Busted: Emails show that minimum wage advocates, academics coordinated to boost the new $15 Seattle wage


From MyNorthwest.com: It’s been alleged that supporters of Seattle’s minimum wage law sought to undermine a study from the University of Washington that painted a less-than-perfect picture of what’s followed. And a paper trail leading back to city officials may have further solidified those allegations.

When the Seattle City Council passed the $15 minimum wage law it commissioned the University of Washington to study its affects on the local economy and workers. The recent UW study found that the economy absorbed the first wage increase from $9.47 an hour to $11 an hour. But after wages increased again, some businesses cut workers’ hours, meaning that despite getting a higher wage, workers didn’t earn from as many hours.

However, another study from the University of California at Berkeley’s Institute for Research on Labor and Employment found the wage law to be mostly positive.

But an email trail, which can be found at Forbes.com, led to some evidence that Forbes contributor Michael Saltsman called “not pretty.”

Among the findings, according to Saltsman, is a request from Mayor Ed Murray’s office asking the people at Berkeley to “omit any mention of the forthcoming University of Washington report from its write-up.

“Unfortunately, for them, I think they put a lot of coordination in email form that was accessible via public records request,” he told KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson. It certainly raises questions about objectivity, Dori pointed out.

The email trail also reveals that the press release for the Berkeley study was written by a PR firm that was also used by Fight for $15, strong proponents of the minimum wage law.

The Berkeley study, it appears, was also rushed to meet the timeline for the anniversary of the law, Saltsman said.

Go here to listen to the Saltsman interview.


14 responses to “Busted: Emails show that minimum wage advocates, academics coordinated to boost the new $15 Seattle wage

  1. It is really awful that they(the socialistic establishment) comes in puts into place these “sounds good” ideas, but then everything goes to the dogs. Of course, they are making good money, but the folks that now make $15.00 an hour are working less hours, those who do not already have excellent skills do not get the job, because it is counter intuitive to give someone who is starting at ground zero $15.00 to “learn the job.” So the poor still suffer. Yet the poor are ignorant of the fact that they have been bamboozled by those in power. This is an excellent reason why people MUST finish their education, and become trailed in some marketable skill, not just rely on the lowest, most vulnerable work around.

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  2. I’m confused. Don’t the MSM and the Democrats/Left keep telling us there are no conspiracies, but that if there were, the only one is Hillary’s favorite scapegoat — the “vast right wing conspiracy,” aka deplorables? /sarc

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  3. What’s wrong with trade school? They too get a masters degree in their trade, they are skillful and they can make $75. an hour -air condition, plumbers, carpenters, they have employees, they go on cruises and they and their families live dam good! The dummies don’t get ahead because flipping burgers the brain doesn’t have to function.

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  4. Do we really need an academic to tell us that doing this is the same thing as “fining” a business? Did they not consider that the business owner is not going to simply “absorb” this?

    The older I get the more aware I become that I give people too much credit.

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  5. why not just post the study so we can see for our self what it actually says…..


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