Scotland politician believes women have a right to free sanitary products

monica lennon scotland

Monica Lennon vowing to end period poverty

Of course a small pilot program like this isn’t enough to eradicate “period poverty.” One politician, Labour Member of Scottish Parliament (MSP) Monica Lennon, wants every woman in Scotland to have the RIGHT to free sanitary products. Bernie Sanders and millennials would approve.

From The Independent UK: The Scottish Government will hand out free sanitary products to those in need in as part of a pilot project in Aberdeen. At least 1,000 women and girls from low-income homes will benefit from the Scottish Government scheme which is backed by funding of £42,500. It is potentially the first national government-sponsored effort of its type, according to The Scotsman.

The six-month pilot will be run by Community Food Initiatives North East (CFINE), a social enterprise focused on improving health and wellbeing for those in poverty through the FareShare surplus food network.

Equalities Secretary Angela Constance said: “It is unacceptable that any woman or girl in Scotland should be unable to access sanitary products. That is why, as part of our wider aims to eradicate poverty from our country, we are exploring how to make products freely available to low-income groups.”

The pilot in Aberdeen is a first step to help us understand the barriers women and girls face – and to help us develop a sensitive and dignified solution to making these products easily accessible to those who need them.”

CFINE chief executive Dave Simmers said: “CFINE and our 60 partner organisations engaged in Food Poverty Action Aberdeen are very aware of the cost and challenges of accessing sanitary products for many girls and women from low-income households. “Over a woman’s lifetime, sanitary products cost on average more than £5,000 (around $6,500), a significant sum for those on low-income. Many cannot afford them and may use inappropriate methods or miss school.”

Labour MSP Monica Lennon, who has been a vocal campaigner on the issue of period poverty, said the move was welcome but did not go far enough.

She added: “I’m pleased the campaign I have started as an opposition MSP has pushed SNP ministers to act but the reality is that women and girls urgently need national action now. A pilot scheme is a welcome step in the right direction but we must go much further to help women and girls across the country who are facing a monthly struggle to access the products they need.”

We need to end period poverty and improve access to sanitary products right across Scotland, and that’s why I will soon be launching a consultation on a member’s bill proposal which will give all women in Scotland the right to access these products for free, regardless of their income.”


12 responses to “Scotland politician believes women have a right to free sanitary products

  1. Just the thing to do for Scotland, already mired deep in public sector debt of £50bn by the end of the decade, which dwarfs the Scottish government’s annual budget of £30bn.

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  2. Just another Scotty who needs to get herself kirted.

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  3. The thing that flabbergasts me is . . . since when is menstruation such a public ordeal? I think it is a good trade off for not having to register for the draft . . . unless they have changed that also! Can you just imagine a whole gaggle of pre-menstrual women sharing the same foxhole? What do you do if the allotment of sanitary supplies runs short? Wen a country, such as Scotland is already in financial hardship, it is ridiculous for on of their female politicians to use “supplying free sanitary supplies” as a vote catching ploy. Shame on her!

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    • It is just another example of deliberately turning everything upside-down. It is destructive and wasteful. It cheapens human dignity.

      Everybody already knows about this. They don’t feel the need to talk about it publicly. This isn’t even a perversion and they’re hijacking it to see if they can make a “statement” of it.

      “I’m attracted to small animals and I DEMAND you recognize (authenticate?) me!”. “I bleed so you MUST PAY FOR IT”. WTF?

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  4. What’s next? Toilet paper?

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  5. Oh, the irony…

    In 1974, in what was often described as his “Lost Weekend” period, John Lennon was skewered by the press for various hi-jinks, including the wearing of a sanitary pad on his head during a night of partying, along with Harry Nilsson, at the Troubadour nightclub in LA.

    Now we have Monica Lennon making a jackass out of herself with the same product! 😸

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  7. Let me guess-Born and “Educated” in California,moved to Scotland to help them “progress”,right?

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  8. It would be tons cheaper to provide them with hospital grade silicon menstrual cups. They don’t cost much, are reusable and healthier.

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  9. If these little snowflakes cannot take responsibility for their own personal hygiene, they have no right to sit in any office of power. It is like sex, most people participate but many want that covered also with free BC and propalactics. Are there any adults anymore?
    Next it will be toothpaste and deodorant.

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