America now has over one million people in prison, mostly black, for minor drug offenses who do not belong there. Again, this is another plantation, one which Michael Savage has correctly identified as “the prison-industrial complex,” where inmates can earn up to a whopping 25 CENTS PER HOUR!

    So, Yes, there has been, and there continues to be, a systemic and systematic oppression of black and non-white people in America, a good deal of which has been codified into law, and the rest of which is perpetuated in national, state and local policy. Certainly the “War on Drugs” has been a disaster for the black community—as well as the Nation as a whole. Be that as it may, black people—as a collective or corporate whole—still bear the Lion’s Share of the responsibility for their own predicament: I agree with everything Truck Junkie said above, and I know, from my own personal experience as a public high school teacher, just how bigoted and entrenched in their own victimhood mentality they can be. Still, we are not in a caste system or feudal system—YET.
    So the cure to the black man’s ailments—all real to a lesser or greater extent—remains ENTREPRENEURIAL: It still remains up to each individual to seize the day, assess his situation and then to plan and take the appropriate prolonged daily action to escape one’s situation. Certainly there is a dearth of good and honest black leaders to sermonize, encourage and lead their people out of poverty and the road to extinction they have been on. And the NAACP has been lacking in this department—and SHAME ON THEM.

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    • Great summary, Stephen.
      Having so many black friends of genuinely noble character, it’s hard for me to deal with this bunch of thugs (in the above video). This Black Lives Matter kind of thinking is catching on like a virus. People are being infected by this evil spirit daily, violent incidents are growing in number, police are being assassinated.
      Thank God for Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Ben Kinchlow, Tony Evans and the many other black people of noble character who shine like the sun.
      But the thugs in this article become the society’s example of black racism. It poisons our thoughts.
      On another note, after reading a book about Whitey Bulger, I was tempted to renounce my Irish heritage. So my crowd has our own specially negative ambassadors, too.

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    • Steven,
      . Please help me out here. You said: “So, Yes, there has been, and there continues to be, a systemic and systematic oppression of black and non-white people in America, a good deal of which has been codified into law, and the rest of which is perpetuated in national, state and local policy”. What policies are there that discriminate, or am I misunderstanding what you’re saying?

      As to the “drug war”, the whole thing is/was ridiculous and if they are disproportionately large users that is not the fault of policy per se. I can think of the introduction of crack cocaine being aimed at blacks, primarily. That was a CIA operation but, nonetheless I’d agree that was a targeted policy.

      On the other hand, I would wager that it is easier for a black youth to get help getting into college or finding employment than it is for white youths, for example. There should be enough to go around for all, regardless of race. The stated goal of having one standard for all is inconsistent with special programs for any particular group.


  9. “THE!!” last 2 sentences of the article,”SAY IT ALL AND DAMN STRAIGHT!!!!”
    “And” that is why I go to “CONDITION ORANGE” when “FERAL BLACKS” even look like they are approaching me!!!!!
    Got GUNZ…………OUTLAW!!!!!!,

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  10. What a bunch of white pussies. But it is Massachusetts, I’d expect no less from these men without spines. Did you notice not one of these losers struck back or aided their friends? As for Obama’s sons I now know why they’re referred to as niggers.

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  11. so the author thinks that gangs are ambassadors for black people. Obviously the author doesn’t have a clue what he is talking about…….BTW non-blacks love blacks that’s why they emulate black culture


    • True George, ALL LIVES MATTER, be they green, orange, or purple. And there are plenty of black people I and other non-blacks love. The problem is that idiots like these thugs grab the headlines and ruin the reputation of innocent black people. Look at what happened when a white racist killed people in the church in Charleston, SC. That church was made up of dedicated Christians, who told Al Sharpton to stay away, his race baiting tactics were not welcome. These black people took back the narrative from Sharpton and Obama and brought peace to a horrible situation.

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