Acid attacks in the UK now so widespread that public need training in helping victims, warn doctors

acid attack victim

Southampton acid attack victim in September 2015/BBC photo

Gee, I wonder why acid attacks are on the rise…

From Telegraph via Yahoo: Acid attacks are now so prevalent that the public needs to be trained in helping victims, the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM) has said. In London alone, the number of attacks rocketed from 261 in 2015, to 454 last year, an increase of 73 per cent.

Doctors at the RCEM and Barts Health NHS Trust say that bystanders who come to the aid of victims should be taught to quickly remove contaminated clothing and wash off the acid with copious amounts of water, which can lessen scarring and the need for plastic surgery.

They also called for legislation to make the carrying of corrosive substances in the street illegal.

“The number of high profile “acid” attacks has been increasing in recent years, especially in London,” said Johann Grundlingh consultant emergency physician at Barts Health Trust, writing in the British Medical Journal (BMJ).

“The attacks, involving a range of corrosive substances, have brought into sharp focus the need for clinicians, law enforcement officers, and our lawmakers to find ways to deal with this latest menace on our streets. The assailants’ intention is not to kill, but to maim and disfigure. Corrosive substances now seem to be a replacement for carrying knives.”

“Bystanders who come to the aid of the victim of an attack can have an important role in minimising further injury.”

Carrying corrosive substances is currently legal with no restrictions on volume or strength, although the government is considering changing the law.

In 2002, after similar attacks, Bangladesh banned the open sale of acid and imposed stringent punishment of offenders, which saw the number of attacks fall by 15-20 per cent a year.

India and Cambodia have also implemented legislation to combat acid attacks but have yet to introduce laws restricting the ease and availability of acid.

Last month two teenage boys were arrested following six acid attacks in the streets of London in a 72 minute spree.  Just days before a man was arrested for flinging acid into the face of an aspiring model in the capital.

Although acid attacks are rarely deadly, victims are often left scarred, blinded and heavily traumatised.

The substance used is usually sulphuric or nitric acid and, unlike most other countries, in the UK men are more likely to be victims than women. Since police clamped down on knife crime, gang members frequently conceal acid in water bottles.


25 responses to “Acid attacks in the UK now so widespread that public need training in helping victims, warn doctors

  1. What are the racial/ethnic identities of the attackers? Since acid-attacks are common in India and Bangladesh, are the attackers Muslim?

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    • You know they aren’t going to release any information that would appear disparaging of Muslims..

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    • It stinks to high Heavens that the ethnicity of the perpetrators IS NOT REVEALED in these news articles. Yes, we have all learned to “read the code” when we peruse these types of articles. But the basic fact that these attacks seem to have perhaps been perfected in India and Bangladesh leads us to believe that these are acceptable Muslime methods of maiming females.

      As far as I am concerned, it would not grieve me if a DEATH SENTENCE were pronounced against anyone perpetrating such a heinous crime. After a country had “offed a few of these goons” there might be some serious reduction in the numbers of acid attacks being perpetrated. The fact that enacting laws against carrying acid only saw a 10-15 percent reduction, this tells me that is not the kind of reduction in this particular crime that will really help a society. Much better to put a few to death for dealing such a horrific criminal act, at least that particular person will not do replay of his/her crime.

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      • You mean something like this:

        I find it interesting that their “media” won’t talk about it and, by extension, most people assume they are not allowed to. Where does that come from. So, someone is raping your women and children and destroying your culture but you are “not allowed” to discuss it? I don’t think so.

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    • We know when they purposely leave out who they are…we know who they are. This is very tragic, but they have encouraged these heathens without paying attention to the ramifications that was bound to happen.

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  2. Is the Pope Catholic? lol

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  3. Cowards refuse to acknowledge the truth that these are Muslim attacks against what they call infidels.

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    • artj j. . . . . . You just hit it out of the ballpark with this comment! It would seem that the world is full of “C-O-W-A-R-D-S” both here in the USA , and across the pond!

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  4. Why should the spawns of satan assimilate to any country’s law when they are given the freedom to enter a country with open arms. They rob, murder, rape, maim, destroy property, etc because they claim a religion of “peace” and more often than not their crimes are covered up by governments. This will get worse if they aren’t forbidden to enter/deported. They will never assimilate be they are welcomed with open arms. It’s their only!

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  5. What’s missing in the article is the ethnicity of the attackers. Hmmm…Now, if the attackers were Caucasian that definitely would have been mentioned. It’s “whitie” who’s hated down to the ground right now, even by fellow whites who think they are ‘elite’ or something.

    Those elitists/progressives/luciferians/whatevers who are probably 90% white if not more, are using the made-up idea of racial discrimination to bait the non-whites into becoming jealous, envious and filled with wrath towards the Caucasians in the population for NO honestly good reason.

    No offense is intended here, and please don’t be upset at me over this, but just as a pet can be trained to do it’s master’s will, those who’ve been given much by some govt., owe much to the givers, and they often give back willingly, and not simply to ensure they’ll receive more free goodies, either.

    It’s sad to me, but I’ve seen that attitude in some people I know, and I know it’s a completely unconscious thing with them. They are very nice people too, but if you’ve never witnessed someone treat another human being with almost syrupy sweetness, never minding that that person is a complete stranger, with them acting as though “of course” they know ‘you’, and of course they won’t mind if they engage ‘you’ in conversation.

    The day I realized what was going on it hit me like a ton of bricks. Watching people like those progressives/democrats, etc., It was as though I was watching a trainer and ‘master’ engaging that complete stranger in conversation as though they were long lost friends–one was white, one was not white–take a guess as to which one was engaging the complete stranger, who was not white, in conversation, like the stranger was family whom they hadn’t seen in a very long time.

    Yet, the person who was white really does love people, and is as friendly as can be–yet, even more so around non-whites. Very much so. It’s not an foreign type of behavior with those white people whom I’ve seen behave like that, either, and it seems to come to them as naturally as breathing. Don’t ask me why, because I’m not sure of how that all came about, but I have some ideas on the subject. Plus, I don’t think I’m viewing it too narrowly, too specifically, either–I wish that was the case!

    To me, it’s more than just sad–it’s alarming! And, I thank God all the time for leading me to faith in His Son, Jesus, so that I can pray for people like that, because without God’s assistance I don’t believe that attitude, of ‘master’ and ‘subject’, will ever be changed, it’s so completely pervasive. So, if those who think of themselves as ‘elite’ exhibit that type of attitude, or even try to hide a haughty attitude of superiority while around those of other ethnicities, but who hold the purse strings to free goodies they give out to those they wish to vote for them, or to vote their way, well, “Houston, there’s the problem”.

    I never wonder why I loathe politics and politicians any longer, due to what I’ve seen of what’s really going on.

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  6. We don’t need to read the print as who are carrying out these horrendous acts, we already know! Jihadist children, suicide bombers, no matter what title we give them parents get paid for the services the children are taught to carry on against the “infidels”, the life of the children have no value, they can be replaced. Who would think a child carrying a water bottle could carry out such mission? better than a box cutter! Is the U.K. in fear that targeting a specific group may trigger suicide bombers? Is so, England is lost to the muslims as is Germany, Sweden, and little by little overtaking the entire European continent, it is like a wave that comes from under sweeping all it encounters on its path, and that wave reaches everywhere unless it is contained. The children will grow up, become adults….it will not stop, and since life for them has no meaning it has to be ended one way or another, meantime GOD SAVE THE QUEEN?

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    • Alma . . . . . I whole heartedly agree with your reply to this article! It would seem that the boneheads in the UK would rather not have assailants utilize a box cutter, but use a water bottle full of acid instead! Your statement . . . Is the U.K. in fear that targeting a specific group may trigger suicide bombers? If so, England is lost to the Muslims as is Germany, Sweden, and little by little overtaking the entire European continent . . . I cannot even begin to imagine what the good citizens of these countries are thinking when they contemplate the betrayal of their government leaders!!!

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  7. Cucked UK police are more concerned about combating “right wing extremism”:

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  9. If you just arrived from Uranus, would you think that those responsible for this are working for the victims or the enemy? Just asking.

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  10. OY! The world is spinnning out of control with crap like this (amongst so much other depravity)…So sorry this has come to pass. This has really made me bummed-out on our prospects for the future:

    Do we need to WORRY about “Global Warming” doing us all in maybe some centuries from now? Maybe…..everyone will be dead anyway by then of massive anarchy, the bowing of “law” to “political correctness”, massive diseases that can now travel from one cauldron of death to begin another within a few hours’ plane travel, zero birth rate, lowered life expectancy from drugs, human trafficking, dictatorships/socialism/marxism/communism that starve their populations to death, nuclear wars or accidents, total collapse of our health care and educational systems, decaying cities, malls, infrastructure, income “redistribution” the demise of capitalism/creative wealth, disappearance of the family farm/independent food sources….and on and on. Have a happy weekend anyway, while you can. 😦 As I stated, I’m pretty “bummed” about this article, these events.

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  12. A splash from the acid test of multiculturalism…

    The Acid Attacks of London’s Muslim No-Go Zones | Frontpage Mag

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  13. After acid control, Britain will try stick or gravity control…

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  14. next thing you know, the cucked UK will feature fashion shows starring victims of acid attacks wearing burkas…
    they have to decide if they want to make it illegal to carry corrosive substances, yet, they have no problem passing a law to ban zombie knives:

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  15. Crackdown by prosecutors to see thugs handed up to life in jail, and four years for carrying acid. […]

    Thugs who throw acid can now be given a life sentence, even if they miss their victim


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