23 responses to “LA made $1.3B in illegal immigrant welfare payouts in just two years

  1. I wonder if there are any awake Californians left to rise up? Thanks for the coverage!

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  2. Makes me wonder where some of the money$$$$$$ have ended up, could it be “floating” in some “maximum waters” of the state’s swamp?

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  3. Great article, although it leaves the reader profoundly ill, just thinking about all these monies being bilked out of the American tax payer. Mayor Eric Garcetti needs to be arrested for helping to perpetrate this major fraud on the poor taxpayers.

    My profound thanks to the agents of ICE; may they triple the number of people currently being sent back to their own lands. Now, we need to change the law, NO BABY SHOULD AUTOMATICALLY GAIN UNITED STATES CITIZENSHIP BY VIRTUE OF BEING BORN ON THIS SOIL. Only those children born to at least one legal US citizen should be granted automatic citizenship. This insane law is chocking us to death, because we are stuck taking care of parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. of just one anchor-baby. This needs to be addressed ASAP, but we have suck dill weeks in the Congress that something as important as this get perpetually stuck on the back burner! And thus you and I are stuck paying out day in and day out for people who have no real claim to the blessings and benefits of this land!!!!

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    • you’re absolutely RIGHT! THIS was not what the Founders intended when they drew it up-it was ONLY to help freed slaves start new lives and raise strong families. Leave it to a Liberal to find ways to use the Constitution AGAINST the People it represents..

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  4. “Whitey, get to work and move over. We have more freeloaders coming”.

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  5. How much of the $1.3B in welfare that Los Angeles County spends on illegals, e.g., food stamps, comes from the federal government? President Trump should cut off all federal money for sanctuary cities, counties & states.

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    • Absolutely. But, he should also have those officials arrested for accessories to federal crimes. I think that would take some of the starch out of their knickers.

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    • He’s trying to do that and now cities are threatening to sue the Feds. Read this am that Chiraq is promising a suit.

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    • Amen to that! Cut off ALL FEDERAL FUNDS TO SANCTUARY CITIES . . . they can start with LA County–Los Angles, California, then moving right up the left coast–Multnomah County, and the City of Portland, Oregon, then moving right along to the North, we could include those bastions of sanctimonious sanctuary, such s King County–Seattle, Washington . . . then we could start moving Eastward with the cutting of funds! I would even volunteer my time and efforts in figuring out the accounting side of who gets the ax.

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  6. I can just hear that;”Yes,Your Honor-our Client wishes to sue the Federal Government for NOT allowing us to violate Federal Immigration Law. I know this sounds pretty crazy,but they REALLY WANNA violate this particular Law….No,Your Honor-I DON’T expect Unicorns to fly out of your Butt too….”

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  7. The educational aides at my school openly trade their food-stamps around (they trade them for money so they can use the money for non-food stamp items—booze, tobacco items, junk food, etc.) . Not shy about doing it in front of a teacher. I’m also wondering how they qualify for food stamps? Our aides start out at near $20/hour and quickly shoot up to $27/hour. Also, once heard an aide in the staff lounge on a break (BUT STILL SCHOOL TIME!) long-distance call to Mexico planning for how and when to bring a pregnant relative up over the border (illegally) in time for the baby to be born here……to establish an anchor baby for the rest of the family…..again, not shy about doing it in front of others…AND….maybe they think NO ONE ELSE, esp those not born in MEXICO, speaks or understands Spanish?????? Either brazen or shallow. Are there Californians who see and know what is going on here? Yes. And, we are overwhelmingly outnumbered by the amount of illegals and legal immigrants who “game” this system (where I live —without the illegal count included—-we turned the corner long ago….52% “minority”….so, when is the “minority” going to be called the “majority” with these sorts of stats? The “minority” population in my middle school is over 75% these days…..and we are NOT a big city….we are a small “village” in a semi-rural area). Not only that….but much of the non-illegal, non-immigrant population are so politicallly correct that you dare NOT bring any of this up in “polite” company….let alone a school board or city or county meeting…..

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    • An aide starts at $20/hr? Wow.


    • I’ve been gone from California for a long time but that practice was very common when I lived there. Another was for them to use a $20.00 food stamp (in those days it was paper “money”) for candy and clerk would give them $19.00 real dollars in change.

      At the risk of being misunderstood, that’s the trouble with these programs. Eventually, a group is working for half of what they should take home to support another group that does nothing. I don’t want anyone to starve, but how are we to pay for this?

      You have Jerry Brown calling people lazy and greedy for not wanting to pay a $.71 /gallon gas tax increase? On top of that they want toll roads? I’d rather starve on the sidewalk than live in California again.

      I grew up there. We had the best road, best schools, indigent health care, free tuition, mental health facilities, good paying jobs. Then, after the Ray-Gun years, we got the first stages of this. We went from no income tax and a surplus, to state income tax, fees and taxes on everything, no healthcare, no free tuition, etc., AND a deficit. The only ones who made out were in Orange County.

      Since then, it got worse. Words cannot describe the situation there now. Two of my daughters still live there. I keep trying to get them to move. They are hard-working and drowning in debt. It is a preview of Hell.

      No, this stuff we discuss here has been seen before by me. I’ve seen something that worked utterly destroyed for good. Don’t let anyone convince you that it can’t happen. Perhaps you’ve only seen this side of it. You weren’t there for the good years.

      At any rate, I fear California is what they plan for all of us. It needs to totally collapse. It is too far gone for remediation. It looks as if it is headed that way. My guess is that soon it will all look like Tijuana North.

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      • OMG Lo—thanks for “backing me/explaining it better than I did. (And, I’ve heard about “the good old days in CA, too…when things were so much better….). Your daughters are STUCK here in CA, drowning in debt, living amongst people who have more goods/more fun than THEY do/b/c I’m betting they are like my husband & I—working (sometimes more than ONE job), being conservative w/money, while everyone around them is on some sort of “dole” or games any number of “systems” here in CA so that everyone else (read: your daughters & me/my husband) pay for their “needs” so that THEIR “disposible” money can be spent on what they WANT (made “disposible b/c we ppay for their NEEDS!). These people somehow get food stamps, free school breakfasts & lunches, grants & tuitions to college without even “qualifying” through GRADES, discounted water bills, electric bills, health services of all kinds EVEN before/without Obamacare, special school services & transportation (everyone else here has to pay for bus transportation to school these days…)…But then, many of them pull up to the school to pick up kids in a brand new SUV in the FREE after school “baby-sitting program (Think Together)……(my cars are all a decade old or MORE….)…..

        The reason your daughters can’t get out of CA is the same reason that I can’t get out of CA….we pay our bills, we live within our income….when the economy went into the dump, we did NOT walk away from our home like nearly HALF of my neighbors did (meanwhile, still living in the homes for up to 2 years without paying mortgage until the bank actually, legally put them out on the street…..whereupon, they took all they saved over the year-to two years of non- mortgage payments…and paid CASH for a similar-by-then-depressed-in-value- home —in fact my ILLEGAL school janitor did this very thing—) which depressed MY home value by more than half for the entire Obama double term b/c of the number of them who did this as OPPORTUNISTS. Just recently my home started recovering….but STILL slightly under water….so I STILL can NOT refinance to a lower interest rate…..but I STILL pay my bills…..). I do go on but…the reason your daughters can’t get out of CA, like me, is b/c the politics of this state favor those who can not/will not/are not made to manage their lives within the bounds of their incomes, planning, making good choices, some sacrifices….seeking jobs and job training when available to make them worthy of making MORE income….but STILL think they deserve what they want and when they want it…..and the state responds to THEIR “NEEDS” instead of the ones who pay the bills…..most of all OUR OWN bills…which never allows us to “put any savings of significance by” and for sure, our homes are underwater for almost the last decade…..we can’t sell and get out with anything left over to invest into GETTING OUT OF THE STATE and starting over…..

        And BIG “PS”….I JUST recently had a waitress at a local small-town restaurant (bank investigators know exactly the time and place) steal my credit card/bank card number and STEAL $10,000 out of our accounts over the July 4 bank holiday…….(we are going to be covered by our bank and LIfeLock ….but it still will take 90 days…..so we are pay check to pay check)…..My point in telling you all this is…..not only does the STATE of CA beat me up and take my money to hand to others…..but OTHERS in this state STEAL the rest!

        I’ve “joked” often that my life is the REAL story of the Eagles “Hotel California” (which I play full blast in my car on the way to work everyday…AS I PASS B Y A DERELICT hotel in our little town called “The Hotel California!!!!)……”You can check out….but you can never leave….”

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        • I completely understand. When we moved it was very hard for a couple of years. I don’t regret it. I can honestly say it took ten to get rid of them. They had liens (illegally and falsely) filed against me for state income tax that I didn’t even owe as I wasn’t living there when I earned the money, etc..

          I swear, as God is my witness, the former USSR was not as bad. The only ones smiling there are those on the dole who have lost, or never had, self-respect. The rest are laboring in a miserable environment with a governor who says insulting things about them because they aren’t delivering what he needs for his indigent friends.

          For some it is very hard to leave what they’re used to. To be honest, that part never troubled me a bit. In my opinion California is the greatest place to be FROM.


  8. Read Gargetti’s speech. “Work hard”? At what, getting benefits? Oh, voting Demonrat, I get it. Remember, those stats are just “illegal” aliens. They don’t include all the benfeits for the “legal” ones. So, for those with a job, if they are “under-employed”, the taxpayers get to bail out their bosses too.

    So, when their kids need jobs, the Mexicans have them. When their kids need tuition (now!), their money went to the Mexicans. Then their governor insults them for having the temerity to complain about it.

    Maybe they need to bring back the Vigilance Committee. Those crooks got a speedy trial and first class hangings.

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  9. This is why the bridge and streets are not fixed. This is why the state is insolvent.

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