Environmental hypocrite DiCaprio and friends jet to St. Tropez to save the environment

Leonardo DiCaprio takes part in a march against climate change in New York

Just as he did last year, environmental crusader hypocrite Leonardo DiCaprio hosted a fundraiser in St. Tropez on July 26 to “save the icebergs.”

Wonder how much carbon emissions these hypocrites released into the air flying over to save the planet party in St. Tropez.

From MSN: Leonardo DiCaprio reunited with Titanic co-stars Kate Winslet and Billy Zane at his annual charity auction in St Tropez. The acting trio, who starred together in 1997’s Oscar-winning epic, joked that they were now “saving” the icebergs, 20 years on.

“Gangs back together. Now we’re saving icebergs. Go figure,” Zane wrote underneath a picture of the group.

The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation hosts a star-studded gala in the South of France every summer, to raise money for his environmental projects.

This year one of the auction lots was a private dinner with DiCaprio and Winslet at a New York restaurant in October.

Proceeds will also go to Winslet’s GoFundMe campaign, which helps young mothers in the UK pay for cancer treatment.

Madonna and Lenny Kravitz performed at the event, which honoured Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo with the foundation’s New World Leadership Award.

Last year the gala raised a staggering $45 million for various environmental charities, with an impressive $80 million in total since its inauguration in 2010.


16 responses to “Environmental hypocrite DiCaprio and friends jet to St. Tropez to save the environment

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  2. Why is it that the jet set are not able to see the hypocrisy in what their actions tell the rest of the world? Do the majority of those participating have lower than average IQ’s? It just floors me.

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  3. This one, DiCaprio, is one to be watched closely, he is one that sneaks from behind. There is a slew of them that remain unnoticed -Sean Penn is among the Hollywood “youngsters” fast learners, they don’t believe in “party affiliation”, they are creating a brand new party, that of the ruthless extreme left, they have the money, these are the most dangerous, the ones the millenniums will look up to.

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  5. General Kelly replaces chief of staff

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  6. Old -snitch. New -leaker.

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  7. If they REALLY wanna show they care,they should take a SAILBOAT to their destination,or as close as they can get,then use the ox carts etc. to go inland. Heck-if they’d do THAT,I’D even cheer ’em on,because that’d tell me that,as wrong-minded as they may be,they’re NOT hypocrites.

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  8. St. Tropez, now there is a place that needs saving. Does anyone ever ask for an accounting of exactly where that money goes? Looks yacht renters are doing fine.
    And those on the left still want Obamacare, the same kind of HC England has that Kate has to raise money for cancer treatments.
    Looks like the onky environmental projects going on is Decrapio’s
    Me in the sun. Silly people giving money to these scammers. Just exactly what has been done that we can see progress?

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  9. It’s a shame DiCaprio and his fellow partiers are not charitable to worthy local causes.


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