How surgery makes a fake vagina for MtF ‘transgenders’

Have you wondered just what “gender reassignment” surgeons do to “create” a fake vagina for a severely mentally-ill man who imagines he’s really a she?

These videos show how.

Warning: Gruesome

In other words, the fake vagina is actually the man’s gouged-out penis that’s stuffed inside a surgically-contrived cavity or wound in the man’s pelvis.

Even worse, after surgery, the fake vagina has to be dilated with a dildo, or it would seal up.


Because the so-called “vagina” is actually a wound.

That’s how mentally ill “transgenders” are, and how without moral scruples surgeons who do “sex reassignment” surgeries are. For the plain truth is that no amount of “reassignment” surgery can change a person’s gender. That is determined by your DNA, specifically your sex chromosomes: females have XX chromosomes; males have XY chromosomes.

In a sane society, instead of getting paid mega-bucks, those surgeons would be arrested for medical malpractice — for cutting and dicing and outright mutilating otherwise healthy bodies.

In a sane society, “transgenders” would be prevented from surgically mutilating their bodies, just as suicidal people are prevented from killing themselves.

But then 2017 America is not a sane society.

In America today, not only are sane people who refuse to submit to the “transgender” fiction condemned and vilified, taxpayers are compelled by government to subsidize these grotesque, body-mutilation surgeries via Medicare and in the military, and President Trump’s ending of Obama’s transgenders-in-military policy is met with sputtering outrage.

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” –Isaiah 5:20.

We truly are living in an upside-down world.

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38 responses to “How surgery makes a fake vagina for MtF ‘transgenders’

  1. That we would sanction putting anyone thru that kind of procedure, much less at the expense of the US Military. If folks want this, let them save up the money and pay for it. It seems rather gross to me.

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    • What happened to morals? And has the Hippocratic Oath been rescinded -when? The penis may be hidden but it is a penis unless a man is castrated and the penis disposed off, and IT will be a man until his heart stops beating. Barf!

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  2. Ahem! I wouldn’t dare touch that [subject] with a ten foot pole!!!!🙄

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  4. Next, some other group of people (transfacers) will demand to have their noses transmuted into a second mouth. Since that isn’t much different from gouging out a penis to create a vagina, I’ve no doubt that the surgeons who perform these horrors would step up right away for the job – no doubt charging a king’s ransom. Undeniably awful and immoral.

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  5. Apparently a person who undergoes this surgery shortens their lifespan by 20-30 years due to the hormone suppressing drugs and the wounding that is never allowed to heal. I know someone who is saving to have this surgery performed. He takes strong hormone supressants and incredibly strong estrogen. It took adding the estrogen to take the man smell ie pheromones away. I noticed it immediately. I only told him to think long and hard about removing a healthy body part and at the same time losing his fertility. I know how things change overtime. I unfortunately believe he will live to regret his decision. He is 28 years old. I have seen the effects of the estrogen in our plastics degrading in our water supply as well as the poisons we use on our food crops in particular our non organic apples cause in our men, particularly our young men and it is devastating. I attended an event with over 50 people and the lack of male pheromones in the air around the men was palatable. We are in real trouble here in the USA yet everyone sleep walks hoping that everything will somehow be OK. I believe it will not be OK because it is not in anyway ok here now. No one will awaken and fight until it is too late. The Republic will be gone with the men you are too feminized to fight for it. Jam

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  6. Only God makes vaginas for girls, not a doctor.

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    • Amen!

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    • He won’t even have the same feeling, so these sad folks are so sex oriented anyway. They won’t have the feeling they are expecting, maybe a little. Or maybe like the FMG females. I notice in the video the penis is a circumcised one, and if you research the difference in feeling of an uncircumcised member, with the color coding of feeling chart, an enormous amount of sensitive flesh is removed as it is.

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  7. It hurt just watching the video, so I didn’t see it all the way through. How much do the activities of the globalist Illuminati through vaccinations, food, drink, air, mercury amalgam, and education policies contribute to present day aberrations?

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  8. I see….so, the “vagina”, um, hole is the man’s inverted penis and when another man has “sex” with him, he is fornicating inside his penis….quite revolting, to put it mildly.
    the new “woman” still has a prostate. I never knew women could have prostates (sarc.).
    the “female’s” “clitoris” is actually the head of the penis and the “vagina” is pushed off to the side inside the new “woman’s” “vagina”. geez, I always thought vaginas were straight and didn’t need a dildo for patency.
    the video portrays a female shape undergoing MTF sex “reassignment”.
    it is truly disgusting how these people are being brainwashed into believing these lies about picking ‘your own gender’…it’s about a facade and lies…and they put themselves into situations for blood clots (stroke, heart attack) from the fake hormones, sterility, increased suicide, shame, infections, pornography, disease, drug addictions…etc….but, the medical/pharmaceutical industry is literally making a killing from these evil practices…
    here’s a gory video showing a confused female undergoing surgery for her “penis” implant:
    “Female to Male Sex Change Surgery in India (Phalloplasty)”

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  9. Maybe these “guys” are just in a hurry to join the party?

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  10. and you’re telling us this because…….


    • To state the obvious: We need to be red-pilled and realize just what a pathology “transgenderism” is.

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      • Yes, precisely. Everybody take a deep breath. Now, HOW MANY “transgenders” do you really think there are out there? If there are more than I estimate, so what? What, precisely is our obligation to them?

        I rather suspect that, since it’s become fashionable, like swallowing goldfish, there are more “professed” than previously. That said, what is it, precisely, we are “obligated” to do about it?

        All the hand-wringing and wailing about non-existent “problems” is tiring.

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    • Because it’s our blog and we can post whatever we want. Feel free to ignore any posts that don’t interest you.

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  11. What ever happened to a year of therapy before surgery and any doctor that participates in this should lose his license. He is maiming an already sick individual.

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  12. Holy Cow! Could not watch the Female to Male documentary to the end. Thought I was witnessing a Joseph Mengele experiment.

    This was “too close to home” since last year, one of my student’s “mother’s” went through this…….& my student was extremely “disturbed” in behavior and academics the whole year….which in turn… upset the other students throughout………

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  13. I would agree that as of now, America is not a “sane society,” but transgenderism is not the cause of our insanity; I would lay the blame squarely where it belongs: On the Sexual Revolution that burst forth in the 1960’s. Because the genesis of our current madness began then and there. Or, Rather, it burst forth then and there, after Freud, Bernays, Jung, Kinsey, Sanger, et al., lit the fuse, as it were.
    At any rate, one thing needs to be said. If I ruled this world with an iron fist, the so-called doctors who perform this surgery would be the first ones to HANG. I would then offer transgenders a choice: We have provided a monastery secluded in the Yukon for you to live lives of penance. Or, you can choose the noose, if you prefer.

    This subject has to be discussed, and I appreciate the posts—and the passion. But it is so GROTESQUE, I cannot bear to watch the video!
    Male and intact I was born—male and intact I shall die!

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  14. These fake dr evil scientists are evil vivisectionists who just want to experiment to see what they can do… Little can they imagine the hellish horrors in the pit which await them….

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  15. Ew.
    Yay for real ginas and uteruses!

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  16. Figure this simple test, when a plug is inserted into a wall socket, you “produce” electricity💡

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  17. traildustfotm

    A relative we knew from birth, has been taking monthly injections to cause a gender change, from male to female. The horror of this insanity is hard to describe. The relative seems to have been convinced by a college psychological counselor that his dark depression was caused by a need to come to grips with his “true” sexual identity. The counselor is a man in his sixties, who has taken sex tourism trips to Thailand, who had a gay partner half his age, and dumped him for a younger lover, our college aged relative. So, the six months of counseling was actually six months of “grooming” a new lover, under the guise of professional service.
    Instead of hating, we should pray for people like this. We need to pray they find true peace in a relationship with the Prince of Peace, and receive a sound mind.

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    • traildustfotm…so sorry about your nephew’s choice to become another victim to the tranny charade…this “counselor” is truly using him.
      I wonder if there is a way to bring charges against the “counselor” for abusing his position of trust?

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    • Traildust:

      Nowadays, US colleges & universities have explicit rules forbidding sexual “harassment” and contact between professors and students — and “psychological counselors” are included. Your nephew won’t, but his parents should bring charges against the college for the counselor’s sexual predation of your nephew.

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  18. I happen to believe people who say they feel like they are trapped in the wrong body and living a lie. Is it so terrible when an adult makes the decision to adopt a new identity, dress differently, and modify his/her body to match their inner self? I think we should have compassion for these people and understand that it is the hardest decision they may ever face to actually complete a transition. I know wonderful people who are not so different from you and I. They could be Christian, conservative, wholesome, patriotic, freedom-loving, kind, and generous. Let’s give them the space to breathe and live their most authentic life and remember, it could have been you.


    • To say “transgenders” are mentally ill is not to accuse them of being bad people. Would you be as accommodating if that person wanted to hack off his legs because he “feels” he really should be legless? At what point should society step in and prevent a person from destroying his body? Don’t we prevent people from committing suicide by jumping off a roof or a bridge?

      The FACT is that so-called “gender reassignment” surgery doesn’t actually change one’s gender, as I’d explained in my post, because gender is determined by one’s DNA (sex chromosomes). That is why whatever sparse studies we have indicate the surgery doesn’t change the psychological dysfunction of transgenders.


      A long-term study of 324 sex-reassigned persons in 2003 in Sweden concluded: Persons with transsexualism, after sex reassignment, have considerably higher risks for mortality, suicidal behaviour, and psychiatric morbidity [diseased state] than the general population. Our findings suggest that sex reassignment, although alleviating gender dysphoria, may not suffice as treatment for transsexualism. (Read the entire study here)

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    • Just because you “feel” a certain way doesn’t mean that it is so. Just because someone’s cognitive thinking is influenced by emotions doesn’t make it true and justified.

      Would you be as accommodating if that person thought they were trans-species?

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  19. Sometimes they make the faux vagina out of the persons colon, the bonus of ‘natural lubrication’ but that same ‘bonus’ stinks and they have to wear pads constantly. Please if you are surgeon, stop doing these disgusting Frankentrocities!

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