U.S. Coast Guard Commander openly defies President Trump’s ‘transgender’ ban

The military of any country, including that of the United States, is about national defense. The military is not a place for social engineering experiments. But that’s precisely what Obama did to the U.S. military.

Under the Obama administration, so-called “transgenders” — a biological impossibility — were indulged and promoted. On June 30, 2016, effective immediately, Obama lifted a longstanding ban on transgenders in the military.

President Trump finally is putting an end to Obama’s ill-conceived policy.

In a series of tweets on July 26, 2017, President Trump signaled that transgenders henceforth will be banned from the U.S. military:

“After consultation with my Generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States Government will not accept or allow Transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military. Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail. Thank you.”

President Trump is right about the “tremendous medical costs” of “transgenders” to taxpayers. Whereas “transgenders” comprise less than one percent of the military (0.7%), their medical costs to taxpayers are staggering:

  • Data supplied by Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R., Mo.) show that even by using a conservative estimate, the cost of Pentagon’s “sex-change surgeries” is $1.3 billion over 10 years.
  • “Transgenders” are prone to suicide, in a military that is already burdened by a too-high suicide rate of 265 suicides per 100,000 soldiers in 2015. According to a study by the UCLA’s Williams Institute, whereas the percentage of suicide attempts in the overall U.S. population is 4.6%, among transgenders the percentage is a whopping 41% — that’s more than 4 of every 10 “transgenders”.

The Family Research Council, a Christian public policy ministry in Washington D.C., has praised Trump’s decision to rescind the Obama-era policy. The group’s president, Marine veteran Tony Perkins, said in a statement:

“As our nation faces serious national security threats, our troops shouldn’t be forced to endure hours of transgender ‘sensitivity’ classes and politically-correct distractions like this one.”

Predictably, the liberal MSM and Hollywood are incandescent with outrage over President Trump’s tweets. As an example, that font of wisdom and reason called Lady Gaga accused President Trump of “endangering” military lives and painting a target on the backs of all “transgenders”.

Even worse, Admiral Paul Zukunft, Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard — a branch of the U.S. military — is openly defying the explicit order of his Commander In Chief.

Not surprisingly, Zukunft, 62, is an Obama nominee. On May 15, 2014, then-Vice Admiral Paul Zukunft was confirmed by the Senate as the 25th Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard Commandant, and instantly promoted to Admiral the same day.

Hope Hodge Seck reports for Military.com that at the Center for Strategic and International Studies yesterday, August 1, 2017, Adm. Paul Zukunft, the commandant of the Coast Guard, declared he has no intention of “turning his back” on the few “transgenders” in the Coast Guard.

Zukunft said his first action upon becoming aware of Trump’s tweets was to have his office reach out to all 13 members of the Coast Guard who have self-identified as “transgender”:

“I reached out personally to Lt. Taylor Miller, who was featured on the cover of The Washington Post last week. If you read that story, Taylor’s family has disowned her. Her family is the United States Coast Guard. And I told Taylor, ‘I will not turn my back. We have made an investment in you, and you have made an investment in the Coast Guard, and I will not break faith.’ “

Miller, 27, is reportedly the first openly “transitioning” member of the Coast Guard, a process “she” began in 2016 after Obama changed the Pentagon’s policy on “transgenders”.

Note: MtF ‘transgender’ Miller did no such thing. So-called “transitioning” or “gender reassignment” surgery does not reassign or change a person’s gender. That is determined solely by one’s DNA, specifically one’s sex chromosomes. Females have XX chromosomes; males have XY chromosomes — and no amount of surgical mutilation can change that. Don’t believe me? See for yourself: “How surgery makes a fake vagina for MtF ‘transgenders’”.

Zukunft is not the only military officer who openly opposes the President of the United States.

Yesterday, the Palm Center, a San Francisco-based nonprofit that promotes the study of gay and transgender people in the armed forces, released a letter signed by 56 retired generals and admirals, including retired Army Gen. Martin Dempsey and retired Navy Adm. Mike Mullen, who oppose Trump’s transgender ban.

Pray for President Trump!

H/t John J. Molloy, OSJ, Chairman, National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition.


48 responses to “U.S. Coast Guard Commander openly defies President Trump’s ‘transgender’ ban

  1. Is the Coast Guard a fleet of loveboats?

    What do these people base their support of transgenders in the military on?

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    • Exactly. Are they better soldiers? More intelligent? More loyal? Do they inspire more cohesiveness of units? Or is it merely a mis-directed sympathy for mental or sexual deviants who actually need psychological help?
      OR, are they thinking, “We can use these trannies as human shields!” ???

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  2. What happens when a soldier disobeys a command issued from above? Those who challenge or disobey such an order can face disciplinary action, find themselves before a military court, even be discharged (honorably or dishonorably) right? In some circumstances, even seen as traitors, deserter (someone correct me if I am wrong.) But if it is so, let the Commander in Chief get this resolution passed as must, and then deal with those who chose to defy him accordingly. He is after all the CiC is he not? People have the right to live their lives anyway they chose, yet, when those choices dig into the pockets of their fellow tax payers, everyone has a say in it. I want no part in seeing my tax money go to pay for gender reassignment nonsense, and feed the transgender deviants. They need mental care and help. There are enough examples of the misery involved with this so called gender reassignment procedures.

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    • Pat Riot . . . Fabulous, concise rebuttal to this argument! I say this officer needs to be sent down the road . . . Obummer is no longer CiC! Us sane Americans do not want our military dollar paying for gouged out vaginas, and making fake penis’ out of Heaven knows what!’

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      • Auntie Lulu, I really think the key word in all that is going on in America and the World these days is “sane” – you hit the nail on the head when you write “sane Americans.” Insanity is what we are dealing with. For the sake of political correctness, anything and everything is accepted as normal and OK and deserving of support. I am a firm believer in liberty and so people should do whatever they want with their lives as long as that does not infringe on the rights, duties and liberty of their neighbors. However, don’t call it normal and don’t try to shove it down the throats of those who do not agree with it; don’t make us all support what we cannot honestly condone. A person’s liberty stops where the next person’s liberty starts. This admiral is anything but admirable – same with all who favor turning the military or anything else into a mad house of compliance with people who are disturbed and lost. It’s time “gender dysphoria” is again looked upon as a sad deviation from Natural Laws. These people deserve compassion, not mutilation and more abuse.

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  3. One thing no country can afford is to have a disobedient military.

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  4. time to clean house…mental cases shouldn’t be allowed to serve

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    • MomOfIV . . . right on! I believe that all this goofiness was brought into being by Obummer so that our country would lose strength. Why would we want our brave young men and women at the mercy of some individuals who are in the throes of severe mental anguish. No thanks! They need to find some other way to finance their cosmetic surgeries; I have no illusions about getting the free surgeries is the biggest draw to them wanting in the military.

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  5. Trump is doing a fair job on outing 0bama supporters in the US mil command structure.

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  6. >>… “Transgenders” are prone to suicide … whereas the percentage of suicide attempts in the overall U.S. population is 4.6%, among transgenders the percentage is a whopping 41% — that’s more than 4 of every 10 “transgenders”.

    Yeah, that’s what we need — to go out of our way to accommodate a specific group that is clearly emotionally / psychologically damaged to the point of being suicidal. Just what a strong military needs.

    Admiral Paul Twerp of the US Coast Guard should be held down while that cheesy little mustache is shaved off, and then immediately dishonorably discharged posthaste.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    (link:] Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends

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  7. “Rear” Admiral Ferret Face has got to go go go,
    unless we create a new branch of the armed forces comprised of mental patients and traitors.
    You know, something like what Congress is, only with a dress code.
    What the hell is growing above his upper lip?

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  8. I’d fire this guy so fast that by the end of the day no one would remember his name.

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  9. Obummer fired and forced into retirement a large number of high ranking officers with conservative and traditional values in all branches in order to replace them with those who would do his bidding. It’s time for Trump to replace the obummer appointees!

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  10. Gaga should remember, that’s “Rambo” not “Ru-Paul”.

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  11. Believe it or not, I saw this once before. A couple of retired Naval Officers “switched” genders and married. One of the clerks who had to process their retirement paperwork was showing it to me. A year later they “divorced” and wanted to “re-reassign” their roles. They should have done us all a favor and committed suicide.

    The Coast Guard used to fall under the Dept. of Transportation. I’m not sure any longer where it fits. It wasn’t part of DoD except during war time. Frankly I’m amazed that they have that many claimed trannies. This idea must be catching on.

    So the idea, overall, is that the military is a welfare program? It isn’t about “defense” or “winning wars”, its about taking care of deviants? Well, shut my mouth. The next time we get a gay cannibal with leprosy we’ll send them your way.

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  12. The Coast Guard does not fall under the Department of Defense. Until recently, the Coast Guard was under the Department of Transportation. Recent legislation has move the Coast Guard to the newly created Department of Homeland Defense. However, the Coast Guard is considered a military service, because, during times of war or conflict, the President of the United States can transfer any or all assets of the Coast Guard to the Department of the Navy. In fact, this has been done in almost every single conflict that the United States have ever been involved in. The Coast Guard is commanded by a 4-star admiral, known as the Coast Guard Commandant.

    The Coast Guard is the nation’s oldest continuous seagoing service with responsibilities including Search and Rescue (SAR), Maritime Law Enforcement (MLE), Aids to Navigation (ATON), Ice Breaking, Environmental Protection, Port Security and Military Readiness. In order to accomplish these missions the Coast Guard has approximately 40,000 active-duty men and women, 8,000 Reservists, and 35,000 Auxiliariy personnel who serve in a variety of job fields ranging from operation specialists and small-boat operators and maintenance specialists to electronic technicians and aviation mechanics. The Coast Guard, during an average day, will:

    Conduct 109 search and rescue cases
    Save 10 lives assist 192 people in distress
    Protect $2,791,841 in property
    Launch 396 small boat missions
    Launch 164 aircraft missions, logging 324 hours
    Board 144 vessels
    Seize 169 pounds of marijuana and 306 pounds of cocaine worth $9,589,000
    Intercept 14 illegal migrants
    Board 100 large vessels for port safety checks
    Respond to 20 oil or hazardous chemical spills totaling 2,800 gallons
    Service 135 aids to navigation
    Read more about Coast Guard Missions in the News

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  14. I may be in error, but I think what the Coast Guard Admiral did was tantamount to gross insubordination. He needs to be promptly relieved of duty. And while the President is at it, relieve ALL Obama military appointees. These rats aren’t interested in the military; they’re interested in stars and privilege. Can ’em!!!!

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  15. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this most important post. Clearly, the military is about national defense; it is not about conducting social experiments. Admiral Zukunft is disobedient to the Commander in Chief, President Trump, which is a terrible example to the soldiers who serve our country. As Dr. Eowyn set forth in her post, gender is determined solely by one’s DNA, specifically one’s sex chromosomes; females have XX chromosomes and males have XY chromosomes. It is the upside down logic of the devil to make any other claim, but it makes sense since he calls good, evil, and evil, good.

    I was stunned with the cost to taxpayers to have “transgenders” in the military, $1.3 billion dollars over a ten-year period. This is so terrible, not fair to our military or the people of this country.

    Again, we must continue to pray for our President Trump, as he continues to right wrongs and make America great again.

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  16. If I were Trump I’d ask the admiral what he’d do to a subordinate that deliberately disobeyed orders. Then I’d apply these restrictions to the admiral along with an permanent assignment to Thule, Greenland with a team of transexuals to observe the mating habits of polar bears.

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  17. Amazing that this wasn’t a problem when Obama was President until he lifted the ban shortly before he left. We all know he did that to create more divison.
    How convenient, that letter came from 56 RETIRED officers. It is easy to say anything when you don’t have to deal with it. They don’t have to consider the budget, hormonal emotions, and what position it puts the thousands of other military members. What about loyalty to providing a solid environment for them?
    We all know the negatives involved having this go on in a supposedly battle ready military.
    From the pictures I have seen of those fighting the ban, almost all of them are definitely not in any kind of physical shape to battle anything.
    We all know the ban was lifted for them to obtain free surgery.
    With the year or so it takes to prepare for surgery, the surgery and recovery of months, the follow up care the rest of their lives, when exactly were they planning to actually serve the country?
    I suspect if everything is taken into consideration including loss, that amount is way off the mark.
    The sudden Admiral needs to go. He isn’t working for the majority. His little mustache isn’t helping his argument, if you get my drift.

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  18. And….his name is an anagram of “kunt fuz”.

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  20. One of my family members was in the military and has a friend also that served, who’s an MtF. And they’re sooo upset about this. I don’t know if the guy(?) had or would have surgery, and don’t really want to know. But it frustrates me how some people like that can’t get it through their heads – he isn’t a woman! He for sure can’t ever menstruate or have the problems that go with it. Besides, related to the military there are a lot of other things that disqualify certain people.

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  21. The DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) originally had it right when homosexuality was declared a mental disorder. Homosexuality and all this other ‘transgendered’ stuff IS a mental illness. Without exception (though I am sure there are some homosexuals who are not totally crazy, at least not 100 percent crazy), every single gay person I knew had serious mental problems. Even when I was working at a disability resource center during school, one of the ‘disabled’ people I met was a man transitioning to a ‘woman’. I was told he had tried suicide on several occasions. I feel sorry for them, as suicide is….well just terrible, but they definitely need help, they don’t need their fantasies catered to and indulged.

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