Revealed: 800 children in England as young as 10 have been given sex change drugs

possibly go wrong

Because feeeeeelings.

From Daily Mail: More than 800 children in England – some as young as ten – are being given controversial drugs to help them change gender. The NHS treatment, which halts the onset of adulthood, is aimed at young people who believe they are trapped in the wrong body.

Powerful monthly hormone injections stop the development of sex organs, breasts and body hair, making it easier for doctors to carry out sex-swap surgery later.

Until now it was thought that just a handful of children and teenagers were receiving the injections, known as ‘puberty-blockers’.

Teenager Llyr Jones has been taking puberty-blocking drugs for the past six months. The 17-year-old told how she was desperate to be prescribed the injections to end the agony she was going through as her body began to change into that of an adult man.

Llyr, from Aberystwyth in Mid-Wales, said if the physical transformations that came with puberty had been allowed to continue, she would have been pushed to take her own life. ‘In all honesty, if I hadn’t been allowed to be on the blockers and start my transition, I’m sure I wouldn’t be here now,’ she said.

The worst thing was starting to grow body hair. It felt like something was happening that wasn’t me – I was so uncomfortable. Some days were worse than others when I would catch a glimpse of my body in the mirror and I’d collapse on the bathroom floor for hours, frozen with distress.’

Llyr, who was born male, started living as a girl when she was 15 years old. Previously she had suppressed her desire to become female because of the bullying she endured for ‘being different’ in the small Welsh farming community she grew up in. ‘I didn’t want to give my bullies yet another reason to go after me,’ she said.

Llyr finally found relief in January last year when she was sent to London’s Tavistock gender identity clinic, which has seen a dramatic increase in referrals – from 94 in 2009/10 to almost 2,000 last year.

After being psychologically assessed and diagnosed with gender dysphoria, she was then sent in November for medical treatment at University College Hospital in London. There she underwent a series of health checks, including blood tests and bone scans, before doctors finally prescribed the puberty-blockers that Llyr now believes saved her life.

‘I thought thank God, because I knew they were stopping the puberty,’ she said.

Since starting the blockers, Llyr said she has become more confident and at ease with her body. The next stage, she says, will be surgery, which can happen legally from the age of 18. She thinks the operations are unlikely before she is 19 because of the current waiting lists.

Dressed fashionably in a colourful crop top and shiny black trousers, a carefree Llyr declared: ‘I’m just in such a great place now because I know after everything I’ve been through, I’m on the right track.’

But The Mail on Sunday can reveal that more than 600 young people are undergoing treatment at the Gender Identity Development Service clinic at University College Hospital in London, and a further 200 at a clinic in Leeds. The MoS has been told that 230 of those 800 are under the age of 14.

The huge growth in the number of youngsters being prescribed the drugs came after the NHS scrapped the age limit in 2014, which was previously 16. Now doctors can give the injections to children from the very early stages of puberty – meaning that in some cases, ten-year-olds are receiving them.

The MoS revelation comes a week after the Government announced plans to allow adults to legally change their sex without a medical diagnosis. In future, individuals who want to change gender are expected to simply make a statutory declaration that they intend to live in the sex they have transitioned to until death.

Mary Douglas, a spokeswoman for Grassroots Conservatives campaign group, said: ‘Adolescence is the age when you’re in a turmoil because you’re trying to work out who you are and gender is a big part of that. So to introduce such powerful medication into that is unwise. This drastic notion that we should change our gender should be a last resort. Caution needs to be the watchword for everyone engaged in this, including doctors.’

Stephanie Davies-Arai, of Transgender Trend, a parent group concerned about the rise of children identifying as the opposite sex, added: ‘These kids are not old enough to make life-changing decisions that will affect them for the rest of their lives. It’s unethical to pursue this line of treatment with children who cannot possibly understand what they’re doing.’

Professor Gary Butler, the lead clinician for the gender identity service in London and Leeds, revealed how many youngsters are now taking puberty-blockers. He defended the use of the drugs and said critics did not appreciate the distress puberty can cause transgender young people or how much ‘relief’ the blockers can give to these patients and their families.

However, other medical experts have questioned the safety of the treatment, warning that little is known about its long-term mental, psychological and physical effects.

Last month three top US doctors, Professors Paul Hruz, Paul McHugh and Lawrence Mayer, published a highly critical report on the use of puberty-blockers to treat gender dysphoria. Writing in American academic journal The New Atlantis, they warned that the safety of this ‘experimental’ treatment was ‘unsupported by rigorous scientific evidence’.

They further argued that the use of such drugs may be driving children to ‘persist in identifying as transgender’. Research shows that the vast majority of under-16s who are troubled about their gender do not go on to take the drastic step of surgery. Meanwhile, the three professors point to another study from a Dutch clinic – where all the adolescents prescribed puberty blockers had gone ahead with gender-reassignment surgery – as evidence that the drugs can ‘solidify’ patients’ feelings they were born the wrong biological sex.

Read the rest of the story here.


33 responses to “Revealed: 800 children in England as young as 10 have been given sex change drugs

  1. This is tantamount to criminal child abuse. “Transgenderism” is a biological fiction. Studies have found that most children who thought they were “transgender” grew out of it.

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  2. These people are psychotic, at best. Criminally insane is probably a better description. 😎

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  3. Kevin J Lankford

    Not just child abuse, but blatant, intentional, medical malpractice.

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  4. Men must’n try to fool Mother Nature, In time GOD is going to punish the human race for all the evil and corruption.

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  5. This is so disturbing, especially that this is happening to children. We wouldn’t let a child get a tattoo at that age, yet this is far more damaging.
    Even with adults, I find it insane that if a male feels like he is a female they decide they should turn him female and start giving him estrogen- has nobody tried giving him testosterone?? Perhaps then he’d feel more like a male!! (or vice versa!) Seriously, has anybody ever tried this?

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  6. A ghastly abuse of the pharmacopoeia…

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  7. Pingback: Revealed: 800 children in England as young as 10 have been given sex change drugs — Fellowship of the Minds – NZ Conservative Coalition

  8. I believe The Queen, Prime Minister, and Parliament are using chemicals against their own people. Waiting for Hillary’s opinion.

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  9. We have a relative who thinks he is supposed to be a woman. We just found out he has been taking monthly injections to make him female. Two weeks ago he checked himself into a psych ward with manic depression. He was crying, “I don’t want to be a woman! I don’t want to be a woman!”

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  10. So the Health care system is paying for drugs that should have never been given while most likely denying people that truly need medical care.
    It looks like to me, the parents are the ones needing mental treatment. To even think about giving a child something so permanent and damaging instead of letting children work through something that is called puberty is tantamount to child abuse.
    We all have gone through the awkward years where we wanted to die and our bodies seemed out of control. It is part of growing up.
    How you handle those years lays the platform for your later years.

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  11. Maybe he would rather endure menstrual cramps and be frozen in distress on the bathroom floor? Which he’ll never have but guess that would be easier, in his mind, than excess body hair. I’m kinda surprised feminists aren’t offended by men pretending to be female.
    These people don’t get or care that interfering with puberty affects bone growth and other critical things, not just sexual characteristics.

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    • It makes my ovaries twitch just thinking about it! You’re absolutely right. Talk about simplistic. Maybe if they bind their boobs they’ll grow a penis.

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  12. My experience with my own trans-gender students in middle school who started taking hormone-blocking drugs to suppress puberty/gender at about age 12-13: Sadly…they were depressed, distracted, angry, weepy, combative, drama-driven, energy ‘vampires” when they were girls who thought they were boys…and also, boys who thought they were girls….and then, when they started/persisted with the drugs to ‘”change them” to the “real sex” that they thought they should be”……they were depressed, distracted, angry, weepy, combative, drama-driven, energy “vampires” who sucked up my energy, my time, my OTHER STUDENT”S time into their constant crisis-driven llifestyles….their constant unhappiness, in which EVER sex they were living or accepted…..I could either teach my subject…or spend most of my day dealing one on one with their social and emotional depravities/problems…….Bottom line: these children are not HAPPY no matter WHAT accomodations you make for them, no matter what their parents & Drs. do for them…no matter what the greater society rules/provides for them….they are ALL unhappy no matter what side of the line they come down on.;…no matter if parents/teachers/school laws-systems support their “feelings,” and no matter IF and WHEN they actually “change ” through drugs fr one sex to another……THEY are STILL unhappy and depressed, angry, and NEEDY and disrupt my classroom as a result of these feelings that over-ride every OTHER need in my classroom…and every OTHER “need” in these confused lives……

    I’m Californicated….so, maybe I’m ahead of “the rest” but there are plenty of examples that echo my narrative above …..

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    • What a burden to place on already over-taxed school teachers.

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      • I completely agree that the real travesty is that today’s teachers are saddled with coping with children who are in the throws of major mental anguish. It would seem that there is little anyone can really do to change this scenario . . . . . a we see even among those who transition to the opposite sex, they later commit suicide, as the “trans” really did not work out all that well for them.

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  13. Besides the psychological ravages we know will lead to high numbers of suicides in this population, I guarantee there will also be increased incidents of cancer and other medical problems given enough time.

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    • greenworxx . . . I suspect that you are correct. Given enough passage of time, you cannot tell me that switching the body’s hormones, snipping off bits and pieces, refashioning them into fake parts will not prove to either encourage the growth of cancers . . . or the necessity of further various treatments in an attempt to ameliorate further mental distress.

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  14. A human being is a work of God. Each is unique. We are more than the sum of our parts. “Pieces”, no matter how they’re arranged, does not make someone change their basic nature.

    Girls don’t change to boys and vice versa because of their dress or hormones. An “effeminate” boy is NOT a girl. They are not troubled because others don’t accept them. They are troubled because they do not accept themselves.

    But, because chaos is a major part of their equation, here they go, right into things that no one understands completely and ready to demand that others cooperate.

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  15. Seeing the original article and the pictures, the now 15 year old boy Jones must have a mental disability in trying to get famous. Has this child not received love and recognition from his parents?

    The Goverment is using drugs against their own children.

    But also the politicians must have signed laws.

    There is also the question on the parents. Most realistic they have failed in on the way bringing their children into adolescense and adult life.

    And, do these children have regular contact to both parents? Are both parents are informed about the medical abuse of their children? Or, have these children be cutted out of their parental relationships? Is one of the parents destroying the own child? Maybe father4justice knows more.

    Further we should look what pharmaecutical companies are producing this medicine? Was it specially designed or are these common drugs anused for this purpose?

    Also we should ask about the expenses? It seems NHS is paying for. If private insurances or the parents themselves would have to pay i am sure there wont be this big amount of abused children.

    Whats the role of Tavistock? Are there male and female John Money clones running around? The Reimer Family in Canada should be a warning not to so this.

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  16. At when these mentally disturbed children grow up you will find 799 of them will have either committed suicide or have cancer. There is an agenda playing out here and they are using our children to promote it. It is an attack on Christianity and population control at the same time. Maybe this is an effort to desensitize people when they start replacing us with robots. Any parent that allows this to be done to their child needs more help than the child. Many kids when young do not settle into their gender. They do not understand what gender is about. Once they go through puberty and many before they settle in and life is ok. Just because a girl likes to play with boys and boy toys and even wear boy clothes does mean they are a girl trapped in a boys body. In my day those girls was called a tom boy. I was one of them. I grew out of it around the age of 12. Seems to me parents are using their kids to get attention.

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    More abt the sick agenda, parents be warned….

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  18. Many serial killers were sexually embarrassed (i.e., made to dress a girl because abusive parents wanted that instead of a boy, etc.) as children… just sayin’.

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  19. Wow, if only Charlie Guards parents would have requested a gender reassignment, maybe he could have gotten some medical attention??

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  20. Boy Who Began Sex Change at Age 12 Changes His Mind 2 Years Later

    h/t WearsWar

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  21. Trapped in the wrong body? No, trapped in a country run by globalist psychopaths.

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