Insanity: Canadian man charged with attempted murder after wrestling away gun, shooting suspect


Canada now criminalizes self defense.

From Breitbart  (by AWR Hawkins): A man in Halifax, Nova Scotia, faces numerous charges—including attempted murder—after wrestling a gun away from a home invasion suspect and shooting him with it.

According to the Herald, “Three men entered the residence with guns and a struggle took place with two men inside.” The two men inside the home managed to take away one of the guns and “several shots were fired as the suspects fled.” One of the suspects was shot and suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Kyle Earl Munroe was arrested and “charged with attempted murder and a raft of firearms offences after helping fend off [the] home invaders, one of whom he’s now charged with shooting.”

The precise charges he faces are “attempted murder, intent to discharge a firearm, intent to discharge a firearm when being reckless, careless use of a firearm, improper storage of a firearm, pointing a firearm, possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose, unauthorized possession of a firearm, possession of a firearm knowing that possession is unauthorized, and possession for the purpose of trafficking.”

Public Prosecution Service spokeswoman Chris Hansen stresses, “Right now they’re just pending charges,” but the point is still clear. Namely, that sitting quietly while governments pass more and more gun control is a recipe for disaster, as far as freedom is concerned. Seemingly benign laws like gun storage requirements and trigger lock requirements and more aggressive controls like firearm registration rules and magazine bans all portend a situation where a law-aiding citizen in the U.S. uses a gun in self-defense only to face prosecution for failing to jump through the proper bureaucratic hoops beforehand.

Gun controls—regardless of how seemingly minuscule in the bigger picture—pile upon each other and empower criminals while tying the hands of would-be victims.


57 responses to “Insanity: Canadian man charged with attempted murder after wrestling away gun, shooting suspect

  1. Canada when you can’t live in North Korea or Iran.

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  2. Can our Canadian readers explain how and why Canada has devolved into another cucked UK?

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  3. Don’t say the good people of Nova Scotia should move to Texas, say one quarter of the people of Texas (other than Austin) should move to Nova Scotia. That would be good diversity.

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  4. Hadenoughalready

    They’re forcing us to defend ourselves on our own accord. They’re asking for martial law. They’ll get it, too. but not to their liking.
    A cornered dog WILL bite back…and the hand matters not…

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  6. It only shows that they all work for the same boss. Some are a little farther along with a portion of the script. They all are required to follow along, however:

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  7. The invaders names were not given. Makes me wonder why. Is it race, I.e. Muslim?

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  8. It’s like Trudeau said, if you kill your enemies they win.*

    *this only makes sense to cuckolds/libs/sjw

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  9. Kevin J Lankford

    Sounds like the gun fight ain’t over,….Yet.

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  10. This is incredible evil.

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  12. Well, the only conclusion I can come to is . . . . . Canada is truly a waste of space. How is it that someone can invade your home, armed. . . . in response you defend yourself using one of the intruders gun’s to kill a perpetrator, and all of a sudden you are the criminal !!!!!!! {Joseph, you know we love you, and other FOTM family member’s who have the misfortune to live North of the boarder between the USA and Canada . . . and this does not apply to you!} It strikes terror in my heart thinking that the arctic winds blowing South from Canada across our lands may be bringing that cucked way of thinking to us! It is just ludicrous. I cannot reconcile this kind of thinking. It leaves me scratching my head.

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    • I think they’d tell you that you usurped their exclusive “right” to protect you. You do not have the right to defend yourself. They have “experts” for that. Therefore, you have no need of weapons that you might use against them if you wake up and become angry.

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      • lophatt . . . Oh! That must kind of work the same way we saw medical care being dispersed in Great Britain for that little baby with the gene abnormality. They certainly did not want the “parents” getting in the way of the “government medical experts making the decisions for little Charlie!” I must admit, I am very glad that I had great-great-great-great grandparents, and some not so very great-grandparents who figured they were smart enough to “think for themselves” or “decided they would rather roll the dice, do their own thinking, and accept whatever the consequences were by moving to America. Call me hard-headed, which would be true, but there is just someone in me and wants to have the responsibility for my own care and keeping, even if there are others who may well be “experts” in the field.

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  13. Why progressive educrats punished self-defense because “all violence is wrong” in school; forced pacifism is what they want in adulthood.

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    • See what Britain suggests versus Jihadists:

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    • Hadenoughalready

      I say be nice to bullies. Make friends with them and offer them whatever they want and agree to hand it over in a private place, out of sight of anyone else. Then beat the living shit out of them! A vacant stairwell is a great place – “accidents” happen.

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  14. So, now by current Canadian standards, you are suppose to sit there quietly on the couch and let people forcibly enter your home and shoot you while robbing the place??? Liberals will destroy the world.

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  15. Glad I live where the wind blows hot, I’ll shoot first then ask, who be? Guess I’m trigger happy.

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  16. “Unfortunately, what Munroe is going through is not uncommon in Canada. Here’s another similar example: (H/T: St. Catherines Standard)

    The whole thing reminds me of Ian Thomson, an Ontario man who went through a similar ordeal a few years ago. In that case, Thomson woke up to four men throwing Molotov cocktails at his home. Living a long way from police the former firearms instructor fired warning shots at his assailants, put out the fire that could have burned down his home and then called police.

    He was charged and also faced more jail time than his attackers.

    Thomson was acquitted but not before he was forced through a lengthy court battle that has ruined him financially.

    As the aforementioned column goes on to state, a law was passed under Prime Minister Stephen Harper to prevent jail time against those defending themselves, yet Michael Woodard faced charges for doing just that against three home invaders.

    Clearly, Canada doesn’t respect the right of self-defense. American citizens should be thankful for the Second Amendment.”

    Source link –

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  17. I wonder if they would have sought all these charges had the victim been a woman. Just a thought…


  18. This reminds me of a very old episode of ‘Married with children’

    Al Bundy protected his family from a burglar (with his fists) He was the family hero for a short time until the burglar sued him for his injuries including emotional and psychiatric distress, other burglars laughing at him and losing his livelihood due to lack of confidence to continue to break and enter homes!

    But all was not lost, Al made good on the deal by counter-sueing the injuries he received to his hands as a result for beating the guy.

    I realise this tv-show has many bad points, but it did often point out the absurdity of what was happening in society.

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  19. Yes, apparently the Canadians have been “cucked”: As the Queen of England OWNS the land Canada is on, and as the Prime Minister of Canada pledges his personal loyalty not to a constitution but to her, legally they are cucked. This necessarily means that the people of Canada ARE NOT “citizens,” at the root, but SUBJECTS.
    I can think of no other nation in the History of the World with the numbers and ability of DIRTY ROTTEN CONNIVERS than England, History’s Trouble-Makers # 1. Self-defense in England very well can land one hard time. Ditto almost everywhere else in the Commonwealth.

    And we in the United States have to beware: Whatever happens in England—or Canada—has a nasty habit of coming over here, “on little cat feet,” as it were.

    Whence the suicide pact? Roger Baldwin, one of the founders of the ACLU (along with the racist and eugenicist and personal friend of Margaret Sanger, Helen Keller), once said in an interview that we had to prove our moral superiority by protecting the other side’s right to voice its opposition. It’s a “moral superiority thing,” don’t you know. Thus it’s quite easy to imagine Justin Trudeau (a real mental patient, if there ever was one!) to say, “If you kill your enemies, they win.”
    Moral of the story: When one is insane, one does not know he is insane. It is the same when one is dead!


  20. So ludicrously insane…made me scratch my butt.


  21. In other words you better kill all the intruders and dispose of them. Nothing happened, no just playing a movie loud. Thanks officer.


  22. Sounds a lot like New Jersey…


  23. “The two men inside the home managed to take away one of the guns and “several shots were fired as the suspects fled.”

    they were fleeing so no need to shoot. this is probably the crux of the matter. we dont know if there would have been charges had they not fired at the FLEEING perps or if they had shot them in the struggle.


    • Yep. No need to shoot anyone invading your home, no matter if they “fled.” Because that guarantees they’ll do you no further harm, no doubt.

      And no doubt you can trust the Canadian media to report all the facts.

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      • we dont know if the facts are as reported, but you are making the assumption that they were not. once they flee, they are no longer a threat at that moment if they are not firing at you. we dont even know if the suspects were still on the property.


    • Hadenoughalready

      Think “motive”, folks. One of the tenets looked at when tried for murder.
      Their intent was to rob the occupants. They were shot in the commission of a crime. They deserve whatever retribution the victim resorted to.
      IMHO: They got what they deserved!


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  25. Welcome to New Jersey U.S.A., where the criminal has more rights than the defender!


  26. From what I’ve read, this has happened before. The pattern of behavior is designed to be a deterrent to anyone with the temerity to defend themselves. After all, they are training their cattle not to fight back.

    I doubt very much that, at the end of the day, this will result in much, if any, jail time. They want to make an example of this man. They would like it much better if you cowered in your home and were murdered.


  27. It is not so much the application of the law as it is written, the laws are fairly straight forward, it is the ‘interpretation’ that is out of whack. There is, in my opinion, a VERY strong push by the ptb to force people(sheep) to willingly and blindly accept ‘interpretation’ as the de-facto way it is. Critical thinkers that ask questions are as rare as dodo-birds in today’s society, sad shame. I too had a run-in with the so called law and was subsequently charged for assault for the act of protecting my daughter from an out of control sheriff in a court room. I shielded her from an assault, never raised a hand to this sheriff who grabbed her with no warning what so ever and subsequently lost my job of almost 25 years,
    I maintained a security clearance where I was employed, I lost my clearance as a result of the charges and it cost me a great deal financially. Charges have been ‘stayed’ as a result of a charter challenge.She asked questions that the commissioner refused to answer, instead, raising his voice (yelling at her in court) when she asked for clarification of jurisdiction.
    This system is morally bankrupt and ethically challenged. A system that is now designed to intimidate in order to bring the sheep into line with no questions asked. The sad reality is that the great majority accept it as the way it is, no questions asked, despite knowing deep down that something is not right.
    The ‘Charter of Rights’ is a powerful ally, sadly it is being relegated to the dust-bin of insignificance simply because the sheep are asleep at the wheel and accept that things are the way they are just because that is what they are being told. See no evil, say no evil, hear no evil.

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    • I was curious as well, just musing out loud. Is the reason he is getting the book thrown at him possibly because the guy he shot was related to omar Khadr. Damn, who knows in this world any more. This is strange, after writing this blurb, purely in a sarcastic dark humour POV. I just saw my smart phone stare at me.

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    • Unfortunately, this is pretty universal. I call it the “Just-Us” system. Of course it sounds awfully good when one reads it. It is in the interpretation and application that things take a turn for the worse.

      In my opinion, all of these systems are only as good as the people who operate them. Nothing good comes of bad intentions and impure motives. Virtually any statute or rule can be stood on its head in the interest of power.

      Don’t take that as an endorsement. It is completely unacceptable but I’m afraid we are stuck with it. We are in the unenviable position of having to go to those who run these little enterprises for relief from them. Figure the odds.

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  28. Testosteronefreecanada

    Welcome to Canada….just lay down and die when commanded by some low life

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  29. Reblogged this on disturbeddeputy and commented:

    God gave us the right of self defense, and the Second Amendment guarantees it. Some would deny this basic human right. They are evil.

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  30. The word, ‘morons’ comes to mind.

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