Chiraq reaches over 410 homicides this year and a 4-year-old boy among those shot this past weekend


Heckuva job mayor…

Gun-controlled Chiraq is on pace for another banner year. According to, there have been 1,799 people shot and wounded, 380 people shot and killed, and 412 homicides (which has some stats that differ from the Chicago Sun-Times, as you’ll see below).

As of early Sunday afternoon, there were 24 people shot in the city over the weekend and a four-year-old boy was one of the victims.

From MyFoxChicago: A 4-year-old boy and an 89-year-old man were among 24 people shot across the city from Friday evening to Sunday morning, a period which also saw two homicides.

The most recent deaths were the latest of 375 people fatally shot in the city this year, according to data maintained by the Chicago Sun-Times. In all, more than 2,145 people have been shot since the start of the year.

About 5:15 p.m. Friday, the 4-year-old was in the Austin neighborhood’s 5200 block of West Kamerling with 28-year-old Nikia Betts and a 19-year-old man when gunfire erupted, according to Chicago Police and the Cook County medical examiner’s office.

Betts, who lived in the same neighborhood, was shot in the head and taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, where she died at 5:54 p.m., authorities said. The boy and man were both shot in the arm and taken in good condition to Stroger Hospital.

The weekend’s other fatal happened about 10:45 p.m. Friday in the Marquette Park neighborhood on the Southwest Side. Eugene Winters, 18, was shot in the head while standing with two other people in the 2500 block of West Lithuanian Plaza Court, authorities said. He died at Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn about 45 minutes later.

Additionally, a 33-year-old woman grazed in the head was taken to the same hospital in serious condition, along with a 34-year-old man shot multiple times in the left shoulder. His condition was stabilized, police said.

The 89-year-old man was sitting in front of a Lawndale business about 6:30 p.m. Friday in the 4200 block of West Cermak when a shooter in a gray van opened fire at another person outside who ran away, police said.

A bullet grazed the elderly man’s arm, and he declined to be taken to a hospital. Later, a 32-year-old man hurt in the same shooting showed up at Mount Sinai with a foot wound.

The most recent nonfatal shooting happened shortly before 5:30 a.m. in the Washington Park neighborhood on the South Side. A 42-year-old man told investigators he was in the 6200 block of South Indiana when someone shot him in the right elbow, then ran away, police said. The man later showed up at St. Bernard Hospital, where he was listed in good condition.

At least 15 more people were wounded in Chicago shootings between 9 p.m. Friday and 6 a.m. Sunday.


14 responses to “Chiraq reaches over 410 homicides this year and a 4-year-old boy among those shot this past weekend

  1. And no one seems to care. Those in power or rich enough to do something will ignore it until it hits home. And yet they still vote those who don’t care into office repeatedly.

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    • Glenn47 . . . . . Amen to that. This whole scenario just seems to scream that there is profound mental illness amongst the government officials in this garbage heap that passes as a city. God save the righteous, and those who cannot flee, due to lack of finances or will. I cannot even begin to imagine what it must be like to be in this city looking out from inside . . . I know how horrible it is being on the outside of this city looking in . . . . it must truly be horrific being inside this city looking out . . . . .

      DCG . . . great post, thank you for keeping us abreast of the insanity in Chicago!

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      • And yet Auntie, the people still believe someone cares about them. What does it take for them to learn and accept the truth? Why aren’t they marching on city hall?

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  2. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

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    Make the mayor spend the weekend on these front lines with his family and I bet he would quickly solve the problem like lightening.



  3. Statistics for the rest of the year will be higher than the previos years. God have mercy on the innocent people that have died. Let the gangs fight it out, statistics will climb even higher, gangs will become smaller and the police can safely return home to their families.

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  4. Black lives matter!

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  5. As I have noted before, they made Escape from New York about the wrong city.

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  6. Perhaps the street to street warfare is allowed to take place in hopes chitcago becomes federalised, wich also might help with their fabricated debt issue. And then when the fedz can’t or don’t stop anything, the un comes in.


  7. Chicago is fairly close to Detroit and on the same trajectory, I think this is the planned fate for every large once prosperous city. Then the ruin can move to the small towns. A demoralized country is a conquerable country. I was told that as a kid in school, and Detroit is an example of that.


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