This is New York: de Blasio’s terrible approval rating not hurting re-election odds

de blasio

It just amazes me how some people are so complacent when it comes to researching who is running for office. Last year when I voted in local primaries, I heard a woman (who was voting demorat, I could tell by the color of her ballot) ask how come she didn’t see a certain person’s name on the ballot. It’s because there was no demorat challenging him. She hadn’t even bothered to see who was running in the primaries. Appears many New Yorkers lack the same initiative.

From NY Post: Mayor de Blasio’s poll numbers have tumbled — but the lower favorability ratings haven’t come close to derailing his bid for re-election in November, according to a poll released Monday.

Voters approve of the mayor’s job performance by a 50 to 42 percent margin — down from a 60 to 34 percent showing on May 17, according to the Quinnipiac University survey. They are also split on whether he deserves a second term — 46 to 46 percent — even though 57 percent had supported his re-election bid in May, while 35 percent did not.

But when it comes to a general election match-up against Nicole Malliotakis, a Staten Island Assembly member, de Blasio is still up 57 percent to 22 percent. His lead in May was 64 to 21 percent.

“Leave out the one big question – the re-election matchup – and this is a pretty bad poll for Mayor Bill de Blasio,” said pollster Maurice Carroll. “But on the one question that matters in this election year — de Blasio versus Assembly member Nicole Malliotakis — Hizzoner is a better than a 2-1 winner.”

When independent candidate Bo Dietl is factored in, de Blasio’s margin of victory gets even larger — 52 percent for the mayor, 15 percent for Malliotakis and 11 percent for Dietl.

The issue for Malliotakis and Dietl appears to be largely name recognition. When it came to favorability ratings, 78 percent of voters said they didn’t know enough about Malliotakis to form an opinion — while 74 percent said the same of Dietl.

One of the highest numbers registered in the poll came when voters were asked who should pay the mayor’s legal bills for state and federal investigations of his administration. Seventy-eight percent said he should cover the $2 million, while just 13 percent say taxpayers should pick up the tab. De Blasio initially said he’d raise the money in a legal defense fund — then changed his mind and said he’d stick taxpayers with the bill.

The poll surveyed 877 city voters between July 20 and July 26, and has a plus or minus 4.1 percentage point margin of error.


22 responses to “This is New York: de Blasio’s terrible approval rating not hurting re-election odds

  1. The poll must have over-sampled Democrats, as usual.

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  2. Thank God I don’t live in New York but the Sunshine state is not far behind!

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    • No it isn’t. I’m so glad I left there 25 years ago. I’ll NEVER go back. I thought it was insane when I left. It’s worse now.

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      • lophatt, I don’t know what u meant by “no it isn’t”. If you left So.Fl. 25 yrs. ago, lotsa changes, illegals from Central America, So.America you’d think you live in any of those countries instead. Run down neighborhoods, aboutb10-12 walking around, they are little people, you cannot mis’m, a totally different town, welfare, uneducated people, tattered cars, uf, men and women use the restroom together, have no idea how t use the facilities, NOT NICE AT ALL. where I reside outside the city is different.


      • I disagree. Although New York is beginning to change downward under Mayor Bonehead, it is still the safest big city in America. Changed for the better. But the homelessness problem has gotten worse—but that is not necessarily Bonehead’s direct fault.
        I am sick of living here, but it’s what I know and the services are here. I would love to go to North Carolina, but there’s no work down there. (What am I going to do—drive down there for $38 a day?! Whatever).
        The most galling thing about living here is that everyone’s blue-pilled. I’ve tried to explain things to people, like politics, for example, and they’re all living in a bubble. But that could happen anywhere, I suppose.

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        • Keep drinking the Kool Aid skippy. I had to go back to NYC for business. It is dirtier, fat more dangerous than it was when I left 25 years ago. How dangerous-how many cities have strangers shoving people in front of subway trains for no reason. Few cities have the scope or breadth of queers, crazies, and deviants that NYC has with perhaps the exception of San Francisco.

          The city is filled with rude, disgusting people, it looks like the bar scene from Star Wars. The people are rude, uncivilized and unattractive, looking like the survivors of a nucleaer war. I’ve never seen so many men walking around with their pants hanging down around their thighs.

          The women, ugh, fat and either stuffing their faces or talking into a phone. But this was better than the people carrying on conservations with unseen friends. There are a great many people like this and you’d be well advised to steer clear of them.

          All in all, a trip to NY is like a trip seeing the dead ends of evolution. So forget the theater, food, etc. Its better and safer in the suburbs.


          • Ha, ha, ha, you’re funny. I haven’t been there in years. When I was there was a joke. A TV station ran a contest. First prize was a week in Philadelphia. Second prize was two weeks!

            As dirty and crime-ridden as NYC was at one time, it couldn’t hold a candle to Philly.


  3. I think Dietl has a fighting chance if he gets out there and campaigns. New Yorkers WILL NOT vote for ANYONE from Staten Island, so Malliotakis might as well forget it. Besides, she has no name recognition, and her name is impossible to pronounce or spell. That’s the deal, because New Yorkers are so busy and so blue-pilled, they can’t be weened off the liberal t*t.
    The good news is that many New Yorkers who voted for this LOSER really regret doing so. Can he be unseated? Time will tell.

    (I still insist Deblasio should be impeached for going to Germany to raise hell. The man is personally DAMNED STUPID and administratively DANGEROUS.)

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    • steven . . . . . I agree with you 100% about DeBlazio being a bonehead, going over to Germany to cause a dust-up. He is a smuck, I just wished the people of New York could come to realize this. It is shameful that a city with is so to speak, a beacon to the whole world, would be lead by someone as corrosive, and evidently rife with illegal, and immoral doings as he is. I say kick this bum to the curb! I do hope that before November the people of New York will awaken from their stupor.

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    • I’ve always thought that New York actually started the phenomenon of voting for people who have absolutely nothing in common with their constituents. I cannot in my memory think of anyone who was representative of “normal” New Yorkers EVER winning an election there.

      Later, in California, that became the norm. It didn’t start out that way, however. I used to use it as an example. People would say “who in their right mind would vote for so and so?”. I’d say, “look at NYC. They always vote for their worst enemy”.

      I went to school with a lot of these politician’s kids. I saw it up close and personal. They are animals. No, that’s unfair to animals. They are self-serving, money-grubbing parasites. They need to be rounded up, imprisoned (if you’re feeling generous), and their replacements followed around by armed men sworn to shoot if they see them take one dollar they’re not entitled to.

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      • Generally I would agree. I think Rudy Guiliani was the exception to the rule. I’ve met the man twice, and he seemed down-to-earth to me. Trump is self-serving, but he wants to give back to America at the same time—and he’s rounding up the pedophiles. So I would give Trump the benefit of the doubt for now.

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        • Yeah, Guiliani has mellowed. At the time he was mayor his own mother wouldn’t talk to him. She said he was too cutthroat and ambitious. My observations have nothing to do with New Yorkers in general. I’ve known a lot of them and consider some of my best friends among them.

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    • Warren Wilhelm is NOT stupid, but he IS dangerous.
      The political machine is running Malliotakis BECAUSE she IS from Staten Island and her name is a bit of a mouthful, but honestly, for New Yorkers, it really should flow off the tongue rather easily.
      Dietl is running third party to ENSURE Warren Wilhelm wins. I’m sure he owes people favors.
      Why would a billionaire want Dietl as mayor when he can have Wilhelm?


  4. As much as it bothers me,many voters don’t research candidates much anymore-they vote for people whose names they recognize. If there are more than one they’ve actually heard of,they will choose the one who appears to have their same beliefs-as far as they know,or some consider skin color,or the speaking voice,or ???? (coin toss?)
    So it very much IS Name Recognition that decides Elections.
    Whoever runs against DiBlabla needs to be well known and well thought of,and they will need to be able to be true to the President’s MAGA message,but will also need to appeal to the Democratic voters;this will be tough,since they see everything completely bass-ackwards from the real world. If there were more Republicans in New York;THEN a Candidate wouldn’t have to make compromises to get Democrat votes,and could just be lawful,truthful and Conservative. This is NOT a battle I’d wanna get involved in.

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  5. Goodness, I live far from NY city and even I know enough about the guy to never vote for him.
    He has done so many nasty and stupid things. He gives any opponent plenty of material to work with. And if it were me, I would address all those things over and over until it sinks in. They have so much to lose.
    Think of the protests and occupy movement.
    I used to think NY Yorkers were trend setters and a place to watch, then they elected Hillary Clinton to office. Blew that thought.
    But, we all know polls can be very wrong,

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  6. I wonder just how rigged the votes are in New York. How else do we explain the repeated election of toxic candidates in that place?

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    • You know, I don’t know the exact mechanism. I DO know that its done. When I lived in California whoever was Orange County’s candidate won. Now, its a big state. Lots of people. Most don’t live in Orange County and Orange County’s interests are more inclined toward the wealthy.

      Another example is Nancy Pelosi. I have NEVER heard anyone say a kind thing about her. But, there she is.

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  7. Explosive emails show ‘corrupt’ de Blasio donors had run of City Hall | New York Post

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