John McCain, another snake-tongue flicker, scuttles Obamacare repeal

Recently diagnosed with malignant brain cancer, Sen. John McCain (RINO-Arizona) is making use of whatever days or months remaining in his life to do as much political damage as possible.

See also “John McCain’s foundation is funded by Saudis, Rothschilds & Soros“.

Early today, McCain is one of three fake-Republican senators to kill the GOP’s last-ditch effort to repeal Obamacare.

Joe Tacopino reports for the New York Post that at about 1:30 a.m. this morning, just hours after the “skinny” repeal was released with the hope that it could be sent to the House and be further worked on in committee, the Senate voted on the bill.

Although the 51-49 vote was largely cast along party lines, despite intense pressure from the White House, three so-called Republicans scuttled the repeal by joining Democrats in voting “no”. The three reprobates are John McCain, who had returned to Washington from Arizona following a brain-cancer diagnosis, Susan Collins (RINO-Maine) and Lisa Murkowski (RINO-Alaska).

President Trump had rooted for the bill’s passage from the sidelines earlier in the night by sending a message via Twitter: “Go Republican Senators, Go! Get there after waiting for 7 years. Give America great healthcare!”

Just before McCain entered the chamber with the vote already underway, he turned to reporters and smugly told them, “Watch the show,” according to Politico.

As McCain cast his “no” vote, an audible gasp could be heard from the assembly followed by cheers from Democrats.

We should have known John McCain is the devil’s spawn.

As you will see in the video clip below from McCain’s first presidential debate with Barack Obama on Sept. 26, 2008, in the space of a little over one minute (1:14 minutes), McCain flicked his tongue out like a snake almost every second, totaling a dizzying 58 times — at the 0:01, 0:02, 0:03, 0:05, 0:06, 0:07, 0:08, 0:09, 0:10, 0:11, 0:12 (twice), 0:13, 0:14, 0:15, 0:17 (twice), 0:19, 0:20, 0:21, 0:23, 0:24, 0:25, 0:26, 0:27, 0;29, 0:30, 0:32, 0:34, 0:36, 0:37, 0:38, 0:40, 0:41, 0:43, 0:44, 0:45, 0:46 (twice), 0:47, 0:48, 0:49, 0:51, 0:52, 0:53, 0:54, 0:55, 0:57, 0:59, 1:01, 1:03, 1;04, 1:05, 1:07, 1:09, 1:10, 1:12 and 1:13 marks.

See for yourself by slowing down the video. Here’s how:

  • Left click on the wheel icon in the bottom right of the video.
  • Select 0:25 speed.

McCain is the worst of all the snake tongue-flickers I’ve chronicled.

See also:

H/t FOTM‘s Facebook reader Faye N.

Update (July 31, 2017):

John McCain’s “no” vote was the final and deciding vote that defeated the “skinny” repeal of Obamacare 51-49.  Here’s a video of John McCain’s betrayal:


41 responses to “John McCain, another snake-tongue flicker, scuttles Obamacare repeal

  1. Hadenoughalready

    And when o-care finally collapses in utter devastation, who, then, will they blame? Lemme guess – Trump, right? Good try RINOs.
    Come the 2018 midterms, I hope the American people finally throw these sleazy vipers out on their asses once and for all. Maybe then we’ll get some work done.

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  2. not even supposedly having brain cancer will deter demon mccain from his evil antics….

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  3. McCain is doubling-down on evil in spite of terminal cancer…insufferable hubris. This while his own health care and that of his fellow swamp monsters have ILLEGALLY EXEMPTED themselves from ACA (Verified by Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch).

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  4. ARRRGGHHHH. I’m so sick of RINOs……

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  5. McCain is malignant, period. No brain tumor necessary.

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  6. Maybe there is no tumor and it was to get sympathy for him before he did this?
    I do not believe anything they say now.

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  7. So when O’care finally completely collapses,we must lay the blame for everyone’s loss of resources at the feet of the RINO’s who wouldn’t accept anything EXCEPT allowing that collapse-the blood will be on THEIR hands.

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    • If he really wanted to do something memorable, he’d simply introduce single-payer in the form of Medicare. If they don’t it most certainly will collapse and they’ll blame the Repugs for it.

      If they just “tweak” Obummer’s nonsense (insurance subsidy), they’ll “own” it for prosperity.

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  8. History Repeats

    Sorry to sound like a broken record, but remember it was Admiral McCain, his dad, who gag ordered all the survivors of the Liberty ship (yes Israel bombed an American ship) so they would never say anything bad about Israel. The McCain bloodline will never stop protecting their masters. Americans dont mean sh*t to traitors.

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  10. I remember when Donald Trump dared to utter his contempt for McCain and his supposed heroism in Vietnam. All the pundits turned red in the face and screamed bloody murder. Then it calmed down, and faded away. The man whom I most admire that was a POW in Vietnam was James Stockdale. I read his story years ago, and that was a man to honor, who ran for vice president with Ross Perot, and people made fun of him because they thought he was touched in the head. Far from it, he merely had symptoms left over from his time in the Hanoi Hilton, which was actually one year more than McCain. Or how about Bob Dole, an honest to goodness war hero, the man who should have been president, the man who didn’t use his battle injuries in an attempt to gain sympathy. A decent, honorable man, with values and old fashioned conservatism. We have failed often in the past. We need to stand strong behind a president who now, even with feet of clay, is trying to do the right thing. And when the next election comes along, whomever is running, we need to become just as militant as the left, and play the take no prisoners kind of game where we shout down the liars, and don’t let them take over the rally’s of our candidates. Here in MI, Kid Rock is running against Debbie Stabenow for Senate. Many might not like him, might think him a bad role model. But if you did your homework, you would find a man who has given much money to our state, who has given of his time and his money to help our wounded veterans get new homes that work with their physical handicaps. A man who actually believes the constitution is for all people and forever. All of us have our own sins, and we all have our strengths. I point out Kid Rock merely as an example that when we find someone who will try to advance our agenda, we can’t turn our backs on them, because they don’t fit our mold of someone we might wish that they were. If that were the case, we would not have a Donald Trump in office right now, but we might have a Hillary Clinton. So even while we are watching the crap that is going on in D.C. now, always be looking ahead, 4 years and 8 years. Because those are just as important as the here and now. There is no doubt in my mind that we are going to make some gains during Trumps presidency, hopefully at the SCOTUS level. But after that we need to keep it and build upon it, to prove to the American public that things really are better the conservative way.

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  11. “​It’s time for John McCain to retire. The 80 year-old Arizona senator was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Any normal man would spend his remaining time with his family. Not McCain. He remains determined to do maximum damage to President Trump and the USA.

    McCain is a deep state stooge. He’s an angry poodle on the leash of George Soros. He’s a globalist who is pro-massive immigration, pro-war and pro-trannies in the military. He’s not a war hero no matter how many times that lie is repeated by the fakestream media. Getting shot down and suffering wounds does not make him a hero. “Song Bird” McCain told the North Vietnamese secret info which caused more Americans to die in Vietnam. He wet started his jet on the USS Forrestal as a prank. It started a massive fire that led to the death of 134 sailors. Tomorrow marks the 50th anniversary of that tragedy. McCain had to be helicoptered off the ship because many sailors were calling for his scalp. As a senator, the war-mongering traitor John McCain has enriched himself by wetstarting on America.

    McCain is malignant tumor. He has given America a massive headache for way too long.”

    Source –

    Removing the Tumor

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  12. McCain’s whole trip back was to stick it in the eye of Trump, a man he hates more than death. Afterwards, he told his little audience, “let Trump fix that”. Doesn’t sound like a man looking out for his country. He also has a cancer of his heart.
    He didn’t vote for Obamacare and he ran on repealing it. Once a traitor….it is who he is. Trump had it right all along.
    From the minute he walked in late and waited to be the center, you knew what he was going to do. Be a traitor once again.

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  13. We need to know the entire history of the villainy of McCain. Only recently I learned that upon returning from Viet Nam, he was pardoned by then-President Nixon. What was he pardoned for? Why did he not get court-martialed for the Forrestal incident?
    The snake-tongue flickers appear to be legion: Hillary’s flicked her tongue as have a number of these politicians. McCain’s villainy is public, as was his vote the other day, whereas Hillary is definitely on the phone behind closed doors somewhere.
    Well. Both seem bent on going to hell when they die.

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  14. Well, yes, I believe they are. And it makes me smile!

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  15. EEEWWW! Watching him flick out that tongue just kept reminding me of God’s words to the serpent in the Garden after the fall of Adam and Eve:

    “… Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life:

    15 And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.” [Genesis 3:14, 15 KJV]

    I can’t understand how anyone would voluntarily throw in with that evil bunch–unless they were already the devil’s ‘seed’ to begin with, and it just came naturally! I pray that isn’t so in his case, and he can still repent before his end comes–but, God knows the truth of each of us, so I will leave it all in His very capable hands, and move on.

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  16. Update:

    John McCain’s “no” vote was the final and deciding vote that defeated the “skinny” repeal of Obamacare 51-49. Here’s a video of John McCain’s betrayal:

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  17. The thing I think MOST reveals McCain as some sort of LOOSE cannon these days in the GOP is that, his “NO” vote was NOT against “passing” the bill…but merely BRINGING IT TO THE FLOOR for discussion, ammending, haggling, tweeking….whatever you want to call it… that it MIGHT have been crafted to satisfy the 3 who were the “NO votes in the first place. Voting down the act of JUST bringing it to the floor by those 3 votes meant that they wouldn’t EVEN discuss it. Had it come to the floor and been worked on, fought over, tweeked/whatever …THEN it would have been put on the docket by a sponsoring Senator (when/if they thought they were “done” crafting it to suit everyone). ONLY THEN would an “up” or “down” vote send/or NOT send it to the President as a piece of legislation to sign or veto. So, my understanding of this process garnered McCain DOUBLE disgust from me. He voted to NOT EVEN TALK ABOUT IT. IMO….these three reprobates effectively VOTED FOR OBAMACARE for an indeterminate time span (I guess until ALL insurance providers drop out of the “exchanges” and go back to ONLY serving people who buy private insurance for themselves ot get it through large group employers…..IF this happens, which it most certainly will sooner than later…..Obamacare will cease to exist anyway… insurance “brokerage” without any insurance to broker…….).


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