Poll reveals NFL ratings fell over national anthem protests

colin kaepernick

With this news after Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling stunt and his wearing a t-shirt with a picture of one of the co-founders of the racist Black Panthers, it’s not looking good that any NFL team will want to hire him soon.

From MSN: A recent poll by J.D. Power revealed that the dip in NFL ratings last season was largely due to players kneeling during the national anthem, the Associated Press reported.

According to the survey, 9,200 people who went to either a football, basketball or hockey game were asked if they watched fewer games broadcasted and to give their reasoning.

Twenty six percent of people who tuned out of watching football said it was because players knelt during the anthem.

Another 24 percent of people said they didn’t watch as many games because of domestic violence incidents involving players or because of game delays.

Sixteen percent said the presidential election replaced their NFL interest, and 5 percent said they got rid of cable.

It’s worth noting only 12 percent of those surveyed said they stopped watching NFL coverage, which equates to roughly 1,100 people.


18 responses to “Poll reveals NFL ratings fell over national anthem protests

  1. DCG . . . . . Fabulous article! I think it is a real “win” for the American people that they stood up did what they thought was right, and disconnected from mindlessly watching the NFL. I rather believe that the NFL did not think or consider that there would be a backlash of such proportions. In our society . . . Money Talks, there is no doubt about it. I am quite pleased that the NFL is left standing in their not so happy circumstances. We have had enough of these big, dumb ball players who felt they could run rough shad over American tradition. Let those who think they got a bad deal here in America, move their sorry a$$ to somewhere better. This rather reminds me of the old adage . . . a dog does not $hit where they live; perhaps the individuals who have been involved in disrespecting our nation can learn something that will help them during the remainder of their lives. We The People don’t want you raining that $hit down on our heads, and we will bite back if you perpetrate this kind of behavior! I am very proud of those who took a stand in response to the ill behavior of just a few of the ball players.

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  2. I refuse to watch them because they are a bunch of overpaid PUNKS that think that they are some kind of Heros, WRONG, The MEN that wear the colors and die for this country are the REAL HEROES, These crybabies shut it down over salaries, I say it’s time to return the favor! When they give respect they will get it, until then they can pound salt. Semper Fi.

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  3. Like I’ve said many times, I don’t understand the fascination. I like to watch my dogs chase balls. I don’t pay them much.

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  4. Get rid of the thug s and Prima Donna players and I will consider watching under one further condition.

    Apologize for the way Tom Landry was fired by the Cowboys.

    Yes, I carry a grudge for a long time.

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  5. Mr. Kraft, Mr. Brady, and the rest of the Patriots would not accept that behavior; the owner openly made that statement for himself in the locker room. (Just a side note for those who didn’t know, President Trump would support such patriotic speech in any locker room.)

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  6. What a claim to fame for Kaepernick. “I killed Professional Football.” He must be SO proud….

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  7. C’mon people, they are a product of the fans – fans glorified them, made them heros, shoved to be the firsts in line to buy tickets, tee shirts, caps, very ex$$$pensive jackets and the first culprit TELEVISION but, because there is a resurgence in nationalism, the Kaepernicks and his comrades, head trauma and enhancing drugs, NFL is taking a step back for Soccer and ice hockey, played worldwide and attracting a crowd wanting to see sweat and action with less concussion.

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  8. I would like to know the percentage of people who quit watching because of all the corruption!

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  9. I am in a fantasy football league and I wonder how this affects the ratings? I believe that without fantasy football the ratings would have really tanked.

    I am already committed to my fantasy league this season but this will be my last year. Watching a bunch of self-important ghetto lowlives just isn’t something I can justify spending my valuable time on any longer.

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  10. Here’s some news for whomever keeps track of these things…I stopped watching NOT ONLY NFL games on TV…but all OTHER sporting events like HOCKEY, which I adore (even the Stanley Cup this year!), baseball, golf, soccer, whatever—b/c I don’t want to be assaulted by some “professional” sportsman of any genre with some sort of “protest” laden w/disrespect to our country, our national anthem, our unified values overall toward one another, or one race to another, as Americans(despite their multi-million-dollar earnings from our “evil” system)….I just don’t want to stress myself on my WEEKENDS…my only time “off” from my students, a highly “needy” population, from during my heavy-laden week….And so, in summary….ALL professional sports, as aired on my TV DISH, have suffered MY BOYCOTT since the Kaepernick Follies….because I just can’t face any more CRAP and stress and confrontation and denegration and racial profiling at the end of my week b/c I face this crap ALL WEEK LONG…I can’t and won’t suffer it on the one or two days that I have to myself in the week.

    So, from one humble, stupid, lowly, middle-class, over-worked, over-taxed, over-regulated Trump voter to the NFL and the other professional sports associations: WISE UP or be prepared to PAY UP in your bankruptcy court!

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    • There are two sports I can think of which are patriotic and do not have political commentary from their announcers.


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    • So, you are deflating football – and hockey! Don’t try to deflate a puck, they are solid to begin with and then frozen. Two sports I like to watch a lot but with the injury mentioned and another not mentioned: spinal core injury. And, how about soccer and concussions, especially with women.
      One last remark, I don’t think anyone who read your last sentence thinks you stupid and lowly.


  11. I for one am getting pretty tired of everything being about racism, and don’t want it to be the point of focus upon in the few things, like sports, and have it shoved in my face there!
    N = National
    F = Felons
    L = League

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  12. Stupid! Just seriously stupid. ALL countries have faults. In my opinion the biggest injustice in America is abortions But I still stand to anthem. I’ve hated president bush for talking Israel into giving up land But I still stand. I believe America is going to hell in hand basket But I still stand. Why? Because no country is perfect but I’ve made good money off this land. This land gave me assistance when I was out of work. I’ll never watch a game Colin is in. Never mostly because the pig socks.


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