New aircraft carrier USS Gerald Ford has no urinals

On July 22, 2017, President Donald Trump participated in the stirring ceremony commissioning a new aircraft carrier — the $12.9 billion, 100,000-ton, 3-football-fields, made-in-America, state-of-the-art U.S.S. Gerald R. Ford.

Trump said: “Wherever this vessel cuts through the horizon, our allies will rest easy and our enemies will shake with fear because everyone will know that America is coming, and America is coming strong.”

What is little known about the new aircraft carrier is this:

The carrier has no urinals — although the vast majority (82%) of the carrier’s 5,000 plus sailors are men, and although urinals are cheaper, more sanitary, and take up less space than stalls with flush toilets.

Peter Rathmell reports for Navy Times, July 21, 2017:

“The new aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford has all sorts of high-tech gear equipped for 21st century naval warfare. But there is one thing that male sailors will notice is no longer available: Urinals.

For the first time, every bathroom on the Ford — known throughout military circles as a head — is designed to be ‘gender-neutral,’ meaning all of the urinals have been replaced with flush toilets and stalls, Navy officials say.

The vast majority of the 5,000-plus sailors who will deploy aboard the carrier Ford are men, as women account for only about 18 percent of sailors in the Navy.

Bathroom design experts say water closets with seated toilets are less sanitary and take up far more space than wall-mounted urinals. […]

‘[A toilet is] by far a less clean environment than a urinal. By far,’ said Chuck Kaufman, president of the Public Restroom Company, an organization that specializes in designing bathrooms.

For men, traditional seated toilets are farther away, making them harder targets to accurately focus on.

Thus, men who use a water closet are more likely to miss the bowl and hit the floor, says Kaufman.

He says that when men are obligated to pee in water closets, urine tends to build up on the floor, leaving an abysmal stench.

‘A urinal is a target,’ said Kaufman. ‘What is a problem is [with a water closet] you have a very big target and we can’t aim very quickly.’

The only way to ensure men accurately aim into a toilet bowl is to force men to sit down, which is unlikely to happen, said Kaufman.

Moreover, sitting down to pee makes trips to the bathroom take longer.

Kaufman estimates that the average trip to the urinal takes a little under a minute. Meanwhile, peeing at a sit-down toilet takes twice as long, he said.

Whatever convenience that is gained by being able to morph men’s rooms into women’s rooms would also be lost in the amount of space that water closets, and the stalls around them, take up, he said.

When he is designing a bathroom, Kaufman says he is required to allot around 1,500 square inches of space for a urinal. A toilet needs more than 3,300 square inches.

For a ship like the Ford, which cost upwards of $13 billion, every inch of space matters tremendously.

‘Why would you want the ship to be bigger just for fixtures?’ said Kaufman. ‘You can get twice as many urinals as water closets.’

For now, the Ford will be the only Navy ship in the fleet that is entirely outfitted with gender-neutral bathrooms, said Bill Couch, a Naval Sea Systems Command spokesperson.

Regardless, urinals on aircraft carriers may be a thing of the past.”

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68 responses to “New aircraft carrier USS Gerald Ford has no urinals

  1. If your going to have female crews, the installation of urinals is wasteful. Regardless of planning, you will need to move female berthing from time to time. MOST females have no need for a urinal but MOST guys can hit a toilet.

    I severed over 20 years. I have no trouble with a lack of urinals.

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    • RJ Johnson, men can hit a toilet but splashes from the distance. I got my sons and husband to see the mess they made, now they sit if no urinal is available. Urine was splashed on the side and back walls and glass shower door which I had to clean up.

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      • weezy . . . you have made an extremely valid point! As an apartment manager, I had a guy up in Apt #3 that evidently could not do anything but dribble on the floor, and spray on the three walls surrounding the toilet. I was astonished to see this, I had a Dad and two brothers, land I never saw anything like this in my parent’s home. On talking with one of my brother’s he made the observation that the guy probably had problems hitting “the head” because he was a rather heavy beer drinker. Evidently, the great buzz that beer gives you, takes away your ability to manager your packywiler when it comes to peeing. When I worked at the Kroger Dairy, originally there were only two of us women . . . the guys at night would sneak into Our Restroom (Women’s Restroom.) They liked using Our Restroom because it was CLEANER THAN THEIRS, then we would come in the next day only to find pee sprayed on the walls and on the seat of our toilet. Frankly, I was shocked that men, or I should say some men are so filthy as to leave a restroom in this condition!

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        • Changing diapers for a baby is one thing, cleaning up urine from a grown man is another matter. Men would have a hissy fit if they had to clean up our urine.


      • Men splash at urinals too.


    • RL Johnson:

      Sure you served. At McDonalds no doubt. There is zero reason for women afloat. But let’s face it the real issues was weather you are really a gerbil trapped in a woman’s body. Here’s to your 99 cats you old bag.

      Leave it to the perfumed princes to do this.


  2. Seems men are not allowed to be real men. Toilets are made to sit on, Get the picture? Urinal uses lot less water, designed for men, easier to clean. This is tyranny garbage.

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    • weezy, you have my vote, all of us with husbands and boys around share the same experience and……..PUT THE LID DOWN, WILL YOU?


      • Show some respect for the Men. Keep the lid up.


        • Everyone should close the lid. It prevents things falling into the toilet also, how many times have there been reports of critters that were found in the toilets like snakes and rats, etc. Plumbers make about $90 an hour. Everyone close the lid. When having a home constructed or remodeled have a urinal installed. There is no respect for women who have to clean urine from walls and floors constantly. Women just do it without complaining.


          • I am curious why so many people in this group think women are the only ones who clean bathroom facilities. In my 20+ years of military service I cleaned hundreds of bathrooms to include the ladies room. Even when I was in a supervisor position, I led by example and helped clean the facilities.

            By the way, ladies have no claim on cleanliness. Some of the nastiest things I ever saw were on the floor in the ladies room.

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    • weezy . . . You are so right . . . this is just more of this total nonsensical “PC” garbage. The fact that thousands of American dollars were put into this expression of “political correctness” is absolutely absurd. Then you factor in that a “less hygienic” means of sanitary waste disposal has been put in place . . . someone should be fired for this kind of stupid thinking. This is absolute insanity . . . and all on the American taxpayer’s dollar, no less! This is not something to be proud of.

      Great article! How sad that it shows the absurdity of American thinking.

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    • Sit or stand, I’m still a man.

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  3. Oh,ohhhhh, better get pampers and wee wee pads, throw it all overboard, and you’ll see the big fat whale Al Gore on a speed boat picking it up. He has to save the planet!


  4. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    The description of urinals was very well covered and the photo of Obama, we will refer to Obama from Bush II’s list of names of people who covered the water front which is Turd Blossom – and the urinal reference will be pootie poots.

    One thing for sure, the sailors on this ship don’t have to worry about running to a bath room when they have the open sea to pee in. I call all of this TMI – TOO MUCH INFORMATION.

    If someone’s aim is so bad they can’t hit the pootie poot when peeing – then how did they pass the “aim and shoot” part of their training.

    There is something that always bothers me when I see a pootie poot in a bathroom – it is a luxury not a necessity.

    Time to get to the serious stuff – like winning the war against these rag heads and putting the whole Obama gang in prison for treason like yesterday.


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  5. Off The deck, men; remember, leeward side only!, Not too far from reality regarding facilities years ago, won’t relate details.

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  6. IMHO, it would be common sense to have installed both urinals and stalls as are in all of the other carriers. The urinals, saving space, time, efficiency and offering better sanitation is a natural balance to the stalls. Since humans urinate more often than moving the bowels, a ship that carries significantly more men than women (and that’s not going to change anytime soon) should install more urinals than stalls.

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  7. greenworxx, 😷


  8. Pretty Obvious Psyop

    I think Weezy is the closest, and I’ll expand…

    “Seems men are not allowed to be real men.”

    Imo, the act is to “feminize” or “emasculate” men. Its a psyop, mental conditioning on our vets. Masculinity, leadership, independence, protectionism, etc are all threats to their system. They know these servicemen will be home some day and this is their attempt at mental conditioning / castration. Trained, armed patriotic vets are their biggest hurdle.

    Remember these power junkie murdering psychopaths (dont ever use the term “elite” / another of their psyops) perceive themselves as slave owners and you are their slaves. Remember what slave owners did to keep their herd in place, they took the most masculine male and castrated him in front of the herd. This sent a message to all the other males, see, this is what happens to you if you become masculine. And then all the women raised their little boys to be subservient, and to never become masculine.

    This psycop goes way deeper than toilets. Makes one wonder what gov would want its fighting military men feminized?

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  9. I think we need to ask ourselves a few questions. What burning problem is this designed to fix? None of us were aware of these “problems” before they burst upon the scene.

    This same nonsense is happening all over the world. That alone should tell us something. This isn’t spontaneous. It is by plan.

    That leads to “who’s plan is it?”. That naturally leads to “why are they doing this?”.

    We have all become spectators. We are not participants in our future. We are supposed to simply accept whatever “appears” before us.

    It is hard to know how successful this is because the “media” would not publicize any problems.

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  10. More proof that modern society wants to, and is desperately trying to, emasculate and feminize men. I just have no stomach for sissy boys…nor for butch girls! 🙈

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  11. Why are women in our fighting forces in the first place? We have MUCH “progress” to dismantle if we wish to progress.

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  12. A good friend of mine (female) on a trip to a ghost town in the desert,told me she could pee standing up,not needing any “accommodations”,and she DID. There’s a technique to it that takes a minute to learn,but it’s been very useful for her,when she’s camping,hunting hiking the mountains or just can’t wait in line for the “Women’s Room” to be available. Why would THAT not be an option?

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  13. Seems to me there’s more valid arguments to Keep urinals than to eliminate ’em.

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  15. The men will compensate for the lack of urinals by urinating in other places on the ship. Men will not stand in line to use bathroom stalls, nor should they.
    The cleanup crew is about to get very busy with their additional pee cleaning duties. The business of life has a way of working things like this out.

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  16. I would have thought that this dubious honor would have gone to the USS George W. Bush or the USS Obama!

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  17. Weezy give up on idiots as R Johnson, if he were to understand FACTS other than his own, Maybe just MAYBE the piss won’t be all over the toilet seat, BUT I really doubt it, sounds to me as R Johnson just does not care or understand the difference, simple minds are is as simple does,

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    • No more insults, please. Only those with no substantive argument to make descends to making insults.

      If this continues, I’ll either close this post to comments or simply delete your comments insults.

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  18. You know nothing about me but you think you know enough to judge me an idiot. Since we are talking toilets, you are a piece of judgemental crap.

    I will say this again, plain and simple, our fighting men really could care less about urinals over toilets.

    When the latest ship was sinking after being rimmed I truly doubt anyone was worried about were they were going to take a leak.

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    • RL Johnson, seems you have a deep and hard anger issue as well as being hard-hearted. I love men with all their differences which should be accommodated for. Being married is compromised thoughts and habits. Why are home contractors not installing urinals in new homes? Why are women making men into females? Just thoughts.


      • Dear Weezy,

        I have a deep and hard anger issue? Wow, talk about being judgmental. You have taken a few comments and developed a complete personality profile. Amazing.

        Would that be an intermittent explosive disorder or a disruptive mood dysregulation disorder? Since I work in this field with veterans, I think your clinical diagnosis would be greatly beneficial. How about oppositional defiant disorder or generalized conduct disorder ? I anxiously await your diagnosis.

        Since 90% of communication is non verbal, it is amazing how you can develop such a deep understanding of my inner psyche. Without body language, facial expressions or tone of voice, you got me pegged. Once again, I am amazed.

        If you go back and check my original comments, you will find I was making the point that the use of urinals has nothing to do with feminizing our male military members. It has everything to do with logistics and females aboard the ship. If you would like to argue against female on ships in general, I am game. I am 100% against women in combat as well as aboard ship and I have the data to back it up.

        I have well over 30 years now working in military service. 20+ as an active duty member and another 10 working with the VA and veteran services.

        As for toilets, never once have I met a military member who gave a rip about the lack of urinals. Most of the time you are just glad your not taking a crap or piss out in the field. Worse yet your assigned the detail to burn human feces in burn barrels.

        With the hundreds of things a military member has to deal with, where to piss and what to piss in is not a big subject of conversation.

        As for my anger issues, good luck with that. I hope your not making a living issuing differential diagnosis. If you are, you need a refresher in DSM-5 diagnostic criteria.

        Have a good day.


  19. Ok Truth be told, I’m a woman. Admittedly not able to speak for men— BUT, please tell me— WTH is so MANLY about urinals? “Lets all whip out our man parts when we hafta pee!”


  20. This is one more piece of madness foisted on us my our Godless politically correct leaders, especially the obama (lower case intentional) regime.


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