Dear Abby apologizes for instructing a mom not to inquire if a parent has firearms

dear abby

I do not have children in my home. If I did, I can guarantee you that any firearms would be properly secured to keep kids from accessing them.

That being said, if anyone inquired about firearms in my home the answer would a quick no, as in, none of your business. I wouldn’t advertise that information.

I’m curious as to what thoughts parents might have on Dear Abby’s advice and apology.

From NY Post: Dear Abby is often thought to be an expert on all things etiquette, but she’s recently had to apologize for the advice she gave to a concerned mom.

In a June edition of her advice column, Jeanne Phillips — who publishes Dear Abby under the pen name Abigail Van Buren, just like her mother before her told a mom from New Jersey that it was “off-putting” to ask other parents if they have guns in their homes before allowing her daughter to play at their houses.

“Because you are concerned for your child’s safety, why not offer to have the kids visit your house for playdates?” added Phillips. “I’m sure many of the parents will be glad to have some free time, and it shouldn’t offend anyone.”

Less than a week later, however, Phillips had received “a large number” of complaints, prompting her to clarify her statements.

“I have heard you loud and clear,” tweeted Phillips on June 27. She also stated that ensuring a child’s safety means “asking whether there are weapons on the premises,” and advised parents not to send their children to another child’s house if they feel it’s an unsafe environment.

Now, more than a month after the offending advice, Phillips has outright apologized for those initial remarks in a column she published on Monday.

In response to a Yale-educated pediatric nurse (and psychiatrist nurse practitioner) who took Phillips to task for not encouraging the mom to follow through with her questions about gun safety, Phillips walked back her original response.

“Of course you are right. The woman’s question wasn’t about etiquette. It was about child safety,” Phillips told the nurse in a column titled “Vigilant Moms Can’t Shy Away From Asking About Gun Safety.”

“A large number of readers besides you agreed my perspective was off,” she added. “I have heard all of you loud and clear, and I apologize.”

In doing so, Phillips also earned the praise of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, a group that was initially critical of her advice, according to Today.

“Dear Abby has gone beyond just correcting the record; I’m proud to consider her an advocate now too,” said Dan Gross, the president of Brady Center. “Our children’s safety is something we call ALL get behind and all speak out for*.”

*Unless it’s a baby in the womb, of course. Reproductive rights!!!!


18 responses to “Dear Abby apologizes for instructing a mom not to inquire if a parent has firearms

  1. We are awash in fakery.

    Even Dear Abby is a fake: “Jeanne Phillips — who publishes Dear Abby under the pen name Abigail Van Buren, just like her mother before her”

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    • Dr Eowyn . . . Amen to that! She even looks kinda fake.

      What sane person would advertise that “they DO NOT have guns on the premises, nor for that matter . . . . “that they DO have guns on their premesis!”

      Hasn’t anyone realized that little ears gave blabbering mouths. The information that there are guns on the premises makes it a target for those who want a “five finger discount. Some years ago when my brother moved into a new house . . . within the first week, he was broken into and all his guns were stolen. Evidently, or perhaps the thieves saw the guns being carried into the house.

      I would say that if YOU do not feel comfortable if having your child go to a home where there may be guns . . . . . keep your little darlin’ home, and ask the other child to come to your house. It is NO ONE’S business whether or not you have or own a gun, and the appropriate answer is always “NO” (In that “NO” the no means no I don’t answer questions such as that.) By the way, some other child’s parent(s) could just as well ask . . . “Do you have any pedophile’s or sexual deviant’s living in your home that my child may encounter.” You see, with the prevalence of child molestation, that might well be a question that needs addressing in this day and age!

      I think the gal who plays at being “Dear Abby” is rather a liberal bonehead, and should be disregarded.

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  2. You are right that “none of your business” is the correct answer. I instructed all of my kids on gun safety which included not handling (playing) with them in their or anyone else’s home. I told my kids “if anyone brings out a gun while you’re there, leave”.

    I can say that, as a child, I had instances where one of my playmates brought out a gun. Some of my kids related similar incidents.

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    • lophatt . . . you should apply for the job of “faking it as Dear Abbey” . . . what supreme wisdom that you would teach your kids “if anyone brings out a gun while you’re here, leave.” This is an instance of “real parenting,” not just going around confronting other parent’s about their ownership of a gun! You be responsible for YOUR CHILD if the instance should arrive that s gun is being brandished. This seems like such a reasonable take on this matter, whuz up with all the nincompoops that wrote in to complain to Dear Abby about her answer.

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  3. If you, as the parent, DON’T KNOW the other parents well enough to know what they’re about, then you’re already behind the eight-ball. Why would a parent permit his/her child(ren) to play at the home of someone they don’t know well? Parents USED to know the families of their children’s playmates. That would alleviate the need and stupidity of this question. Why would any thinking person write to ‘Abby’ in the first place?
    “Dear Abby” — talk about a “make work” position/nepotism/tribalism. Puke.
    It should be called “Dear Yente” or “Dear Yachne”.

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    • stlonginus . . . I thought your reply was truly over the moon . . . indeed, in the old days 1950’s and 1960’s, our parents certainly did know our playmates parents. I’m not sure that it really if safe to send your child off to a play mate’s house when you really do not know them at all. I love the comment . . . . . “It should be called “Dear Yente” or Dear Yachne”. Of course when “Dear Abbey” got started, the thought was probably that the country as a whole would not accept a Jewish answerer of problems.

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  4. Our son never played with the gun, he knew where it was kept but out of his reach, under lock and key. He was taught that it was not a toy but a means of protection. He never told anyone we owned a gun and the issue was not a topic of discussion. If need be I can control discharging my firearm at the moment I feel threatened, no questions asked, afterwards it will be returned to its proper place, cleaned, polished at the ready.

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    • Alma . . . It sounds like your were describing the home I was raised in! Congratulations for raising your son in an excellent home environment. I just wish more parents had the intelligence and parenting skills that you obvious have. Somehow, that is a skill that fell by the wayside, for the most part . . . and we are left with so many of these dysfunctional families, where Mommie is “married to Uncle Sam,” and his support comes around at the beginning of each month.

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    • Yes indeed. My kids were taught that guns were VERY serious business. I never horsed around with them and I didn’t allow them to either. To this day they all treat them the way they were trained.

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  5. Everything is fake — noses, boobs, butts, news and now Dear Abby. Can it get any better?

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  6. This makes me wonder if the lefties are looking for approval to ask anyone and everyone about gun ownership in order to “turn” them in. Remember, Obama wanted out Drs.mto ask their patients about ownership. Everyone wants to be in charge these days.
    I love the above comments. If you don’t know much about the family, keep the kids home. Guns aren’t the only dangers in other people’s home.

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  7. I was raised in a home with brothers who were hunters, and there were always guns. Lots of guns and all kinds of guns. Everyone in Texas has them. 😁. Not once did I ever think of getting one of those guns out of it’s locked cabinet.

    The only people who have a problem with guns are those who mean to do you harm. $10.00 says “Abby” has a gun to protect herself. Hypocrites always do because they think their life is more valuable than yours.

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  8. Dear Abby bows to the PC line today…

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