Monday Animal Funnies!

The twerking cogi! (I suggest you turn the volume down before you view the video):

Sometimes, karma works quickly:


12 responses to “Monday Animal Funnies!

  1. 4th cartoon I love! Pay back, and I’m sure his doggie would have saved his a@@ at the first sign of drowning, IDIOT, WOULD YOU LIKE THAT DONE TO YOU. Second cartoon, Marshmallow kitty. First, ADOOOORABLE. What a good way to start the week!

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  2. Love these. Especially the last one.

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    • MA in MO . . . . Oh! how true. What was that fool trying to do? I’ll bet he was rather uncomfortable until he could get home to clean, dry clothes.

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  3. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Love Karma in this instance.


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  4. Luvs the corgi!

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  5. Funny,too,that the second ad is for “All Gay Cruises”. Apparently,according to their headline,they’re expecting us. Won’t THEY be disappointed…

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  6. They’d probably be GLAD we didn’t go,if they knew what they’d be in for.


  7. What’s all over the 2nd cat at the top? Cotton balls? or Marshmallows? Either way, he’s my favorite, lol. 😀

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    • Those annoying polystyrene pellets or packing peanuts that even my very-liberal city’s recycling program doesn’t accept.
      But I found a website on how to recycle them:

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      • Ah, of course, thanks. They are clingy, aren’t they, lol. They must have sat the cat in a box of them for a little bit. Funny.

        They are a pain those pellets. I think bubble wrap works just as well but maybe the pellets are cheaper, lighter, or whatever persuades shippers to use them.

        Great info & recycle ideas in that link & comments. I had no idea some of them were made out of cornstarch. One of the great marvels of the internet is to be able to learn so many little things so easily! Love it!

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