Special snowflake triggered by American flag results in temporary removal of 9/11 memorial

preston memorial

The “offensive” display

King County apologized yesterday for removing the memorial: “On the division’s blog, the county’s transportation director said the department “should have reached out to the community before removing the flags, banners, and messages.”

The memorial will remain, thank goodness.

The original story from MyNorthwest.com:  A makeshift 9/11 memorial that’s been up for more than 16 years was removed from the Preston-Fall City Road. As they were taking it down, a King County road crew left a note saying that someone called to complain that the American flag was offensive.

“A number of people are flat out outraged that the American flag can be considered offensive,” says the man behind an effort to get replace the memorial. “This one small act that they did was actually a very large act.”

A Facebook page dedicated to the makeshift memorial has been setup.

Some irritated neighbors have started putting flags back up in place of the one taken down, but they worry the county might come back and take them down, too.

So, they’re also reaching out to County Councilmember Kathy Lambert, who has promised to schedule a community meeting to figure out if they can find some kind of compromise.

But, as of Tuesday, no date has been set for that meeting. This is the statement from Lambert’s office:

There is nothing scheduled yet, but Councilmember Lambert is in discussions with various county divisions about it. If we end up moving forward on it, it won’t be until the last couple weeks of August.


17 responses to “Special snowflake triggered by American flag results in temporary removal of 9/11 memorial

  1. Compromise? Why compromise with an anonymous claimant? Who is the ass that is offended? Bring the pustule forward to defend his claim! If he does not publicly proclaim his offence double the size of the memorial!

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  2. Kevin J Lankford

    Any one having a complaint about the flag of the United States of America has no business within our borders. It should be considered a clear act of subversion.

    The same should be considered about complaints of the ‘Stars and Bars’ here in the south, as in truth it only represents reaction of southern states to federal overreach and a power grab.

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  3. I agree. What’s to compromise?

    Maybe get a vote going for a permanent 9/11 Memorial on county property.

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  4. I would put a ten foot pole and a 50 yard AMERICA FLAG. I’m willing to seat on guard with a shotgun.

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  5. There was a similar incident in the last few days at SMU in Dallas. A 911 memorial had to be relocated because it might send a harmful message. 😖

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    • Maryaha . . . the thing that really stinks is that there are government employees who are going along with this kind of garbage. The above article indicated that “someone had called and said the American flag was offensive.” How is it that that phone call brought about the dismantling of the 9-11 Memorial in that area . . . . . whatever employee received the message, and made the decision to dismantle the tribute should have been F-I-R-E-D!!! This person is sucking up tax dollars that are a complete waste if their thinking is this ditzy! Bad enough that someone complained about the flag, but the real kicker is that an employee who is being paid by King County (I assume Washington State) would make such a terrible decision as to remove all the flags is just over the top. Kick this joker to the curb, they have no business being employed when their decision making is so faulty.

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      • Folks the goal here is to inculcate an insanity. That when anyone for any reason is offended regardless of the cause of the offence that must be removed. That hurt feelings are akin to actually being assaulted. This is a jewish tactic when t.h.e.y. (t=the h=hebrews e=enslaving y=you) see their acts being uncovered and their misdirections being outed. The offence was not about the flag, that is a misdirection. The issue here is that it is VERY dangerous to jews to keep a clear memory of that jewish false flag in the minds of a populace that is growing in their awareness. Imagine if you all did due diligence concerning 9/11! That can have only one outcome. The 110th expulsion.

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        • Joe . . . . . Well said! In by gone decades, we did not have such a thing as “assault via hurt feelings!” This is crazy making, and should never have been allowed to gain any valid ground hold. It isn’t even a “real” assault, except in the mind of the dim wit experiencing it.

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          • There is an axiom in life that is 100% required to accept and to work with not avoid to grow to adulthood. Avoidance or refusal in any measure keeps folks in the “arrested development” spoken of by Churchill in the “International Jews” paragraph of this essay,
            That axiom is “The foundation of all mental illness is the unwillingness to experience legitimate suffering.” That was from Carl Jung. A man far more aware of human nature than most and in a position to offer methodology’s of control that work on a massive scale when coupled with ownership of media, medicine, government and finance. Another partial quote is pertinent here and shows this methodology to keep us in a state of arrested development. “Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible.” Bertrand Russell. Here is the complete quote, http://www.whale.to/b/russell_h.html
            It is this state we see growing and it is the “residual” adults that are complaining about being ruled by children, brat children, entitled slothful children. The chattel that if successful will be the birth of the jewish utopia. https://www.google.com/search?client=ubuntu&channel=fs&q=the+jewish+utopia.&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8
            This is why it requires Men or at least Manly attitudes to raise healthy children and why the effort to quell and suppress all suffering which in reality is merely working on oneself and learning to deal with the inequalities of life and building an innovative spirit and hard skin is being taught to be both unnecessary and contra indicated for health. The complainant responsible for all this might be a sjw (social justice warrior) but i smell an aware jewish person wanting to do the work of their collective father.


  6. Kevin J Lankford

    The legitimate issue of 9/11 memorial protest should be focused on the real perpetrators of the act. Even if the official government version of events leading to the magical collapse of the twin towers claimed to be caused by passenger jets, and then the perfect demolition style implosion of building 7 caused by nothing more than collateral fires, the fact remains that since the 1980’s every American airliner was computer equipped with the option of remote control that could have been utilized at any time. Human pilots have long been obsolete, unnecessary, except for computer malfunction.

    It is our own ashkenazi zionist controlled government that is responsible. These are the ones who promote the desecration of every thing American, every thing just and moral, and polluting our culture with foreign, incompatible scum.

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  8. One phone call and 16 years is gone….who in the heck is in charge there?You give them an inch, they will take a mile. Someone is flexing their muscles here, what is their next move? Time to start pushing back.
    Was it an invader, a Muslim, a snowflake, who in the world hates their flag of a country that has given them everything? The insanity continues.
    I personally think, if you are that unhappy, leave.

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  10. So now the “new normal” is that one person complains and that’s that? How ’bout complaints about menorahs? “Joe” has it right. That’s the whole idea. They want to get people to react emotionally instead of think. Ideas are worse than actions.

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