Media praise Anti-Trump militia that publishes manual on executions, kidnapping, sabotage, and terrorism

Redneck Revolt is a fast-growing Marxist organization that describes itself as a national network of “pro-worker, anti-racist” armed “community” militias, opposed to “white supremacy” and capitalism, and openly calling for “armed resistance” and “revolution”.

Founded in June 2016 in Kansas and Colorado, the organization claims to have more than 30 vetted branches all aimed at “working class liberation from the oppressive systems which dominate our lives”.  Redneck Revolt recruits at gun shows and community events, advocates class war, contributes to the far left anarchist website It’s Going Down, and conducts armed anti-Trump demonstrations.

Redneck Revolt and other left-wing militants are praised by Mother Jones magazine and the UK newspaper, The Guardian.

Mother Jones‘ Madison Pauly exclaims:

Redneck Revolt and other groups have pledged to resist right-wing extremists by any means necessary….

Redneck Revolt, a national network whose outreach has targeted right-wing militia members.
Redneck Revolt is just one among a handful of left-wing groups that have pledged to resist emboldened white supremacists and right-wing extremists through ‘direct action’ that sometimes goes beyond nonviolent protest—including picking up arms….
Redneck Revolt’s members can speak to their neighbors more easily than ivory-tower liberals, says Lucas Kelly, a member of the Phoenix chapter…. The group also runs firearms trainings. Last December, Kelly’s chapter sent members to a gun show, where they handed out posters tagged with the slogan ‘Fighting Nazis Is an American Tradition: Stop the Alt-Right.’”

Writing for The Guardian on July 11, 2017, Cecilia Saixue Watt extols Redneck Revolt as “the armed leftwing group that wants to stamp out fascism” and describes the group’s anti-Trump protests with signs such as “FUCK TRUMP!!!!”

Watt describes Redneck Revolt as:

“a nationwide organization of armed political activists from rural, working-class backgrounds who strive to reclaim the term ‘redneck’ and promote active anti-racism. It is not an exclusively white group, though it does take a special interest in the particular travails of the white poor. The organization’s principles are distinctly left-wing: against white supremacy, against capitalism and the nation-state, in support of the marginalized.”

As reported by Far Left Watch, “most alarming” are the propaganda and training manuals on “armed struggle” provided by Redneck Revolt on their website, including a 36-page Mini-Manual Of The Urban Guerrilla on how to conduct guerrilla warfare in U.S. cities, subdivided into sections on “sabotage”, “kidnapping”, “executions”, “armed propaganda”, and “terrorism”.

The Mini-Manual, containing a picture of Che Guevara, was written in 1969 by Carlos Marighella, one of the leaders of the Brazilian guerrilla organization National Liberation Action (NLA). Wikipedia describes Marighella as “a Marxist Brazilian writer, politician, guerilla fighter and terrorist,” who was an active member of the Brazilian Communist Party (Partido Comunista Brasileiro – PCB).

The Mini-Manual includes explicit instructions on how to conduct executions, kidnapping, sabotage, and terrorism (pp. 28-30).

H/t ZeroHedge and Will Shanley.


33 responses to “Media praise Anti-Trump militia that publishes manual on executions, kidnapping, sabotage, and terrorism

  1. Well the right wing extremists (America loving, patriotic, freedom loving citizens) have guns too and most of us know how to use them and won’t hesitate. The Redneck Revolt (Communists) will have a fight on their hands. They are nothing more than the rebirth of the Obama/Bill ayers Weather Underground. Marxist Obama and Communist Ayers would be so proud of these ungrateful, mentally deranged, anti-American slugs.

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    • brackenkaren . . . Congratulations for giving us such a right on concise description of what this movement is. Although it is frightening, we must persevere, and call on Our God for help and deliverance.

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    • This “Redneck Revolt” has NOTHING to do with Rednecks,either. They use that name to make people think they’re Rednecks (Patriotic,Gun Carrying,God Fearing America Loving,Liberal Hating,etc. etc.) ,fighting,presumably,FOR the Conservatives,when they’re actually the opposite. Am I getting this right?

      The Liberals,Communists,Marxists,Democrats,ALL the Ne’er Do Well’s Always use this tactic-I’m sure it’s in Alinsky’s Play book somewhere;”ALWAYS title yourself in a way that indicates you work WITH your opposition-it’ll reduce the resistance you get from your enemies.” Probably somewhere close to where it says to NEVER tell the truth.

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  2. Kendra Tilley

    Man this group and what they are saying is right out of the Nazi play book and they are too darn stupid to know what they think they are fighting against is exactly what they are.

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  3. The lashback is heartwarming, though. Twitter posters like “OfficialAntifa” and “Beverly Hills Antifa” are fighting back with humor and satire, and it ROCKS. Check them out even if you’re not a Twit. 😏

    Also, check out the Hotep movement (on Google, YouTube, or Twitter. What a great group; I support them, and so should you.

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    • I love the idea of humor and satire. Soros (and by extension his bosses), have staged these “color revolutions” all over the world. They are made to look as if they arose, spontaneously. They don’t.

      First, primarily in school, people are conditioned to be joiners. This is why. The more they can break groups down into little boxes, the easier they are to pit off each other and control.

      These tactics never change. The names change, that’s all. If they’re armed they’ll use that as a further excuse to disarm us. If they kill people that doesn’t bother them. They want the world population reduced anyway.

      We are witnessing the destruction of Western Civilization as its been. It is being replaced by a globalist police state. All of the Trump-bashing, saber rattling, and third-world invasions are designed to create chaos. It certainly isn’t happening by accident. If it were, it would be the worst possible indictment of their ability to rule.

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      • Have you listened to any of Jordan Peterson’s lectures on the Old Testament? He has very novel and interesting perspectives. While I don’t think he looks deep enough into some areas (he’s not nearly as cynical as I think he should be, but lucky him), some of his observations give me hope.

        Your point of schools fostering “joining” is spot on. The emphasis on team sports, both in and out of schools, supports your claim, too. It’s a way to direct (“nudge”) the loyalty that’s been taken away from the (ever-disintegrating) family, nation, and church. Sadly, it’s an ersatz loyalty: not very strong and easily replaced. It’s also a way to re-create the culture that has been incrementally removed over the past generation or two.

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        • No, but that makes sense. It is absolutely necessary to have loyalty to survive as a culture or society. Traditionally we were not fighting an opponent that was deliberately trying to destroy us. Strategies for coping with this were not in place.

          These assaults have happened incrementally, over time. Often they are quite small in nature and not particularly noticeable. The cumulative effect, however, is disastrous.

          In my own lifetime I’ve seen the center of family culture shift from the home and neighborhood to “the mall” for example. Wisdom no longer comes from elders and church. It comes from TV.

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        • Who’s directing schools to use the non-competition “everyone-gets-a-medal-just-for-being-there” program that DESTROYS the fun of Team Sports?


    • BACKlash…(I knew “lashback” didn’t sound right!!).

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  4. traildustfotm

    This must be put out of business.

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  6. And these guys are not considered terrorists that must be locked up?
    Speak of enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC!
    Lock and load, brethren, it’s coming!

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  7. Soon, redneck won’t mean a thing, the same way raycist won’t mean anything.

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  8. All of the southern rednecks I know are conservatives. The ones associated with “Redneck Revolt” don’t know history and are just too ignorant to understand what this ideology actually represents. Most are young, dumb and misguided. They can’t usurp or change the original meaning of “redneck” no matter how hard the radical left tries. Besides, real “rednecks” will out shoot and out maneuver these young jerks any day.

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  9. This is pure Soros. Just look at it. Nothing but manipulation. The “media” are paid shills. These “militia” are also paid. While they are communists (probably without knowing it), they will do as they’re told.

    Anybody who goes out and joins a group like this is an idiot. I doubt very much that any of them are “organic”, and you can bet your bippy that all of them are infiltrated.

    The whole thing is “divide and conquer”. These fools are allowing themselves to be manipulated, if they even exist.

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  10. They won’t stand a chance against real rednecks. Americans hate commies.

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  11. Recynd has the right idea (as usual). This is a joke. It should be treated that way. Can you imagine an “army” of snowflakes running around screeching and tearing at their purple hair?

    These idiots can’t screw in a lightbulb let alone load a rifle. Riling them up is like stampeding your cattle. They’ll run off a cliff.

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  12. I’m so scared of ratty looking chicks carrying airsoft guns Its terrifying why if they showed up on my doorstep I’d be so afraid that I’d gift them each three pieces of lead. On yeah my group is called the urban sophisticates, we have armed branches in 247 college campuses and we have published a cocktails manual.

    We also like to enter safe spaces, break crayons, and sell Che Tshirts that used to be the property of lepers.

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  13. the most emancipated snowflake

    In all seriousness, this abomination reminds me of ISIL. Somebody is setting up a civil war in the US.

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    • Been suspecting that for years myself, I don’t think they’ve given up on the “north american union” plot, yet. Arguably the social climate these days is much more permissive of insanity as such… mind you if anyone starts calling for revolution, beware and don’t go joining them, because it looks like both “sides” in it would be controlled, and ultimately work for the same ends, per usual.


  14. President Trump, do your duty and appoint an Attorney General who has the guts to go after these COMMIE GOONS.

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  15. This all reeks of a CIA operation to set the stage for something. It will give them an outlet to stage terrorist attacks and blame citizens at the same time inciting civil war for the purposes of cracking down and creating a stronger police state and take away more freedoms and civil liberties. Your average leftist isn’t militant but milquetoast…

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    • I read in Vic Marchetti’s The Cult of Intelligence where cia has multiple warehouses around the US filled with arms and ammo just for domestic enemy use. Vic was way up in cia leadership so he would know. Now think about the billions of rounds of 5.56mm and 40sw rounds stocked away by dhs not long ago. No matter, there are trillions of private rounds safe in the hands of real Americans.

      However, this does bring up the possibility for cia to arm jihadists, snowflakes, or whatever patsy they want to employ in their takeover attempt.
      Best to keep an eye on this.

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      • One other interesting note, Josh, is that the “gun culture” of the U.S. can easily be exploited for htis, now before anyone goes off calling me a commie etc. Lots and lots of people can get firearms, acquisition and stockpiling of them is relatively easy, as well as ammo stores, effectively making their homes into caches should something “unforeseen” happen to the occupants. That stated, there are lots and lots of americans with weapon stores, but how many of them are properly verses in strategy, tactics, and the likes of COINTELPRO and “Agitprop”? A citizen who owns such a cache, and knows how to shoot but is uninformed of strategy and tactics etc. will fall to the properly utilized strategy or an underhanded tactic exploited by the malevolent adversary, effectively making their home, in a civil war scenario, a rearming depot for any advancing military, militia, or other bunch that happens across it. I suspect this is why “gun control” has always been more of a saber-rattling tactic that follows with a knee-jerk reaction by the population that saturates the private sector with firearms and ammo, some cities may implement it, but I doubt americans will “lose their guns” (at least until the purpose for which the saturation is used is accomplished), both sides being armed means a greater death toll for both sides, and we all know the satanists don’t care about their pawns, and do have a vested interest in culling.

        All that said, I do wonder how many gun owners are versed properly in melee combat? Once the ammo runs out a firearm becomes a rather clumsy “billy club” at best, and I think it would behoove more people to rely less (not get rid of, far from it, but to have proper contingency for when, not if, the firearms will become useless for any number of factors, be it poorly maintaining the item, running out of ammunition, or simple malfunctions such as jams.) on the firearms as a first and last means of defense, I would like to see folks knowing at least some form of martial art, knowing tactics and strategies and one or two if not more, martial arts & ways of utilizing available materials for defense, in addition to knowing how to properly utilized a firearm.

        The mind is also a battlefield that can be exploited, and if the bulk of the people who are also firearm owners are undereducated, or downright uneducated in that area, that means they can be exploited against their fellows without need to use force, and that is a disturbing prospect. I would also strongly urge other readers here to become versed in these things, strategy & tactics, learning how to spot a lie, and unarmed or “improvisational martial arts” if I can coin a phrase here, most strongly out of those (I’m presuming most readers here are already very well versed in use of firearms). Be sure to defend your minds as well as your bodies, and families.

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  16. This post reminds me, Dr. Eowyn, of the old “anarchist cookbook” or the book of terribly bad ideas, notable for also having bomb plans and other stupid things therein, and encouraging them. Taking into account what I said to Josh there, and being sure to avoid such publications (if folks want to be educated, read a chemistry textbook from before the blanking out of the school curriculum, be versed in science and medicine etc., and don’t expect someone to simply publish a “get informed quick” book that will solve all your problems, there is a high likelihood those are intelligence plants, and contain dubious if not downright stupid ideas and disinformation, designed to get the reader in trouble), there are also a lot of things like the redneck manuals and the “anarchist cookbook”, and I suspect they originate from the same group (or possibly groups), if you will, especially since they often advocate the same sorts of stupidity, and are dangerously lacking both in thoroughness, safety, and morality.

    I also note the anarchist movement itself is compromised, the scuzzbag called “hakim bey” notable in anarchist circles etc. is an open pedophile & pederast whose works have been published by NAMBLA among other vile organizations, effectively tying the anarchist movement directly to the pedophile promotion movement, and subsequently to the GBLT movement and they to other “Agitprop” and social corruption groups, I wouldn’t be surprised if these “revolt”ing groups are also being supported by the same base, perhaps the CIA or “Langley” is involved somewhere in this?

    Also notice how often “manuals” or books of certain sorts figure into narratives for “terrorist plots”, remember the “islamist” publication with plans for a “pressure cooker bomb” (A dumb idea anyway, why try to make a bomb out of something specifically designed to resist exploding? that strikes me as a non-sequiter.) that showed up when the “marathon bombing” hoax cropped up. Then there were the “turner diaries” fictions that were utilized in other “terrorism” hoaxes, along with the anarchist cookbook, and in each case these texts were used to further clamp down on the regular citizenry as well as to drive guilt by association, IE the person owned the book(s), making them guilty of a crime from ownership alone, a very disturbing tactic, and one used to demonize the person/patsie in question to the minds of the average citizen

    I suspect that with the fall of our library system, and the school system, “Fahrenheit 451” and the situation it presents is not something to fear for the future, but rather has already happened, and continues to happen every year, books may not be burned in open pits, but true useful and helpful knowledge that serves Good is steadily attacked & hidden, destroyed or corrupted, where possible.

    As an aside, Other readers already noted here the “joke” in their name, the satanists usually like to pretend they’re “clever” with such “jokes”… in this case “redneck revolt” could be implied two ways, rednecks revolting, or revolting against rednecks, considering their goals, and the open endorsement of “redness”/communism, which is the most likely meaning? I’d also be curious to see who founded the group officially and just who they might be associated with… that trail would probably lead back to “Langly” as some call it, I suspect.

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