Trump’s Wall is a go! House approves $1.6B down payment for border wall

While RINO betrayers (John McCain, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski) killed the repeal of Obamacare in the Senate early this morning, House Republicans are going full steam ahead.

Two days ago, the House Judiciary Committee voted for the Gaetz Amendment to HRes. 446, authorizing an investigation of Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Loretta Lynch and Robert Mueller. (See “House Republicans are going after Hillary Clinton!“)

Yesterday, July 27, 2017, the Republican-majority House of Representatives voted 230-196 to make a $1.6 billion down payment for President Trump’s long-promised wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

House Republican leaders cleverly avoided voting directly on the divisive issue. Instead, they tucked the wall provision into a broader procedural vote on a $788 billion spending bill funding defense and veterans programs.

Trump has pushed for the bill’s sweeping increase for the Pentagon and commensurate cuts of more than $50 billion, or 10%, from domestic agencies and foreign aid. House Republicans are responding by adding even more for defense but have significantly scaled back Trump’s cuts to domestic programs like community development grants and medical research. (Breitbart)

Thank you, House Republicans!


16 responses to “Trump’s Wall is a go! House approves $1.6B down payment for border wall

  1. Hadenoughalready

    As a “Mainah”, I, along with several others, are embarrassed to claim douchebag Collins as a member of Maine’s constituency, let alone a Senator (may the senile old hag rot in hell).

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    • Hadenoughalready . . . Congratulations for being able to “own” that. I love your parting words about Senator Collins . . .”may the senile old hag rot in hell” Thems my sentiments about several of these nar-do-wells we have in both the houses of Congress.

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  2. “House Republican leaders cleverly avoided voting directly on the divisive issue.” Oh noes, the media would have been so bad to them, oh wait, they already are. Grow some cajones repubs!

    Any how, I’m glad this moved forward.

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  3. You know sometimes I get a little down…..I have not ever doubt President Trump’s words, this is another way of letting everybody know that what he says comes to pass no matter who opposes him, smart man he is. Hell, whoever says he is losing people, bite your tongue, he will make 8 like a champ he is!!!,

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  4. Maine is jealous and wants a wall too.

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  5. Hey,while you’re at it,Nevada needs a wall up the Eastern California Border too. Don’t worry about our “Governor”-I’m expecting to see our AG,Adam Laxalt win the office at the next Election. He’s strongly pro Constitution and VERY much pro Second Amendment. (As it is WRITTEN,NOT as the Liberals INTERPRET it!)

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    • I still like my idea better. Build a wall around D.C. and declare it a federal prison. Don’t let anything in or out. After a year or so it’ll sort itself out.

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  6. We need one more election cycle to rid our government of most of the remaining fake republicans/conservatives. Once we achieve this the Make America Great Again agenda can progress full steam.

    And as always…fu*k progressive globalist scum. America First!!!

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    • There’s still a lot of stuff to fix before we can count on an Election to get anything done-end Voter Fraud,find ways to remove Liberal/Socialist/Communist and RINO obstructionists from Government and close the Borders to illegals unless they’re self-deporting. THEN we can actually get America back on the right track. As it is now,the Conservatives have the power;we need to have the nerve to make the Liberals realize that unless they play by OUR rules,the CONSTITUTIONAL rules,NOT THEIR loose “interpretation” of them,they won’t get to play at all.(Of course they’re more than welcome to move in with their friends in Mexico,and make IT their Socialist Heaven.)

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  7. Let’s not count our chickens before they hatch: Hopefully, John McCain will be incapacitated before he gets to vote on this. Be that as it may, we have to beware of Weasel Man—Paul Ryan.
    Hey, Weasel Man—MOVE BITCH—GET OUTTA DA WAY!!!


  8. And all the illegals should be made to pick up all the trash they dropped in our border states. They should be given large trash bags to fill while they are walking out.


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