War on White People: no rights or suffrage for white men

The Left’s War Against White Men continues.

Here are the latest exhibits:

(1) Lisa Bloom

Lisa Bloom, 55, is an attorney who has her own show on truTV. The only offspring of “feminist” lawyer Gloria Allred, Bloom is the permanent legal analyst for The Today Show and a contributor to NBC Nightly News and MSNBC. Wikipedia says Bloom and her mother are Jewish.

On August 1, 2017, Bloom posted a series of vicious tweets, calling President Trump a “white supremacist” and decrying that in his administration, tax dollars are going to defend “white rights”. (Note: Some Jews do not regard themselves as “white,” but consider themselves a race of their own.)

(2) Affinity Magazine

Founded in 2013, Affinity describes itself as a “new cool” magazine “exclusively for teens by teens.”

Writing for Affinity on August 1, 2017, Malia Rolt — a regular contributor to Affinity who describes herself as a “16 year old Asian teenager who is passionate about social justice and politics. A hardcore feminist, #BLM supporter and LGBTQ+ rights advocate” — asks if “white men really deserve to vote”. She calls for reparations to be made to women for historically being denied suffrage, and proposes that white men’s right to vote should be withdrawn:

After all, women and people of colour went through times of not being allowed to vote, and the fact that white men never had to experience that is an injustice. Despite the fact that we are given the illusion of democracy today (even though in reality the electoral college decides our future for us), do oppressors of minorities and women deserve to choose to continue our oppression, or should we help them by withdrawing the right to vote from them for a while until we can truly get on the same page and connect?

Readers’ comments on Rolt’s 2-paragraph essay claim that it was originally published on Huffington Post, then taken down, and that “Malia Rolt” is an anagram for “I am a troll”.


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29 responses to “War on White People: no rights or suffrage for white men

  1. Obama is a half & half racist supremacist. What is with these idiotic females who hate men, sleep with them because of hate, get pregnant, then use abortion for birth control?

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  2. Kevin J Lankford

    So these ashkenazi fake Jews don’t consider themselves white? I have heard it before, and read before, how the Hebrews left Israel black but have returned white.

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    • Where to begin? I suppose this is a case of “choosing” to be “white” or not in the same sense that “transgendered” crazies choose to be other than they are, a chicken perhaps.

      Beyond that, the message is clear that the condition of being “white” is reprehensible to them. So for this band of conformist joiners, they can’t wait to be absorbed into the Entity.

      All that aside, Jews constantly play at these games. These “Eastern Jews” are converts. If they are a “race” it is only in the sense that race was once used to describe groups with similar interests. Nowadays it is primarily a genetic description, and using that standard, her argument fails miserably.

      But, we should encourage people like her to deny their “whiteness”. They should breed with other “races” and perhaps catch incurable venereal diseases. That way the problem can take care of itself.


  3. I don’t understand the reference to “Jews.” Gloria and her daughter are horrible people, regardless of their heritage. I’m a Jew and hate them both. In fact, I know many republican Jews who voted for Trump, serve in the military, love America (first and foremost). So I am offended when you lead with their religion as opposed to their idiotic thinking. They are idiots, not Jews or Americans.


    • “I don’t understand the reference to “Jews.””

      You should re-read my post. Informing readers that Lisa Bloom is Jewish (an ethnic term, not necessarily religious, as I doubt either Bloom or Allred are religious) is needed to answer the reader’s natural question as to why Bloom objects to rights for “whites,” i.e., Caucasians — an anthropological racial category that is defined by biological attributes of physiognomy, which includes “Jews”. That is why I point out that there are Jews who don’t consider themselves to be “white”.

      But it’s great that you are a self-described pro-Trump Jew. Wish there were more of you.

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  4. Although now it is common to see interracial marriages, nobody is ever going to brake up the the racial divide in our country. It’s never going to happen. Years back a movie “Guess who’s coming to Dinner” Sidney Poitier, Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn and Katharine Houghton, seem out of the norm at the theater. Black families have not come to terms seeing the sons/daughters marry a white but accept the union, not so on the white side, both families alienate from each other, yet the children, born from the union don’t identify themselves neither white nor black. White Supremacists, Black Life’s Matters, white vs black is not going to ever cease from their own apartheid.

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    • Many countries especially in Latin America interracial marriages is prevalent, and racism is not a matter of important discussion.

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      • Really? In Mexico the biggest insult you can give in racist free Mexico is to call someone “Indio.” That’s Indian for all you Yankees. Oh yes watch Mexican soaps and comedy shows to see what Mexican stereotypes are. Hint the maids are what race and the playboys are what?

        In race free Brazil, there are about 98 classifications of race based on how your hair looks, tint of your color, thickness of your lips. But make no mistake about it the stereotype of beauty and wealth is someone who came off the boat from Europe.

        In Venezuela there is no race based discrimination either (LOL), just take a look at their ads.

        In the USA anyone can make it if he works hard enough, is smart enough, and has a bit of luck. The same factors are meaningless in Latin America if you are poor and not of the appropriate social standing. That’s why people will do anything to get to the USA. Ask the Bolivian or Peruvian who you may meet if this is not true.

        By the way, having lived in Latin America for years I asked someone from Columbia who went to the USA and was sent back how he was treated. He said fine. When I asked him about how he was treated by other Latins on his way to cross the border I was treated to a special lesson in profanity, directed especially at Mexico. He also added Mexicans don’t speak Spanish, they mangle it. Comparing both nations Spanish I note that Colombian Spanish is closer to what one hears in Spain. Mexican Spanish is akin to Quebec French.

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        • Very insightful. “United Statesers” did not invent prejudice. I’ve heard it said (and believe its true), that its the same in Africa. Even in Europe, at least before the forced melting pot was instituted, there was serious class division.

          You are very astute to note that most do not aspire to social goals they consider to be out of their reach. Oddly, the poor seem not to interest themselves with the rich, only their surmised superiority over other poor.

          It’s rather like cattle. There is an “Alpha Class/Race” and grades of inferiority. It is also true that, among “the colored” the “white European” is the apex creature.

          So maybe all of this “white privilege” nonsense here is sour grapes.


    • Yes, that was a nice film. If it were representative of all such unions then it would be more difficult to fault them. Unfortunately, it was just a movie.

      The statistics on such marriages are gruesome. Setting aside the genetic implications, the cultural implications are immense. Many of these white girls get involved with blacks because they think they’re being “cool”, only to find themselves beaten and diseased.

      I’m a realist. Sometimes the truth isn’t pretty. If people really care about improving things, they have to look at how things are, warts and all. That is a large part of what keeps the snowflake culture alive. They prefer to live in a non-existent reality where their favored people behave in ways that they don’t in this universe.

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  5. Who came up with the name “Allred”? Have to love it.

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  6. Then, look up the meaning of “Gloria”. Define your red any way you want.

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  8. This is building up to something bad, in the same way that all the suggestions to assassinate Trump are trying to build up to a murder.

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    • That’s entirely possible. I sense that, if they do that, they’ll point to their own propaganda as justification. If they don’t do that, they will remove him through impeachment.

      The real goal here is to seal the deal on the concept of electing anyone not blessed by Satan. If they kill him, it will send the message one way. If they remove him, it does it another. The overall message is the same. “You must select from the “choices” we provide”.

      We’ve already seen how easily most people are manipulated. That frightens me more than any of this. I can deal with elites playing disgusting games. I can’t deal with my neighbors being tools.

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  9. I give no credence to anything that this twit and her mother ever says. Coming from two of the biggest ambulance chasers in the country kind of kills any respect of their statements,
    And the little troll has nothing important to say on suffrage. She as well as every other woman running around and running their mouths off have never experienced anything to do with suffrage. They have all the rights of every man in this days world, so shut up. I am sick to death of the malady or trend of the week.

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  10. Ok I will lose my vote only when ALL low life slugs like this “Malia Rolt” and her ilk cannot ever benefit from the labor, ingenuity or inventions of the evil white male.


  11. Here’s the deal:

    You’re supposed to be stupid enough to believe it.


  12. I have always wondered, If Black lives matter, why don’t other Blacks spend the time and effort they use attacking White People to help resolve Black on Black violence. Sorry to tell you but we are getting SICK of getting the Blame for your problems. I back my words with fact, a federal study has proven 54% of violent crime is committed by 7% of the total population, you guessed correctly Blacks!
    We are sick of the whining and blame of a segment of people too lazy to hold together their relationships, and mob, loot and burn honest working citizens
    (white AND Black) property, just because you do not agree with the decisions of the courts.
    This Country has worked very hard for equal rights for the past 50 years, the last 2 generations of Adults have worked tirelessly to end racism.
    I suggest you work on yourselves instead of blaming others for your problems.
    Lastly, have you ever wondered why Blacks are blamed for theft? Try comparing the Police reports between White and Black neighborhoods.
    You don’t like the truth? Spend the effort to end young Black men of abandoning their pregnant Girlfriends (70+% unwed birth rates), and keep them at home to raise and teach their children right from wrong!
    And before you blame us for Slavery, remember proven facts determine it started first on the African continent between Black tribes!
    The blame game and race card has been used up, we don’t buy it anymore.
    Get to work and EARN some respect.


  13. “Summertime, and the whining is easy…….”…. Most of us have known people like this, white or black. First they whine, “my world is coming to an and…”. You make suggestions to help them and they launch into a thousand reasons why those won’t work, “but I have no experience, I’m too old, I’m too frail….”.

    We’re never going to solve this. Why try? It’s their problem. It’s only ours when it directly impacts us. So, we need to find ways whereby we won’t be impacted. I suppose that’s why the prison industry has grown so large.


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