Despite new social experiment with different body types, Barbie sales tumble

barbie dolls

From NY Post: Barbie still isn’t pulling her weight at Mattel. Shares of the toymaking giant dropped nearly 10 percent in early Friday trades after it posted disappointing quarterly sales and profits, partly blaming weak demand for its iconic Barbie dolls.

Barbie sales tumbled 5 percent during the quarter, marking Barbie’s third consecutive decline despite last year’s launch of three new Barbie body types — petite, tall and curvy — which briefly goosed sales. Barbie is also increasingly available in a range of skin colors in a bid to make Barbie more attractive to kids worldwide.

Mattel blamed shriveling licensing fees for the drop, while also reporting weak demand for its American Girl, Monster High, Mega Bloks and Thomas & Friends toys in North America. Fisher-Price sales dropped 3 percent. That weighed down Mattel’s results, as well as disappointing demand for toys based on the new “Cars 3” movie.

Shares of Mattel fell about 9.2 percent to $19.35 in early Friday trades.

The Cars movie franchise has been profitable for the toymaker since the series launched in 2006. But U.S. demand for “Cars 3” toys has been soft, Mattel said in a post-earnings call.

“Barbie sales excluding the lapping of a license revenue event in the previous year would have been up about 5 percent, but were not enough to offset more aggressive declines in Monster High and Ever After High,” Jefferies analyst Stephanie Wissink wrote in a client note.

Net sales rose about 2 percent to $974.5 million, but missed analysts’ estimate of $979.7 million, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.Sales in the company’s Asia Pacific region, of which China is a major part, rose 16 percent to $122.2 million in the latest quarter.

Mattel is renewing its focus on emerging markets such as China where it has tied up with Alibaba Group and Chinese parenting website Baby Tree to set up educational development and learning centers for children.

Excluding certain items, the company lost 14 cents per share, missing analysts’ average estimate of a loss of 9 cents per share.


23 responses to “Despite new social experiment with different body types, Barbie sales tumble

  1. I can just hear little girls all over America holding their new Barbie dolls; “What’s fun about THIS? It doesn’t even DO anything!”

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    • truck . . . You are very perceptive, today’s children are very savvy . . . they want action, action, action, such as is provided by electronic devices. Frankly, having “Barbie” dolls in every size, shape, and color possible is just plain S-U-P-I-D. Time moves on, just as we in the 1950’s did not want the toys of the 1930’s, thus today’s little consumers do not want the toys of the 1950’s. Mattel needs to get over it; how many adults want to purchase cars, washing machines, televisions, stereos, etc. of by gone eras. It is the same principal for young consumers. Come up with something new and exciting!

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  2. Make sure you market them as Christian dolls in Muslim countries and shares will jump to hundred per, Mattel! Decapitated dolls will be everywhere. Oh, wait, no need to go to Muslim countries. Just do it right here in Amerika, and it won’t be only decapitated Barbies we will see, but melted-burned-at-the-stake, wrapped up in American flags, etc., that you will see everywhere. Might even have special lesson plans in Social Studies NCLB efforts by liberal teachers and kindergarten educators – scratch that! – eviltakers. Or market them as LGBTQ, in boxes of two. Their shares only go down because they lack imagination.


  3. Ha jib Barbie. It’ll sell fast.

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  4. Barbie’s been around so long they should put a Barbie senior on the market–LOL!

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  5. Barbies will not be sold anywhere the Muslimes are.

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  6. Barbie’s problem isn’t her body-type…it’s that she’s BORING compared to video games and the internet.

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    • Recynd77 . . . . . Well said. What today’s kids lack is imagination. They want a toy that does all the thinking, because they are unable to think . . . mores the pity!

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    • I could say (truthfully) that I used to play with an empty thread spool, toothpicks and some elastic bands. . These days I suppose “Barbie” is supposed to steal your parents bank information, film their bedroom antics and upload them to the internet.

      I think the little darlings need to be unplugged, thrown outside and made to use their imaginations.

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  8. I think little girls like baby dolls better than a “young adult doll.” Baby dolls are cute & huggable, stiff Barbie is not.

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  9. Even though Barbie may be a bit dated now, I really liked her when I was a kid. Along with Cabbage Patch and American Girl. Part of the current problem could be they’re being too PC. It’s fine to have some variety but part of the appeal of Barbie was that she’s fake. It’s a doll not a person. I’ve always been natural brunette and most Barbies are blonde. I wasn’t scarred by it or any of the unreal aspects of her.

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  10. Maybe a blind multiracial transgender Barbie with an amputated leg would sell.

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  11. I feel so bad for the Barbies. I’m a collector and I don’t understand why children don’t like them anymore! Maybe it’s the phones. I know an 8 year old who won’t look up from hers.

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  12. My one and only 3-yr-old grand-baby, a girl, has NEVER attached to a “babydoll” or equivalent (and this seems a little weird/off-putting to me ). She has empathy and love for bunnies, puppies, a few kitty figures, etc…….BUT, she can operate her own iPad for what shows she wants to watch, or order….or games she wants to play….all including a “sign-in code.” I don’t think she’ll EVER want or ask for a Barbie.


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