More libtard butt hurt: Late-night show writers are “bored” and “frustrated” with Trump coverage

this is how much i care

Suck it up buttercups…ya’ got three and a half more years of the “orange star.”

Via Hollywood Reporter: Few in the media would likely say that their job is the same today as it was even two years ago. The news cycle is in such a fixed pattern, orbiting around the orange star Donald Trump, that getting even a third of a way through a telecast without mentioning his name seems implausible.

“For people in our job, it can get really boring,” Daily Show writer Hallie Haglund told a crowd of reporters on Saturday morning. “During [President] Obama[‘s presidency], we’d have a week where we didn’t use a clip of the president. We’d be talking about what else was going on in the world. We recently had an act where we did not say Trump’s name once. I cannot remember the last time that happened. It’s as frustrating as it is boring.

Haglund was joined by Comedy Central cousins from The President Show and The Jim Jefferies Show, as well as Full Frontal With Samantha Bee writer and correspondent Ashley Nicole Black. It isn’t often that writers from competing late-night talk shows publicly gather to talk shop, but the Trump White House has unified much of the late-night landscape — brothers and sisters in arms, whose biggest task now seems to be regurgitating the current administration’s daily news dump.

Frustrated or not, they don’t see any end in sight. When the panel, gathered for the Television Critics Press Association, was asked if they’ve been surprised to see everyone in late-night (save a few exceptions, like NBC’s Jimmy Fallon) lean into Trump coverage the way that they have, the answer was a very clear “no.”

“If there was suddenly more cancer, there’d be a lot more cancer organizations fighting it,” said The President Show head writer Christine Nangle, whose series actually stars a comic posing as Trump. “We made him. We allowed this to happen.”

Framing their Trump coverage is something all four seemed to agree on as well, noting that the often confounding developments to come out of the White House — volatile press conferences, news breaking on Twitter, etc. — are best addressed by just sharing the facts in lieu of openly criticizing the divisive commander-in-chief. (Especially when cable news networks opt to focus on the personal dramas playing out in politics.)

“When [White House communications director] Scaramucci called that reporter, every cable network was on that while [Senators] were voting in health care,” noted Haglund. “Yes, there are some easy jokes here, but someone has to show viewers what’s going on with health care.”

It was not lost on any of the four that their audiences skew liberal and likely have some overlap. Preaching to the choir is an obstacle facing most outlets and shows. So, on the off chance their telecasts do reach a Trump supporter, they try not to hit them over the head with their respective takes. “You don’t want to say to a Trump voter, ‘You’re so stupid, you got conned,'” added Nangle. “It’s about trying to present from a different angle. This is what’s happening. This is who this is. See for yourself.”

Black, who works on Samantha Bee’s weekly program, did not seem to think there was much of a chance that a Trump supporter would ever tune in to her show. “I truly do not know if there’s a way for people to see the other side,” said Black. “People only watch certain outlets and watch certain commercials. We’re not going to advertise for Full Frontal on Fox News. The real problem with our country now is that our media diets are so bifurcated.”


15 responses to “More libtard butt hurt: Late-night show writers are “bored” and “frustrated” with Trump coverage

  1. “The real problem with our country now is that our media diets are so bifurcated.”
    Well, that’s not the f-word I’d use to describe the problem with our media diets now… “Fungible” might be better: things you’re able to replace or be replaced by another identical item; mutually interchangeable.
    Or perhaps “Fungal”… like mushrooms, which are grown (no kidding) on beds of horse manure. Just like those late-night “comedies” and their “writers”.
    Or “Flarp”, the amazing “fart-noise” putty children love to play with. That’s what I hear when I listen to their drivel.
    But the best f-word to describe the current state of media diets?
    “Fnord”: disinformation or irrelevant information intending to misdirect, with the implication of a conspiracy.
    And the uneducated and Millennials just eat it up as if it were the Truth.

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  2. Late-night show writers and other MSM created this fixation on the fictive Russian boogeyman, and now they complain they’re frustrated and bored. Amazing.

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    • Currently it’s “Trump, Trump, Trump, Russia! Russia, Russia, Trump, Trump, Trump”. Previously it was “Trump, Trump, Trump, Comes”. Then they bring on “experts” for setups so they can launch back into “Trump, Trump, Trump….”.

      It’s never been this bad. It was always terrible. Nobody could be stupid enough to think this is happening “naturally”.

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  3. To prevent confusion, let’s change “freedom of the press” to freedom of MY press. It will prevent confusion, arguments, and fighting, and I am always right about everything anyway, and I have no selfish motive. It is for peace for everyone, o.k.? (Sarc.)

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  4. It sure had to come to an end, all that wining, fake news, making fun of the President, his family, the staff, at no cost to the President to make the front pages, it has all been a free ride and the networks paying to move equipment, cameras, transportation, reporters salaries, accommodations, hahahaha, the joke has always been on you a@@ you have been used to exhaustion. The President continues to be the president in spite of Latrin Waters saying “impeach Trump”. Hey, Latrine, everybody, it gets really old!

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  6. These ignorant self-important dullards just don’t get it, they can’t turn us against our President. If a video surfaced showing Trump beating a puppy with a newborn baby I would still support him over any progressive/liberal puke.

    Making America Great Again…One deportation at a time.

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    • I’d have to think on that-nope,I’d STILL support Trump,because that “puppy/baby” incident would HAVE to be Liberal MSM fake news. But I agree-until something even worse than that actually HAPPENS,I believe in Trump.

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  7. CNN in the meme war:

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  8. “Obla Dee, Obla Daa, Blah, Blah, Blah:

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  9. We have really become censures ourselves when watching TV these days. After Carson, we turned to Leno. He is gone and so are we. Same for any program that sneaks politics into their program, we are gone. The pickings are getting slim for good programs these days.
    We want to be entertained, not preached to or mind bending. All the talent shows are getting old, same for the masses of “big brothers type shows. We watch a lot of foreign programs, comedies and mysteries, nature and history.

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  10. Anybody notice that ad below the article “Water Gives Her Power”? That’s either Obongo as a child or Buckwheat, you decide.


  11. Well, that’s okay.

    I am bored damn near to death with their mindless shows, which is why I avoid network late night TV.

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  12. Who has put a gun to their heads to “overdose” on Trump?

    Unless their network head honchos demand they incessantly “shoot up” their libtard audiences with Trump negativity, then their only excuse is that they are “addicted” themselves & cannot stop their own obsessions.


    They are finally right about one thing, we will not watch their programs.


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