Higher education: Princeton asks students to pick their gender, or genders


Why no question about species?

From Fox News: Princeton University is giving its students the option of picking a gender or, reportedly, several genders.

The Ivy League’s student services interface, known as TigerHub, allows — but does not require — students to select one or more of the following: “Cisgender,” “Genderqueer/gender non-conform[ing],” “Trans/transgender,” “Man,” “Woman,” and “Other”.

“Students use TigerHub to provide the University with personal information on a confidential basis,” a university spokesman told Fox News.  “This information includes emergency contacts, their preferred name, and, if they wish to provide it in response to an optional question, the gender with which they identify.”

Princeton students can chose to be both male and female.  “You may select multiple gender identities,” the form reads. “Your gender identity is confidential and is not generally available.”

Princeton is not alone. More than 50 colleges or universities allow students to choose their genders without documentation of medical intervention, the Washington Post said.

Besides being male and female simultaneously, some schools offer students the option of creating their own designated pronouns. One such school is the University of Michigan. In response to that option — and as a protest against it — one undergraduate chose “His Majesty.” Reportedly, some of His Majesty’s professors now address this student according to the royalty he identifies as.

Academics and activists are divided over the legitimacy of the relatively recent distinction between sex and gender. “The idea that sex and gender are distinguishable is just not true. It’s a lie,” Chris Gacek, senior fellow at the Family Research Council, told Fox News. “The purpose of the distinction ultimately is eliminating the difference between the sexes.”

But Susan Maasch, director of the Trans Youth Equality Foundation, praised the elite school for implicitly endorsing the distinction between sex and gender. “The Ivy League schools have all taken a big role in helping trans students,” she told Fox News. “It starts there and trickles down to other students.”


19 responses to “Higher education: Princeton asks students to pick their gender, or genders

  1. Kevin J Lankford

    And they call these schools??……..This give me cause to actually look up Webster’s definition of school, as there had to be something I am missing. Apparently it did not occur to Webster, and probably any other english language expert, to clearly delineate between educate and indoctrinate. Of course, who would a thought.

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  2. It is hard to figure elite universities teach this sordid garbage. They are bending a small percentage of mentally deranged group. The media gives this bunch huge news to make people believe they are the majority.

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  3. It defies imagination that supposedly leading universities are staffed with leaders and teachers who have $hit for brains! To burden young people with this kind of nonsense is an outrage.

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  4. The creature in that pic is the stuff of nightmares. Should be the poster-child for trans-species.

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  5. Princeton, when you can get into a special needs school.

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  6. Yeah, ask yourselves, “why do they do this?”. It implies that there is some issue or problem that this addresses. I doubt that. So, what remains is simple social engineering. In that case, the question to ask is “who benefits”. These freaks do not constitute a large enough population to warrant this much attention. So, who’s behind it?

    They are going at this as though there were legions of deviants being shamelessly abused everywhere. In fact, the last time I read anything even close to that was many years ago when some queer guy was beaten to death in the South, somewhere. It was a rare incident even then.

    Why is it necessary to pen laws to enshrine deviant behavior? Why must we be trained to alter our speech in the interest of 0001% of the population?

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    • lophatt . . . . . You have just asked the $64,00 dollar question . . .”Why must we be trained to alter our speech in the interest of 0001% of the population?” I think the inmates are running the institution . . . that is the only conclusion I can arrive at.

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      • To understand you must read “Rules for Radicals”. Here you will find the rule, “Use their own virtue to crucify them. Use the Constitution against them.”

        For example, the gay’s use the 1st amendment to for a Christian to back a gay wedding cake. Better yet, force the state to recognize gay marriage on the back of equality.

        If you have not read it, you will not understand their playbook.

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  10. Sorry people, you don’t have that power to choose your sex, only God does.
    Just another school where I wouldn’t spend a dime.

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  11. There really isn’t much point in trying to make sense of the senseless. They do this because it is part of their plan. This is not confined to one country. “They” have decided how things are going to be and, with their faithful employees, are setting it into place:

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  12. Given a choice on a survey/application for anything and everything, my advice for modern days is ALWAYS check/choose “OTHER.” No one will EVER ask you what it means (not “politically correct”) and it insinuates that you are not one of the “normal” heterosexual choices…against whom it is perfectly legit to discriminate these days without recourse……….

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